Buy QuTo Glasgow a queer coffee


Hey QuTie!

Thank you for visiting our page.

We are a startup social enterprise based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our aim is to create a multipurpose sober queer venue. We want our space to be accessible, inclusive and to serve good vibes. 

Buy us a coffee and help us make our dreams become a reality while accessing some sweet sweet benefits. 

About us

We are working towards a queer safe space especially for people who identify as disabled, BPOC (Black or person of colour) or those looking for spaces free from alcohol and other substances. 

Our vision is that our customers feel celebrated in an inclusive space free of the pressure to consume alcohol or substances.

Our mission is to work with other local artists and businesses to offer an affordable addition to the bustling social and cultural life of Glasgow.

Make sure to follow us on social media and give us a shout at @QutoGlasgow. Make sure to use the hashtag #WeAreQuTo. 

What's in it for you

You get to be a member of a really cool startup community venture and feel all fuzzy inside when you join your queer fam once we're open.

Monthly membership

If you set up a monthly membership with us, you'll receive a goody bag with some self-care treats... and of course our eternal love and gratitude. 

What we want to spend our first money on

We have so many ideas about what we want to do. But first things first... We really want to grow our online presence and spread the word of what we're about. To achieve that, we want to:

  • Run a popup night at a local venue so we can get people together and develop our plans alongside our community
  • Pay for people for their professional skills and lived experience 
  • Secure some resources for our popup night and to support local queer artists to deliver activities