Buy Deborah Kelly a homestead


We know most people just use our FREE tutorials and never give a thought to what it takes to make one and never give back.  We are fine with that!

But, sometimes you have a goal that you want to achieve, just for yourself. Ours is to take a piece of desert and grow a Homestead on it in Cochise County, Arizona!

We've got some property, but not the right property to avoid building codes and build for ourselves.

If we can get a 5 acre property zone RU-4 then we can opt-out of all the planning and zoning requirements except Well and Septic and from then on we can build what we want to live in.

If we stretch our budget hard, we can acquire the type of property we need on our own. 

What we can not afford is the $5000+ for a septic or the $10,000+ for either drilling a well or putting on a rain catchment system and 30,000 -50,000 gallons of water storage (lots of storage because we are in a desert)