First, I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Although my youtube channel is all about food and dining, I try to upload video on my pervious trip to Osaka. I understand everyone is more concern on the virus and on how to protect yourselves and your love one. As mentioned on my facebook, I have try my best to order some cleaning supplies and distribute for free for those who really in need. I have ordered some cleaning gel and I am still waiting for the delivery from G market T_T. Gosh! I just wish it can arrive anytime soon. I will update on my FB once I have any update.

There is a few videos that specially bring attention to many audience. The series is call "A day of life in Hong Kong" 香港走一天系列. I walk into different district in Hong Kong and film on it. It reflects the truth about what is going on in the local community. There is no better way to understand about hong kong than seeing it with real footage. I wish you can take a look if you have time. I spent a lot of time in research before I go into filming.

For this post, I will keep it short as this is also a busy time for me, if you would like to discuss more with me or anything that you think you can help out on fighting the virus or helping in finding mask or cleaning supplies, please drop me a mail anytime.

Keep safe and stay close.



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