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I’m a blogger, podcaster, and YouTuber. I make people laugh and think at the same time!

Here’s my coffee page. 

You may think to yourself “Where’s the coffee?”

Good question. I like good questions.

Currently I have no coffee. 

However, if you buy me a cup of coffee, and I’ll post a pic of enjoying that fine brew. Or me paying bills. Sometimes I need to pay bills, too. 

Stanley Beattie
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Jo thurston
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Good work

Thank you!

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I don’t hate anyone and don’t necessarily agree with calling or labelling someone as being a sociopath because we are Morpheus but nevertheless your article about Iceland is a hopeful sign 

Thanks for the support!

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Wish it was more, but when l go back to work, promise.

Denise, I appreciate your support! Thanks!

Craig Dunn Clark
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Your story brightened my day considerably.

Thank you for saying that! I appreciate the support.