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I Help people understand that physical health and our own well-being can have a direct impact on mental health. Promoting healthy practices that are available to everyone of us such us and getting plenty of exercise and sleep, eating healthy if possible, practicing Mindfulness …and so on and so forth.
LinkedIn has given me a voice and the support of an amazing community, therefore I will continue to spread the word, because I had to fight my own battles with my eating disorders, I would like to participate even with a simple part to fight the general stigma around mental illness.
I will draw on my own direct experience. I went from a girl who makes copies in an office to a professional negotiating in cities like Paris, Milan, Taipei and Guangzhou. I spent 10 years being driven by my desire for career success. This created high levels of anxiety and burnout. I am acutely aware of what happens when there is a poor work/life balance and know how to change that. You don’t have to have to sacrifice your health for success, and that I decided to create content and launch my own podcast MIND SAFE.
You can achieve both!