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Hello there. I used to be a political radio talk show host, both local and national. The constant combativeness and endless arguing took a toll on my spirit and I realized I needed to change my direction.

I created and host The Hughes From The Heart Podcast. The free version can be found wherever you find your favorite podcasts and a premium version can be found and supported at

My topics include mindfulness, minimalism, health and wellness, the Law of Attraction, the power of the subconscious mind, and news stories focusing on good people doing good things in a good world.

My aim is to bring you smiles and inspiration and confidence that the world is a much better place than the media wants us to believe. I believe we live in a friendly Universe and that there is much love out there for you.

I would like to use this donation forum as a way to raise PAY IT FORWARD funds. My dream is to be able to spread your kindness around to as many people as I can everyday. Buying sandwiches for the homeless...supporting local restaurants and coffee shops with gift cards to randomly give away to people...paying for the person behind me at the tolls or fast food places. Just things that will bring joy and humanity to people on a day to day basis. 

Thanks in advance for your help in creating and spreading positive vibes and good energy!