The template is available both in vertical and horizontal, for digital or physical use. To print, best results when using the pdf file. Click the dropbox file down below and download what you'd like! 

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It's Already December~
I can't believe how time has passed. One of the things I promised I would do this year is starting to create and distribute stickers/templates somehow. I haven't completely gotten there but this free printable is a start! I got my iPad in December last year, and it's taken me a while to get the hang of it, but now I feel I can't live without it!

I plan to give more freebies away every month with a bit more planning. Hope you will all like it! Thanks for stopping by!

**Also I didn't write the numbers in for the horizontal one, because I wanted to leave it open for those who wanted Sunday as the first day of the week or wanted to be more creative on their own.

Stickers used in my images are by @stickerstoryco and they're a new new small shop that I love! Support small shops and check them out!~