👻Spooky season sneaked up on me!🎃

Oct 07, 2021

Let me just start off by saying yes, I did manage to get episode 13 of Twisted States posted, check it out on all major platforms or at Twistedstates.com

My health has been a little wonky but I'm on the upswing... I better be, I have a couple of events coming up this weekend, next weekend, and of course... Halloween!

Be sure to check me out on Instagram @disruptivegirl, TikTok @disruptivegirl as well, and be sure to subscribe to my YT channel, also (you guessed it) Disruptive Girl!

I'm sewing, crafting, podcasting, hanging out with my cats and there's even occasional rogue neighbor chicken content🐓

Stay tuned, and be sure to say hi!


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