What follows is an extract from the private journal of Finry Flattop...

As we exited Auntie Ems Hector seem particularly concerned for those of us who had traded away our memories, fearing we had lost parts of ourselves and that we may change, I for one feel much clearer headed than I did before and hold most concern for Malkis. He, having given up the most, appears already more stoic than usual.

Then again, a lot of us appear to be stoic individuals, still hiding secrets and our pasts from one another, and what sparse glimpses we get into each other’s past leaves me with more questions than answers, what is the truth behind Hectors family, what in the hells is happening to Harms body, how much of what Raef has told us is the truth, and what is the deal with Malkis and that infernal sword?

Is Malkis even himself anymore? I thought we’d shared a moment under the wagon, but I may be reading to much into it…. But what if he does feel the same?

All thoughts for another time I suppose, in the mean time, I’ll wait for my opportunity and then-

Oh look bubbles….

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