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Cot7R - Episode 1 & 2 - The Overseer

Cot7R - Episode 1 & 2 - The Overseer

May 19, 2021

Herein lies the notes and observations of The Overseer, an entity beyond the understanding of any mortal of Trankarsia.

Episode 1

Long I have waited for someone, anyone to again uncover the 7 Rings. A more unlikely group than I could have imagined seems to have headed the call. They went after the first with determination only slowed down by the most complex of puzzles. Would they actually make it through?

Ok, they made it, and it looks like they got the rings. Interesting times lay ahead it seems.

Episode 2

The group seems to have split, a decision often argued but in practice has never worked well. For a group tied so closely to fate, money seems hard to come by. Nope, there it is, a convenient quest offered to them. Upon closer inspection, the quest seems to be a dangerous one, we’ll see how well they handle themselves.

I just spent 18 seconds watching the group destroy this poor creature and had the displeasure of listening to its thoughts through the whole thing. It went something like “Ahhh what a wonderful day, my home is clear of invaders, the crystals are undisturbed and I can rest easily again. Vibrations Who has decided to come into my domain? MORE INVADERS?” The rest of the creature's thoughts turned to flashes of anger and pain as the party made short work of the majestic creature. One of the party even had the audacity to turn its carcass into a shield. The Harm fellow seems to have a pretty nasty touch though, must be one of those death god’s doing. Their meddling has always been irksome.

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