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Hello and welcome fellow human beings. I am a sporadic content creator and have been for many years. I currently have a handful of YouTube channels, some more active than others. These are as follows:

ragreynolds - my original channel, created back in 2008. This channel has been primarily for comedy content over the years, but there have been times where I posted more serious drama/opinion videos back in around 2015/16. This is currently my most active channel.

Medium Rare - I created this channel in mid-2019 with a focus on news and commentary. I became tired with people being far too biased in their reporting of news and online drama. Currently, this channel is not so active, I became quite burnt out on all the negativity that exists within the news, and since around March 2020, my uploads have become much less frequent, despite this channel having more subscribers than any of my others.

Rare Reddit - this one is a bit of an experiment. I post Reddit videos multiple times a week, just whenever I can. If you enjoy listening to my voice, then check it out.

Rare Reviews - this is the channel that I constantly wish I was spending more time uploading to, yet never get around to it. It's for content relating to movies & TV. Very few uploads on here at the moment.

In addition to making videos, I also spend a lot of time writing. I used to write articles on my own website back in around 2016. I also have two self-published books - one from 2013, the other from 2017. I'm currently in the process of writing my first novel, and I aim to have it complete sometime in 2021.