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Imagine sipping your coffee to the tune of uplifting beautiful songs and melodies. Please join me. Together we will create a world filled with beauty and joy!

Welcome to my BMC page. What could be better than listening to beautiful music while sipping a delicious cup of coffee? 

Music, for me, has been a gateway to experiencing life and cultures from around the world. I love busking (street singing) and sharing beautiful music at house concerts and open air venues because I meet and mingle with extraordinary people like you!

Music is a universal language; a precious gift that touches us profoundly and helps us come together in positive ways.

As a musician I catch songs and bring them into our world. I facilitate music making. I serve the ill, those in transition & anyone who can benefit from music as a form of energetic medicine.

When we find peace within ourselves we can make peace throughout the world. Please join me!