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My First Books, For You

My First Books, For You

May 26, 2022

So starting tomorrow, An Unsubstantiated Chamber and Cerulean Rust will be .99 EACH in the US and UK, so jump on that and kindly tell your bookworms who love ebooks. That means you can get all three books for 5.98.

What are they (including BookThree, From An Irradiated Crypt)? Imagine superhumans being born from a violent explosion in 1877. Envision how that might change history in America. Now, imagine from them arose a team, noble, brave, saving a city and even the world.

Imagine the government kills them and institutes martial law.

Two years later, one of their own assassins will uncover a conspiracy with the help of an old man who once held those dead heroes as family. Together, they will get caught up in a web of intricate villainy, revolts, and secrets that will rock Railroad City and the nation. It's political paranormal steampunk. And you can enter this world on the cheap tomorrow. Aretha Astin. Flag Epsom. Remember their names.

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