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Lesbos on the run!

Jan 12, 2022

Just wow!

A young woman of 23 years old from Seattle, Washington, flies out to Dallas, Texas in October of 2020 to see a friend of hers. Her name is Marisela Botello-Valadez. One of the nights she ends up going out to Deep Ellum, which is a section of Dallas known for it's bars, clubs, nightlife and restaurants. She is supposed to be going to meet some other friends at an arcade bar called Select Start. But instead at the bar she meets a 31 year old guy named Charles Beltran. No word if she saw her other friends that she was supposed to meet.

Charles was with his roommates that night, two lesbians. Lisa Dykes...fitting name right? Can't make this shit up! Charles was also with Lisa's wife Nina Marano.(Nina Marano and wife Lisa Dykes)

Marisela was last seen leaving the bar around 1:15 am with Charles, as time stamped on the bars CCTV footage. However, Marisela never returned back to her friend's home she was staying with. Marisela also missed her flight back home to Seattle.

Six months later on March 24, 2021 in Wilmer, Texas her decomposed remains were found. Wilmer is about 20 miles southeast of Dallas.

Shortly after Marisela's remains were found, Charles, Lisa and Nina were picked up, all in different states, they were questioned and arrested for the stabbing murder of Marisela.

Charles remains in prison claiming he is innocent of the crime and that Lisa Dykes is the one who stabbed Marisela to death. Lisa and Nina were able to make bond and were released on their bond to live as normal until trial time. They did have to wear ankle bracelets and have their whereabouts monitored by a security company called Sentinel.

Christmas Day 2021, less than a month ago, Lisa 58 years old and Nina 50 years old were able to remove their ankle bracelets and flee into the wind. They are gone, no one has seen the fugitives. Please contact the Dallas Police Department if you have any information on Lisa Dykes and Nina Marano.


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