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Those Earlier Days

Those Earlier Days

Aug 05, 2022

Those earlier days when I still

skipped and Irish jig down Decatur,

after leaving O'Flaherty's,

the music still in my head,

the beat still in my feet, and in

my heart.

Would that were all in my heart,

save you.

But I was in too deep, and took

your side, against my subconscious,

which still questioned.

When I sought reassurance, I'd only

sometimes get it.

You carefully parceled out

those gems of love,

bombs in disguise.

I was too good for you,

but I didn't see it.

My sense of self had already

been worn down

before I even came to town.

If only I'd never met you.

But I'll dream sometimes and visit

other realities and be

the me who never was.

For now, I'll move through the red

tape of a divorce, as I continue to grow

and thrive in the abundance of

my own self worth, creating

my dreams, and manifesting all

that was held back by my

oppressions, internal and


I am on the other side of you,

beside myself.

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