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My name is Kanariya Eishi, an English Rakugo performer and an actor based in Auckland, New Zealand.  I am trained by Kanariya Eiraku, and I am a Special Member of the English Rakugo Association in Japan.

Rakugo is a Japanese traditional art of comedic storytelling, and I often explain it like a sitcom performed by one person.  I once was a stand-up comedian, an improviser, a clown, and a sketch comedian, so my focus has always been comedy, but I now pursue this art as my life work.

I believe storytelling and laughter can change the world, and this is what gets me out of bed every morning!

Due to the lockdown, I am currently completely out of work even though I do work full-time writing and polishing my art... without any income that is... until the restrictions are lifted.

Meanwhile, I am currently working on improving my online contents, mainly my blog and Podcast (Spotify, Apple Podcasts) to make the most of my "downtime". 

If you kindly would like to support my work, you could "buy me a coffee" here!

Thank you so much in advance!

Kanariya Eishi (Hiroshi)

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