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My name is Kanariya Eishi, an English Rakugo performer based in New Zealand.

To make it simple, you can visit my youtube channel if you are not familiar with this art form.

I am currently working on my Online Rakugo Project with the help from the Creative New Zealand.  I am fortunate to receive some funding, but the current COVID-19 crisis does make it hard to make ends meet.   

If you kindly would like to support my work, you could "buy me a coffee" here!

Thank you so much in advance!

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Love your work!

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Wishing you the best in 2020!

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Thank you so very much for your generous support!!! 😃  I am constantly humbled by the extent of people's warmth, kindness, and generosity in my rakugo journey.  I will pay it forward not only through rakugo but through my life to make this world a better place.  A big thank you to you!!!  

Karen Tay
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Thank you so very much, Karen, for your support!!!  Doing rakugo and making it work in New Zealand might be a crazy idea, but supportive people like you really help me keep pursuing this path!!!  A big thank you to you!!!