Eishi (Hiroshi)

Eishi (Hiroshi)

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Eishi (Hiroshi)

Eishi (Hiroshi)

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My name is Kanariya Eishi (Hiroshi), an English Rakugo performer and actor based in New Zealand. I am a lover of art, books, comedy, and peace.

For the last 3 years, I have dedicated myself to performing and promoting Rakugo, a Japanese traditional art of comedy storytelling, in English language in New Zealand.

As of today, I am the only English Rakugo performer in the country.  This is my passion and life work, and I am grateful that I have so far got to perform at public libraries, schools, retirement homes, and various events. 

I mainly work on the voluntary basis with some funding and donations, but as you can imagine I am not the richest person on earth.  

If you kindly would like to support my work, you could "buy me a coffee" here!

Unless specified, I will NOT buy a coffee but use the money towards travel expenses, venue hire, and other admin costs.

Thank you so very much!   


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Someone bought Eishi (Hiroshi) 10 coffees.

Thank you so very much for your generous support!!! 😃  I am constantly humbled by the extent of people's warmth, kindness, and generosity in my rakugo journey.  I will pay it forward not only through rakugo but through my life to make this world a better place.  A big thank you to you!!!  

Karen Tay
Karen Tay bought Eishi (Hiroshi) a coffee.

Thank you so very much, Karen, for your support!!!  Doing rakugo and making it work in New Zealand might be a crazy idea, but supportive people like you really help me keep pursuing this path!!!  A big thank you to you!!!

Someone bought Eishi (Hiroshi) 5 coffees.

Thank you very much, Someone, for your generous 5 long black 😉 

Your sista bought Eishi (Hiroshi) a coffee.

Of course I would be delighted to support my bro! Never give up the dream Hiroshi!

This is very, very special!!! Thank you so much for your continuing support, sista!!!