What's crackin' everyone? So.... Shout Me A Coffee, eh! I know I was fairly unsure about it too!

  • Would people want to help out?

  • Is my content any good?

  • Is it ok to ask if people to support me, or rather encourage me?

These were a few of the questions I've pondered over the last six months, swaying toward and away from a patron type scheme...

That was until I discovered this platform;

Where you wouldn't be tied into regular financial supporting requirements, which just didn't feel right;

Where you could offer a little or a lot just because you want to;

Where I can grab a coffee because of you and find it tastes that little bit better because of the love behind it.

This platform seems like the perfect avenue for this and through which you could say thanks and cheer me on.

So welcome to my Shout Me A Coffee page, and yes, I LOVE a good brew!

I also love what I get to do with creative photography and YouTube, and if you love it too and want to express that toward me, this seems like the perfect solution. So thanks so much in advance, you are truly the heart of this Creative Crew!

Finally, if you've read this far, you well and truly deserve this... If I can help you with anything photographical, please hit me up at [email protected]. See ya soon!