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Hey 👋 Thanks for dropping by!

I'm currently dedicated to the xStation project, but once the dust settles there, I'll be able to do more work on gbscontrol again :)

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Makes my PSone output look just like an emulator!

It's not quite there in all the details, but I like how it looks with PSX as well :)

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Gbscontrol saved my eyeballs. Thanks!

Thank you! Glad it helps :)

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GBS control is _amazing_.I use an OSSC for most systems but wanted something specifically for ps2 so I looked into gbs-c. Deinterlacing, fast resolution switching and less fuss to support the various resolutions of the ps2 make it a perfect fit. To be fair I'm also super impressed by the quality of 240p scaling, once all the common mods are performed it's incredibly sharp.I've read through the entire shmups thread and been super impressed by your dedication and the quality of your work.Thank you!! 

Wow, that is an epic contribution! I hope you get the best out of your board :)

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GBS-C is a great project.

Thank you :)

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I'm thoroughly enjoying everything about this project. Though I enjoy spending half an evening tinkering with OSSC just to finish a single level of Super Mario World at the end, sometimes I just want to play. That being said, GBS Control is excellent for tinkering with. I've made two boxes so far and a third planned. It's such a great idea, and opens up to experimentation given the price and availability of the hardware. Thanks!

Glad that you like it! It has its quirks but as long as it's fun, that's alright :)