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Hey 👋 Thanks for dropping by!

I'm currently dedicated to the xStation project, but once the dust settles there, I'll be able to do more work on gbscontrol again :)

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GBS-C is a great project.

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I'm thoroughly enjoying everything about this project. Though I enjoy spending half an evening tinkering with OSSC just to finish a single level of Super Mario World at the end, sometimes I just want to play. That being said, GBS Control is excellent for tinkering with. I've made two boxes so far and a third planned. It's such a great idea, and opens up to experimentation given the price and availability of the hardware. Thanks!

Glad that you like it! It has its quirks but as long as it's fun, that's alright :)

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GBS control is awesome!  I was able to tweak it to work with the SDV1

Great! Yeah, it is trying to be compatible with everything out of the box, but it doesn't always work. Too many variations of standards out there.

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Awesome job, you deserve this!

Thank you, it's great that it finds users now :)