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Hey 👋 Thanks for dropping by!

I'm currently dedicated to the xStation project, but once the dust settles there, I'll be able to do more work on gbscontrol again :)

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Thanks! :)

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Thanks for all your time on this project, great work!I’m doing my first build with the newer GBS8200 version and was wondering if you recommend replacing R58 with 100 Ohm ferrite bead connected to a 1uF capacitor to ground? Or is this only recommend for the older GBS8200 version.Thanks for your time!

Hey, thanks for the support! :) The ferrite is recommended for boards that use that video amplifier / driver chip that is used on the dual output GBS board. The other boards don't have that driver chip, and so they don't require the ferrite :)

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Makes my PSone output look just like an emulator!

It's not quite there in all the details, but I like how it looks with PSX as well :)

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Gbscontrol saved my eyeballs. Thanks!

Thank you! Glad it helps :)