Jan 26, 2023

Exciting news!

Dear friend, I am SO excited. I have spent the morning setting up this new community platform called Circle for us. It looks really cool. If you want to cut to the chase and have a look + join for FREE, visit this link here.If you want more details, then please read on 🧐As I was saying and as you can tell, I am super excited. This is the start of a very special journey, and I am hoping to make this community a safe space, a Dojo, a sanctuary to... more

Aug 04, 2022

My 6 non-negotiable self-care habits

Hello friend! We always aim for the best and try to get everything done to live our best lives. Here is the thing, though - in life… life happens. Things get thrown our way, and we have to adapt. That's ok, and that's what makes life exciting. So, whatever happens during the day or the week, here are my six non-negotiable, do-at-all-cost self-care practices. I schedule them, so I am sure to get them done (usually before anyone is awake.)SleepI know that without proper... more


Jun 09, 2022

Diligence is the mother of luck

Jun 01, 2022

Step by Step... One thing at a time....

“Pay attention to what’s in front of you — the principle, the task, or what’s being portrayed.” Marcus AureliusThis is a theme we have talked about many times already: you are what you consistently do. Your character is forged by your decisions and actions — one at a time. Marcus would remind himself daily, that today might be his last, that this task might be his last. I love this Ryan Holiday quote: “Here lies Dave, buried... more

May 31, 2022

Aspire to learn continuously

“Show me someone sick and happy, in danger and happy, dying and happy, exiled and happy, disgraced and happy. Show me! By God, how much I’d like to see a Stoic. But since you can’t show me someone that perfectly formed, at least show me someone actively forming themselves so, inclined in this way…. Show me!” — EpictetusEpictetus is reminding us of something that is really important for all leaders, guides, coaches, and, well, everyone still alive: You are a... more

May 30, 2022

You are a leader, a radiant exemplar. It's time to get to work

Some of you have seen that I have launched a new project called "The Tao of Leadership." Let me tell you why:I have said it before, but I will say it again. There is no point constantly trying to improve ourselves if it does not intend to be in service of others (people, nature, the planet, whales....) We are not alone in the world, and focusing on one's Ego has never been the source of true joy. Be the person you are meant to be, at your full potential. Grow... more

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You are a leader, a radiant exemplar. It's time to get to work

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