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Thanks for your attention. I aim to give you insight, poetic bars, & something that makes your day healthier! That's what's important, but here's a bio if you really want to know more about me...

Known for climbing to #2 on the Indie Hip-Hop charts with J.Cole(Dreamville)'s engineer Mez ("Manhattan Night"), Self Suffice turned down a deal with Def Jam, while continuing to exemplify how artists can make a living with integrity. As seen on Netflix, MTV, NPR, The New York Times, and other platforms, winning numerous awards for Hip-Hop in Education (including one from President Obama for using Hip-Hop to educate and empower urban youth while eroding stereotypes); the RapOet divides his time between creating songs for companies with a positive purpose, performing, and coaching artists.

Khaiim the RapOet (Self Suffice) guides students to be inspired, express poetic words, revise, and then remember or record a positive message

He also runs an effective 1-to-1 mentorship system that guides professional artists to turn what they love to do AFTER WORK into what they get to do FOR WORK . For those who'd rather skip the waiting list, he runs 3 week, small group versions of the program, for 10% of the 1-to-1 program cost. Here, you can get a feel for the type of poetic bars he creates, as well as the type of insight he provides in his programs