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GLADIUS Bipedal Combat Vehicle (VERSION 7)

Apr 28, 2022

GLADIUS Bipedal Combat Vehicle (VERSION 7)

Protected under Creative Commons License. NO COMMERCIAL REPRODUCTION ALLOWED

 STL files here:


The model is a 3D printable action figure. It will require:
 - Superglue (Cyanoacrelate)
- M3 nuts and bolts in 10 mm. 15 mm. and 20. mm
- Knife, 3 mm. hand drill and files to clean and polish the parts

- Version 7 parts are backward compatible with version 6
- Duplicated parts and Left / Right duplications will only have ONE file. You will need to print out copies yourself
- Hex socketed bolt work best, but feel free to try flat or Phillips
- MOST parts should print fine on FDM printer with minimal support
- Scaled up or down the print will make the model incompatible with M3 bolts
- Go slow when tigtening up the bolt at the joint.You may damage the plastic parts

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