Disability Awareness Upended (dianapastoracarson.com)

About 20 years ago, I followed in the footsteps of my mentors who conducted disability awareness activities in their schools or classrooms, just like I'm sure many of my readers have done. I did the simulation activities where students would wear blindfolds to pretend they were blind, or they'd use a wheelchair to know what it feels like to have a mobility disability. I used the inspirational videos to show students how inspiring people with disabilities are, and that we should love them and be nice to them, even if we did it out of pity.

‘Why can’t we be the hero?’: George Webster on acting, ambition, romance and big breaks (theguardian.com)

He is a CBeebies star, a Bafta winner, an author and an ambassador for people with Down’s syndrome. Is there anything George can’t do? Well, there is one thing, says his mother …

Accepting the Truth as a Neurodivergent Zebra (themighty.com)

"It’s my way of processing the reality that I live with both chronic mental and physical disorders through humor and encouragement."

Latecomers (sbs.com.au)

After seeing their care workers hook up at a bar, Frank and Sarah, who have cerebral palsy, decide to explore their own relationships with sex, and each other.

Death Panel Podcast: Politics, culture, and public policy from the left (deathpanel.net)

Welcome to the Death Panel, a twice-weekly podcast about the political economy of health. Hosted by Beatrice Adler-Bolton, Artie Vierkant, Phil Rocco, Abby Cartus, and Jules Gill-Peterson.

Tina shares her experience of COVID-19 (euansguide.com)

One of our Ambassadors shares had experience of getting COVID-19 for the first time after shielding for three years.

Dear fellow disabled people: You are not a burden (lifeofablindgirl.com)

A letter to fellow disabled people about how despite what society tells us, we are not a burden.

Gap’s Back-to-School Campaign, “EVERYONE BELONGS,” Spotlights Real Kids with Unique Abilities and Differences Who Inspire and Embody Inclusion (multivu.com)

Inspiring, inclusive and packed with joy, GapKids Fall campaign reminds us that life is brighter when everyone belongs, and everyone has a chance to shine.

Adaptista and Adaptive Fashion (posabilitymagazine.co.uk)

Ever dreamed of pursuing your dream of being a fashion designer? Last issue (Feb/Mar 23) we caught up with Maria O’Sullivan-Abeyratne, founder of inclusive online retailer Adaptista.

Adam Schembri: The importance of Global Language Advocates Day (BSL) (limpingchicken.com)

Did you know that 22nd February was Global Language Advocates Day (GLAD)?

Aille Is A Fashion Brand That Uses Braille Beadwork And Makes Accessible Clothing That Promote Inclusivity (assistivetechnologyblog.com)

Clothing designer Alexa Jovanovic is always looking out for how much disability inclusion is involved in clothing by fashion and clothing outlets. As she watched New York Fashion Week 2023, she saw all sorts of creative fashion elements but not inclusivity, which was disappointing too her.


Official website of the XIX World Congress of The World Federation of the Deaf. This is the official website of the 19th World Deaf Federation General Assembly. Event information, program introduction, and application for participation are provided.

Crip Camp 2023: Call for participants (enil.eu)

The ENIL Youth Network, in cooperation with the Council of Europe, is holding a study session at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg (EYCS) from 12th June to 17th June. The title of the study session will be “Crip Camp: Disability Rights in Times of Conflict and Calamity”, covering a wide range of themes such as disability rights in war and climate change.

Bridging the Gaps - four studies on Ukrainian children with disabilities (edf-feph.org)

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia on the 24th of February, 2022, triggered the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. While migration, child protection and support systems are in place, internally displaced and refugee children with disabilities tend to fall between the cracks.

Infographic: Female Genital Mutilation and Disability (edf-feph.org)

Female Genital Mutilation Survivors with disabilities are less likely to have their rights upheld and less likely to have support.

Seeing for the Sightless (sixthtone.com)

On a mobile app that connects the whole world, volunteers lend their eyes to the visually impaired, who in return give their ears to offer soothing comfort.

Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria: urgent measures required to support persons with disabilities (edf-feph.org)

As the catastrophe of the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria is still unfolding, organisations of persons with disabilities and their families call for the governments of Türkiye and Syria, the European Union (EU), humanitarian organisations, donor agencies and other supporting countries to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities, by fulfilling their obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in particular Article 11 on situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies, and by adhering to other relevant standard and guidelines, in particular the IASC Guidelines on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action.

MPs adopted Amendments to the Law that will significantly increase Disability Benefits (sarajevotimes.com)

Delegates in the House of Peoples adopted amendments to the Law on Social Protection, Protection of Civilian Victims of War, and Protection of Families with Children in an abbreviated procedure.

Exhibition Review: Carolyn Lazard: Long Take at Nottingham Contemporary (leftlion.co.uk)

In a sensorial medley of sound, touch, and imagination, artist Carolyn Lazard invites viewers to consider accessibility as a creative tool. We visit Nottingham Contemporary to take a seat at their first UK solo exhibition and learn how collaboration can make art spaces more equitable...

‘You just have to do things differently’: Kaikohe artist recognised for contribution to arts, disability (nzherald.co.nz)

After the crash Anaru Ruka had to ‘think out of the box’ about how to keep making murals.

Short Play Festival 2023 (deafspotlight.org)

Deaf Spotlight will host the third biennial Short Play Festival in March 2023 in person (and virtually) at 12th Ave Arts Studio. The festival features 6 original, never-been-produced, 10-minute plays themed around a floral shop.

Rethinking Art History Through Disability (disability-arthist.net)

Thanks to the achievement of political and cultural activism, the term “disability” has gained more and more attention in society over the last decades. Nevertheless, the definition of disability as a social and cultural construct remains problematic. The human body represents a constant subject of artistic representation across all epochs and cultures as well as the fundamental medium of art production and reception. The arousing debates around the politics and the social condition of the body with functional diversity underscore the importance of rethinking the body and its historically constructed unity also inside the art historical research.

2023 Anti-Filicide Toolkit (autisticadvocacy.org)

In the past five years, over 550 people with disabilities have been murdered by their parents, relatives or caregivers. On Wednesday, March 1st, the disability community will gather across the nation to remember these disabled victims of filicide – disabled people murdered by their family members or caregivers.

Disability Day of Mourning – Remembering the Disabled Murdered by Caregivers (disability-memorial.org)

The Disability Day of Mourning website is a memorial to the people with disabilities who were victims of filicide. Active cataloging of cases started in mid-2014; this site contains cases from 1980 to the present.

The Push to Bring Medicaid Behind Bars (tradeoffs.org)

People leaving jail and prison are at extremely high risk of hospitalization and death, and policymakers from California to West Virginia think bringing Medicaid behind bars could help.

As Queer Spaces Return to “Normal,” Disabled LGBTQ+ People Are Being Left Behind (them.us)

At this year's Creating Change conference for LGBTQ+ activism, advocates say lack of mandatory COVID precautions is leaving out disabled attendees.

To the Teachers of the Next (lifebeinglittle.co.uk)

To the teachers of the next- a spoken word written for the teachers of the next generation of young people with Dwarfism.

SPLC wins Anthem Award for story about mistreatment of Black men in immigrant detention (splcenter.org)

When the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Liz Vinson started documenting immigrant justice issues as part of the organization’s editorial team, she knew she had found a subject that drew on her passion to lift up those in need.

Sacramento faces class-action disability lawsuit over homeless camps blocking sidewalks (capradio.org)

After receiving the disability rights lawsuit, the city of Sacramento told CapRadio how it has been handling complaints about homeless camps blocking sidewalks.

Pilot program for young people with intellectual disabilities (disabilityinsider.com)

A collaboration between the Western Australian charity Good Sammy, the Commission, and Woolworths has created a new opportunity for young people with intellectual disabilities.

Florida resident dies of brain-eating amoeba, used tap water to clean sinuses (bnonews.com)

A Florida resident has died of a rare infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba after using unboiled tap water to clean their sinuses, local and federal officials say.

Ed Department: Graduation Rate For Students With Disabilities On The Rise (disabilityscoop.com)

The number of students with disabilities graduating high school is up nationally, but newly released federal data suggest that outcomes for this population continue to vary by state.

Feds seek to limit telehealth prescriptions for some drugs (apnews.com)

The Biden administration moved Friday to require patients see a doctor in person before getting attention deficit disorder medication or addictive painkillers, toughening access to the drugs against the backdrop of a deepening opioid crisis.

Black Disability Politics Now (gc.cuny.edu)

Join Sami Schalk and Vilissa Thompson for a conversation about their lives and work as Black disabled women writers in the disability justice movement.

Mind Ramps (mindramps.com)

We are a consulting firm that empowers, educates, and uplifts individuals, organizations, and companies to learn strategies and implement practices that are anti-ableist and inclusive.

Four Rising Theater Stars to Watch This Spring (nytimes.com)

These actors turned playwrights all excavate memories and meaning from their lives in creating these four shows, which arrive in New York in the coming months.

Submimimum Wage Employment Of People With Disabilities Declines Sharply (disabilityscoop.com)

Amid a push to end a decades-old practice allowing workers with disabilities to be paid less than minimum wage, a new federal investigation finds that such employment has dropped by more than half.

My life has become a series of painful choices as the cost of living pushes me closer to poverty (theguardian.com)

At 65 I don’t qualify for the pension and rely on jobseeker to support my family.

CDC issues warning about rise in highly drug-resistant stomach bug (washingtonpost.com)

Infections of shigellosis are on the rise, and an increasing number of cases are caused by strains that resist treatment with common antibiotics.

Toronto woman with disability says flying Air Canada made her feel like an 'unwanted burden' (cbc.ca)

A Toronto woman who describes herself as visually impaired is speaking about the experience of flying with a disability, saying her most recent flight with Air Canada left her feeling like an “unwanted burden.”

Almost two thirds of young people watch TV shows and movies with subtitles, YouGov survey finds (limpingchicken.com)

More than 60% of 18 to 24-year-olds now use subtitles when watching TV programmes and movies, a new survey from the polling company YouGov has revealed.

Paralympic Gold Medalist Mallory Weggemann on Her Pregnancy: 'My Paralysis Will Not Be a Burden for Our Children' (people.com)

Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann — due with her first baby in March — shared her essay about disability and motherhood exclusively with PEOPLE.

Early results show nasal spray reduced risk of severe covid by 86% (dailymail.co.uk)

Inhalable nasal vaccines could be a gamechanger in defeating Covid for good. Georgia-based researchers are developing such a vaccine which was a highly effective booster dose.

Making Peace with having a disability (michellesmission.blog)

Doves are often associated as a sign of peace. Many times they are released at funerals or other events to encourage peace. It is considered a good sign when you see one at your door indicating a time after a difficult situation. Much like the tranquility the dove brings, I have had to make peace with having a disability. Seeing this bird doesn’t indicate that my disability will be gone, but how I view it has been healed. Finding this serenity has been a process where I’ve had to surrender many situations one at a time.

Transgender and nonbinary patients with eating disorders struggle to be seen. Many go untreated as a result. (19thnews.org)

Standard eating disorder treatment programs — often designed around White women — don’t make room for gender variance, contributing to the problem rather than the solution.

Jimmy Carter took on the awful Guinea worm when no one else would — and he triumphed (npr.org)

Carter targeted diseases primarily affecting the poor in remote areas — notably "Guinea worm disease." Because of his commitment, case numbers plummeted from 3.6 million a year to just 13 in 2022.

Drama schools rejected my son. He has just won his second best actor award (watoday.com.au)

Jules has taught me that there’s no such thing as “normal” and “abnormal”. There’s ordinary and extraordinary.

My Experience as a Chronic Illness Patient in a Failing Rural Hospital (themighty.com)

"Having to re-establish your care with a new doctor when your care plan isn’t working or when your health condition is flaring is incredibly difficult and results in worse health outcomes."

5 things I wish were accessible – but normally aren’t (fashioneyesta.com)

Often the packaging is written in the tiniest size font and it is impossible to read things like shade names, ingredients and even prices.

One Year Later: Ukraine Update (wid.org)

On the 1 year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Fight for Right continues to work directly with and for Ukrainians with disabilities, fielding over 200,000 requests for assistance, and providing emergency aid to over 10,600 people.

"My parents hid my disability from me for years, a gift revealed the truth" (www-newsweek-com.cdn.ampproject.org)

In an original essay, Caroline Casey tells Newsweek how she hid her disability in her workplace.

Bird Flu Infects Another Person in Cambodia as Wider Worry Grows (bloomberg.com)

The father of an 11-year-old girl who died from avian influenza in Cambodia this week has been diagnosed with the virus, officials said, stoking concerns about the possibility of another animal-borne virus affecting humans.

Drama schools rejected my son. He has just won his second best actor award (watoday.com.au)

Jules has taught me that there’s no such thing as “normal” and “abnormal”. There’s ordinary and extraordinary.

Access All: Disability News and Mental Health - Comedian Rosie Jones on imposter syndrome and ableism (bbc.co.uk)

The popular comedian talks about how you can’t hold yourself back.

Jimmy Carter took on the awful Guinea worm when no one else would — and he triumphed (npr.org)

Carter targeted diseases primarily affecting the poor in remote areas — notably "Guinea worm disease." Because of his commitment, case numbers plummeted from 3.6 million a year to just 13 in 2022.

Autistic detective ‘bullied out of dream job by toxic discrimination’ (disabilitynewsservice.com)

An autistic detective who was bullied out of her dream job by the “toxic and discriminatory” actions of her managers is calling for the Metropolitan police to do more to improve the treatment of neurodivergent officers.

Kansas organizations denounce Tarwater's claim people with disabilities 'can't do anything' (kansasreflector.com)

Kansas disability groups object to Rep. Shawn Tarwater's claim people with disabilities will "rot at home" with a state tax credit for sheltered workshops.

Disability activist felt 'dehumanised' after No 10 Downing Street ramp failure (bbc.com)

Sam Jennings was invited to Downing Street after her accessibility campaigning - but couldn't knock on the door.

Covid hospital admissions rise for fourth week in a row (independent.co.uk)

Patient numbers have jumped 11% in the latest week.

New Lego Sets Feature Characters With A Range Of Disabilities (disabilityscoop.com)

Lego is offering up a host of new characters with disabilities as part of a broader push for more diversity within its toy lineup.

A distinctive sign language thrives among Black Americans (share.america.gov)

Meet Carolyn McCaskill, a deaf American who educates the world about Black American Sign Language and the people who use it.

Abortion pill challenged in new lawsuit against FDA (nbcnews.com)

A group of anti-abortion rights doctors and medical groups are suing the Food & Drug Administration in Texas to challenge the approval of Mifepristone, one of the two pills commonly used for abortions. NBC News’ Dasha Burns has more details on the lawsuit.

Ironman With Down Syndrome Lobbies For Neurodivergent Athlete Category (disabilityscoop.com)

The first person with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman is challenging race directors to create a special competitive category for neurodivergent athletes at every running event in the world.

You First Podcast Episode 40: International Disability Media and Advocacy (disabilityrightsflorida.org)

An interview with Alan Herbert, a Kenyan journalist, social inclusion advocate, and disability communications professional.

People or Props - How to portray disability without reinforcing prejudice (youtube.com)

This project helped produce tools for media creators to improve how disabled people are portrayed in fictional films.

"Telling Our Stories" in the Snow - RespectAbility (respectability.org)

"Please don’t wait until next February to tell your story, and to listen to stories from others. There are eleven other months of the year, and the time is always right."

Virtual Support Groups - Help For People Living With Pain (despitepain.com)

Virtual support groups can help anyone living with chronic pain, illness or disability. In this post, CK Harrington discusses CMTA's COMPASS.

BBC Sounds - Access All: Disability News and Mental Health, Comedian Rosie Jones on imposter syndrome and ableism (bbc.co.uk)

The popular comedian talks about how you can’t hold yourself back.

Helping Others Feel Less Alone on Anosmia Awareness Day (themighty.com)

"Smell loss impacts mental health, nutrition, memory, safety, and overall health and wellness."

Senate bill would require more detailed reporting on complaints from disabled travelers (eu.usatoday.com)

Senator Duckworth's legislation would compel the Department of Transportation to report more thoroughly on complaints by disabled air travelers.

New Bipartisan Duckworth-Fischer Bill Introduced to Help Travelers with Disabilities (duckworth.senate.gov)

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] — As far too many passengers with disabilities continue to experience unnecessary obstacles and challenges when flying, today U.S. Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Deb Fischer (R-NE) introduced bipartisan legislation that would improve transparency surrounding the increasing disability-related complaints with air travel. The Prioritizing Accountability and Accessibility for Aviation Consumers Act of 2023 would ensure the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) publishes an annual report disclosing all disability-related complaints made throughout the year, including specifics about how these complaints were resolved. Both Duckworth and Fischer are members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation (CST). Duckworth is Chair of the Subcommittee on Aviation Safety, Operations and Innovation.

'Humiliating': Denver official tried to lift himself from his wheelchair to reach debate stage (eu.usatoday.com)

Denver City Council member Chris Hinds was forced to try to lift himself on a stage for a debate because the facility did not have a wheelchair ramp.

Denver council member dragged himself onto stage before a political debate due to a lack of wheelchair accessibility (edition.cnn.com)

A Denver city council member who uses a wheelchair faced a difficult situation this week when he participated in a political debate at a venue that did not have full accessibility, prompting him to drag himself onto its stage.

Tourism Unprepared to Accommodate Growing Segment of Older Travelers (skift.com)

While the share of the global population over the age of 65 continues to grow, the tourism industry remains behind when it comes accommodating, supporting While the share of the global population over the age of 65 continues to grow, the industry remains behind when it comes accommodating, supporting and providing equitable access to them.

FBI Analyst With Blindness Can Sue Over Software Accessibility (news.bloomberglaw.com)

An intelligence analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation can pursue a lawsuit accusing the agency of failing to use computer software that’s accessible to employees with blindness, the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday.

Blind, visually impaired kids gear up for Accessible Ski Day at Perfect North (fox19.com)

Kids took the slopes Saturday at Perfect North's ski day for the visually impaired.

Put Down That Crossword. Brain Teasers Aren't the Only Way to Stay Sharp. (barrons.com)

Keeping your mind sharp in old age has less to do with your ability to finish crosswords and more to do with exericising your mind---and body---in a variety of ways.

Everything You Should Know About OTC Hearing Aids (makeuseof.com)

Over-the-counter hearing aids will save you from the hassle of booking doctor appointments and possibly lower the price tag.

Sudden Hearing Loss (SSHL): What To Know (forbes.com)

Sudden hearing loss is a condition that affects one in 5,000 adults each year. The most affected group is adults in their 40s or 50s, though anyone can experience sudden hearing loss. While common, sudden hearing loss is often treatable. About 85% of those who quickly receive treatment recover at least some of their hearing.

19 Ways Employers Can Engage the Disability Community and Build a More Accessible and Inclusive Workplace (linkedin.com)

Even though more than 61 million adults — or about one in four — have a disability in the US, they still face significant barriers to employment. However, employers who take steps to engage with the disability community have found that they can benefit from a more productive, innovative, and creative workforce. By fostering an inclusive work environment, employers can expand their pool of qualified candidates, retain employees, and promote innovation and creativity.

How modern life has mutated the human body in 50 years (nypost.com)

All the bizarre ways the body is changing, according to science: From inflated testes and memory loss — to periods at the age of 9 months.

Blind Iowans concerned about governor's proposal to appoint Department for the Blind director (iowapublicradio.org)

The director of the Iowa Department for the Blind is chosen by the Commission for the Blind. Gov. Kim Reynolds’ bill would change that so she would appoint the director.

Dancing in the Dark (5280.com)

Brenda Mosby doesn’t fit ballet’s stereotypes. But she and Diane Page are proving that anyone can master dance’s most demanding discipline.

Roll Mobility, a new app that’s a Yelp for accessible spaces, launches at a brewery that sets the standard (cpr.org)

Roll Mobility answers questions about bars, parks and other spaces for people who use a wheelchair or have accessibility issues.

Opening up accessibility in the built environment (pbctoday.co.uk)

In this eBook, Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, explores why diversity and inclusion is important for accessibility in the built environment.

Disability Minister has 'heard concerns' about accessibility bill (1news.co.nz)

A petition with almost 15,000 signatures has been delivered to Parliament, calling for the legislation to be strengthened.

Accessibility Bill needs teeth to tackle discrimination, says DFNZ (nzdoctor.co.nz)

The New Accessibility Bill for New Zealanders needs a major overhaul to protect neurodiverse individuals and people with disabilities from ongoing discrimination, says Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand.

'Meaningless, toothless' - Accessibility bill skewered (1news.co.nz)

A paralympian said it "tramples on the mana and self-determination of disabled people".

Accessibility legislation a tokenistic toothless failure, disabled people say (rnz.co.nz)

Disabled people have told MPs the proposed law should set up standards backed with real enforcement, or be scrapped.

When youthful invincibility is taken too far: What happens when deafness takes away Jet's confidence in his 20s (thehoneycombers.com)

Ever wonder what life would be like if you lost one of your senses? Jet tells us his story and how he navigates his new life.

Sydney-Made FPS Has A Game-Changing Accessibility Feature For Deaf Players (kotaku.com.au)

A Sydney-made multiplayer game called Sector's Edge is using raytracing to display audio in a way that will massively help deaf players.

Disability Rights : Supreme Court Invites Suggestions From Persons With Disability & Rights Activists On Improving Accessibility (livelaw.in)

The official website of the Supreme Court of India now displays questionnaires on Accessibility.

From blind gamers to a brand-new superhero: How people with disabilities are affecting change in their hobbies (cbc.ca)

Hobbies are universal. We’re all into something. But for those with disabilities, hobbies can be both a pressure valve and a lifeline to community. Hobbilities is a new CBC radio special that speaks to people using their hobbies to affect change.

Loss of visual acuity, quality may be first sign of CLN3 disease (battendiseasenews.com)

Four cases of juvenile Batten in children with early vision problems of unknown cause highlight the importance of testing for the disease.

Babyshop's colourCheck Initiative Helps Teachers & Parents spot Colour Blindness in Kids (brandinginasia.com)

For colorblind children, simple everyday encounters such as picking fruit, reading diagrams, completing assignments, or crossing the street can be confusing, and worrying for parents.

Maddy did all the right things before her first music festival, but still felt she did not belong (abc.net.au)

Festival-goers with disability have said they were left stressed and disappointed by their experience at the Sydney Laneway Festival.

Recognising The Achievements Of Cochlear Implant Advocates On Cochlear Implant Day (scoop.co.nz)

On February 25th, as the world celebrates Cochlear Implant Day, recognising the life changing benefits of cochlear implants on the lives of people with severe to profound hearing loss, the Pindrop Foundation is honouring some of the outstanding individuals in the cochlear implant community in Aotearoa New Zealand who have tirelessly advocated for this life-changing technology, providing hope to many.

Genetic test for newborns to prevent deafness from antibiotic use (nursinginpractice.com)

A genetic test for newborns which can determine whether a baby is vulnerable to deafness has been conditionally recommended for use.

Smokers twice at risk of developing macular degeneration and visual loss: UAE doctors (english.alarabiya.net)

Smokers are at least twice as likely to develop macular degeneration – which can lead to visual loss – compared to their non-smoking counterparts, doctors in the United Arab Emirates have warned.

Protect your hearing and ear health (canberratimes.com.au)

This World Hearing Day Australians are being urged to learn how to protect their hearing.

Mithrani knew something wasn't right when she kept losing her balance. It turned out to be a sign of dementia (abc.net.au)

Dementia overtakes coronary heart disease as the leading cause of burden of disease and premature death in older Australians.

How Fitness Guru Grace Albin Uses Instagram To Make Workouts More Accessible And Inclusive Than Ever (forbes.com)

The pilates instructor and fitness guru, who has over 300,000 Instagram followers, has gained an impressive following by helping people—mostly women ages 25 to 55—embrace a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

Updated Candidate Recommendations for EPUB 3.3, EPUB Reading Systems 3.3, EPUB Accessibility 1.1 (w3.org)

EPUB® 3 defines a distribution and interchange format for digital publications and documents. The EPUB format provides a means of representing, packaging, and encoding structured and semantically enhanced web content — including HTML, CSS, SVG, and other resources — for distribution in a single-file container.

For This Design Pro, Successful Design and Inclusivity Are One and the Same (builtinchicago.org)

“As designers, it is crucial to consider the needs of a diverse range of users rather than focusing solely on a specific ‘typical’ user.”

Why Physical Accessibility Should Be Prioritized in Tech Advancements (techspective.net)

As technology advances, it is important to factor in physical accessibility and ensure it is available to everyone.

Canada: Preparing for the Accessible Canada Act’s Compliance Deadlines (leglobal.law)

Although the Government of Canada passed the Accessible Canada Act (the “Act”) in 2019, it did not establish the dates by when federally regulated employers would be required to comply with the new accessibility requirements until 2021.

Creating accessible content (ucl.ac.uk)

A few simple steps can make your content more accessible and provides a more inclusive experience.

Common challenges I face when banking online as a blind customer (blog.usablenet.com)

Read common accessibility flaws issues and pointers for banking sites to help them be more accessible to their customers using assistive technology.

7 facts your ecommerce company should know about ADA web lawsuits (blog.usablenet.com)

Read the 7 findings more applicable to ecommerce companies in 2023 from all of the lawsuits filed under title III of the ADA.

Will ChatGPT threaten the future of the digital accessibility field? (inklusiv.ca)

The rise of natural language processing models like ChatGPT has made access to information easier than ever before. However, these tools are a lot more.

ADA Website Gets Makeover to Become More Accessible (publicnewsservice.org)

A revamped website for the Americans with Disabilities Act has launched to make the site more accessible. The Justice Department has updated ADA.gov to provide more straightforward information on the rights of people with disabilities. It is also more accessible for people with low vision who use screen readers to navigate the internet.

Why We Love Employees with Disabilities and You Should too (globaldisabilityinclusion.com)

So, in honor of St. Valentine, we are sharing a few of the many reasons why we love employees with disabilities. Employes with disabilities bring unmatched problem-solving skills, team building, and innovation. You will love what they bring to your workforce. According to research from Return on Disability, 90 percent of companies have a diversity initiative. But only 4 percent have a disability initiative. Here’s what the savvy 4 percent know that you don’t.

Disability Loans (bankrate.com)

Disability loans can help with funding while you wait to get disability benefits.

Inclusive innovation spurs equity, self-sufficiency (gcn.com)

As local governments test out the latest technologies, they are ensuring vulnerable populations are not left behind.

A disability lens on world news (disabilitydebrief.org)

A vision that grounds the news in our lived experiences.

ChatGPT on using an Accessibility Overlays vs Coding to WCAG (convergeaccessibility.com)

The Open AI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence engine provides input on using an accessibility overlay instead of coding to WCAG.

Legacy Automaker Ford Embraces The Car’s Future With Accessible, Inclusive BlueCruise Technology (forbes.com)

Although autonomous driving technology has become synonymous with companies such as Tesla and Waymo, the truth is competition to drive this space is fast and furious. Count captain of the auto industry Ford as one of those contestants.

Mobility Tech Maker Reyhee Introduces New ‘Long-Lasting’ Cruiser, Roamer Motorized Vehicles (forbes.com)

Los Angeles-based mobility company Reyhee announced via press release on Monday the introduction of "long-lasting mobility solutions" for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

"Ubisoft-owned game Brawlhalla pushes industry benchmark on accessibility with Speechmatics" (gamespress.com)

Real-time captioning to significantly boost accessibility in live stream gaming.

NYC Council Celebrates Signing of Bills Addressing Pay Equity And Accessibility (bkreader.com)

A total of eight bills were signed into law.

Meetup.com Follows Through on Commitment to Improve Website Accessibility (wptavern.com)

In November 2022, Meetup.com raised concerns with the WordPress community (and the broader community of accessibility professionals) after it added an accessibility overlay to its website, powered by EqualWeb. Accessibility advocates and professionals unequivocally discourage the use of overlays as they are often marketed as a quick fix for making websites ADA compliant and immune from legal action when the accessibility issues persist underneath.

Xander (xander.tech)

When you can't hear what someone is saying, our captioning glasses let you see what someone is saying in real-time.

A version of Super Mario with him in a wheelchair would be pretty cool (reddit.com)

Just for fun.

Aleeya: A Love Story within a Larger Conversation about Trans Women in India (respectability.org)

Aleeya, written and directed by RespectAbility Lab Alum Nina Mahesh, follows a trans woman in small-town India as she tries to buy a sewing machine for her boyfriend.

Strictly Seek Wheelchair Dancer For New Series | Disability Horizons (disabilityhorizons.com)

The BBC show Strictly Come dancing is reportedly looking for a celebrity wheelchair dancer to partner one of the professionals this year.

New guidelines to help clinicians to prevent spinal cord damage (disabilityinsider.com)

The unprecedented speed in translating research into practice is necessary as medical cases of nitrous oxide abuse surge in parallel with increased use of what is now the second most popular recreational drug among young people in the UK.

New app to provide better control to disabled people using autonomous car (disabilityinsider.com)

A new app trialled by La Trobe University researchers in partnership with HMI Technologies will provide greater levels of control to people with disabilities using autonomous – or driverless – electric vehicles in the future, and also has important implications for improving current public transport.

Clinical trials often overlook persons with disabilities (disabilityinsider.com)

Disabilities were underreported in clinical trial data and commonly used as a basis for exclusion from trial participation in an analysis of 80 recent trials involving cardiovascular outcomes, according to a study being presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session Together With the World Congress of Cardiology.

We need to stop saying “we’re all a little autistic” (autisticnotweird.com)

A few years ago, I was the only diagnosed autistic staff member in a special school. The rest of the staff weren’t autistic, but many jokingly claimed to be.

Opinion | Is the United States Ready for Back-to-Back Pandemics? (nytimes.com)

America has failed to do all the things that might have secured lasting normalcy.

Why Black Disabled History Matters (wid.org)

By Dikko Yusuf Black disabled history is an aspect of Black history, which informs world history. Black History Month is officially celebrated every year in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the UK.

Meet The Blind Birder Reimagining Accessibility In The Outdoors (sciencefriday.com)

In the Colombian Andes, a professional birder has developed trails to help visually disabled people take part in hiking and birding.

12 Black Disabled Activists and Advocates You Need to be Following (wid.org)

By Charlotte Stasio Centering the stories of Black disabled people is essential to achieving our vision of a world in which people with disabilities live freely, where access, inclusion, equity, and resilience are embedded throughout every global community.

Why the Covid-19 Death Toll in the U.S. Is Still Rising (wsj.com)

America has dodged a major wintertime Covid-19 surge as the pandemic continues to recede into the background. But the death toll is still growing.

TPT members speak at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Eye Health (pocklington-trust.org.uk)

Yesterday’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Eye Health heard from Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) staff and a recent Get Set Progress intern from My Vision Oxfordshire on career opportunities for blind and partially sighted people.

Oliver Kenny: The deaflympian achieving his dream to launch his very own swim school for young deaf swimmers (BSL) (limpingchicken.com)

My name is Oliver Kenny although most people call me Oli. I am profoundly deaf and wear a cochlear implant. I grew up in a village called Watlington which is outside of King’s Lynn. I am a swimming teacher and coach, I teach school swimming lessons, mainstream swimming lessons and I coach for West Norfolk Swimming Club. I also teach at my deaf swim school “Kenny deaf swim school.”

3 Ways I'm Untangling My Internalized Ableism (themighty.com)

"You can make a change. Don't let how you erroneously viewed people in the past be how you continue to view them or yourself today."

The Problem With Animal Testing in Mental Health Research (themighty.com)

Modern, animal free techniques offer a more ethical approach to mental health research and provide results that are directly relevant to human patients.

Warwick student with cancer wins payout after university denied extension request (theguardian.com)

University accepts it did not make adjustments for her illness as a form of disability.

Dare To Dance: Strictly's Amy Dowden Hosts Her Own Dancing Show (disabilityhorizons.com)

Strictly professional Amy Dowden is now hosting her own TV dancing show, Dare to Dance.

What I've learned being reliant on a caregiver (edition.cnn.com)

After spending a month in the ICU, Alice Wong relied on caregivers to have a normal life. She reflects on that experience, arguing that the devaluation and lack of investment in care work is an issue that needs to be addressed.

What I Learned From Having to Crowdfund My Medical Care (teenvogue.com)

After an unexpected hospitalization, I leaned on my community more than ever.

California’s power outages are a life-and-death issue (hcn.org)

A perspective on the impacts of storms for people with disabilities.

'My Life Is in My Caregivers' Hands': Disability Advocate Alice Wong's Vision for a New Approach to Health Care (kqed.org)

Alice Wong shares her story of a life affected by sudden medical crises and her road to recovery in a health care system that she believes can — and must — be changed for the better.

Constant Cravings: On Life With a Feeding Tube (eater.com)

I can no longer enjoy the feeling of being sated after a meal. But there are other ways to nourish myself beyond my body.

My ICU Summer: A Photo Essay (disabilityvisibilityproject.com)

This is a semi-accurate account of what happened to me this summer based on my hazy memories, medical records, and photos. At the time I did not share much and will continue to be intentional about what I will and will not reveal. I’m doing this now so people can be informed of my new situation. I also want to highlight the very steep costs to a disabled individual and their family when a major medical crisis happens and the significant labor that occurs post-hospitalization. This is not a unique phenomenon as the United States has an underfunded and broken healthcare system, but this is my story.

These Words Are Ours: Journalism for Belongingness (journoresources.org.uk)

“You want to get to know people’s stories, and you want to platform people’s voices.”

TV Access Project: Broadcasters Pledge To Make TV More Accessible For Disabled Talent (disabilityhorizons.com)

The TV Access Project (TAP) is a coalition of 10 of the UK’s biggest broadcasters and streamers who have pledged to work together to deliver real improvements in access for disabled talent across the TV industry.

Creativity and Recovery: An Update (disabilityvisibilityproject.com)

Last summer I wrote about several major medical crises that led to 4 weeks in the intensive care unit. Months later, my recovery has been slow, difficult, and frustrating. Healing is not a linear process! And yet…I feel such a rush of creativity and the urge to tell my story. Being so intimate with suffering and death will do that to you I guess. Here are six recent published stories by me covering different aspects of where I am right now. I think of these pieces as an epilogue to my memoir, Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life, since SO much has changed since the writing of the book. Enjoy!

As a disabled person I need electricity to keep me alive. So why is it costing me so much? (theguardian.com)

Due to a technicality in the benefit system, I am not eligible for the means tested support for ‘the most vulnerable’, says Karis Williamson.

NSW Labor to join Dylan Alcott in public sector disability jobs drive if elected (theguardian.com)

Exclusive: Chris Minns will commit to target of 5.6% of public sector jobs held by people with disability through deal with former Australian of the Year.

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