Ed Warner: “Accessibility is not a dirty word in design”


In 2021, it is shocking that new design-led hotels are emerging in the global hospitality arena without the same level of consideration when it comes to the design of accessible, disabled-access guestrooms and spaces. In a purposeful interview with Ed Warner, the Founder and CEO of Motionspot, editor Hamish Kilburn only hopes to raise awareness for stylish accessible design…

Why Apple’s Forthcoming Digital ID Feature Is A Big Deal For Accessibility


In a press release published this week, Apple announced the first eight states to support Apple Wallet’s identification card functionality, which is new to iOS 15.

The EU’s Digital Archive of Cultural Heritage Is Getting An AV Content and Accessibility Boost


DW Innovation has joined an international consortium of 11 media and tech organisations to make the virtual Europeana library more attractive for all kinds of users.

Americans with disabilities less likely than those without to own some digital devices


The digital divide between Americans who have a disability and Americans who do not remains for some devices.

How IT Leaders Can Make Learning More Accessible to Students with Low Vision


From more legible fonts to alternative captions on photos, here are the investments K–12 schools can make to ensure online learning is equitable.

These Two Women are Changing the Perception Around Deafness


This year, for Women's Health Week, we are shining a light on the health issues we need to talk about more. So, the next time you’re after a fresh topic for the brunch table or deep breath another Zoom catch-up, might we suggest taking inspiration from these articles?

The issues with accessibility at live music venues


Although for a while it felt like we’d never step foot into a concert again, the recent Boris-approved abandonment of most Covid measures marks the return of live music. This also means the return of the well-established accessibility issues that have always plagued concert-goers with disabilities. From painfully understaffed disabled booking lines to inaccessible seating, people with disabilities have to jump through many metaphorical hoops in order to be able to enjoy live music. As we take these first steps back to live shows, I want to reflect on my experiences of concerts, and how gigs can be made accessible to more people.

For Disabled People, Accessible Technology Is Finally Getting Better


Disabled people describe how advancements have helped them, and what's still left to be done.

Can You Check Web Accessibility By Downloading a Screen Reader?


Screen reader tests can yield helpful insights about accessibility, but you’ll need to understand how assistive technologies function to see results.

Web site accessibility is the right imperative - but why are so many organizations failing to invest


Web site accessibility is a rewarding discipline - and a regulatory obligation. But many organizations are not making the investment. Why? In search of answers, I went inside a web accessibility report from Avasant's Computer Economics group.

Website accessibility for persons with disabilities: minimum harmonization creates fragmentation


The importance of universal website accessibility guidelines cannot be denied. By removing obstacles to content and introducing adequate website accessibility tools, the process of accessing online content shall accelerate, which results in the use of less resources. Moreover, website accessibility entails increased quality education, access to knowledge and provision of global services, and therefore fosters economic growth, entrepreneurship and innovation also in the SESG environment.

Bad websites shouldn't keep people with disabilities from vaccines


It’s unacceptable that the lack of internet accessibility is preventing some Americans from receiving the lifesaving shots.

Live Anywhere With Airbnb Looking to Improve Accessibility


This mother and her daughter, a wheelchair user, will live in Airbnbs for a year as part of Live Anywhere With Airbnb and provide feedback.

Podcast: "Deep Dive": Why a more accessible Japan is better for everyone


How can Japan become more inclusive and accessible as it moves beyond the Paralympic Games?

Japan removing physical barriers to disabled people, but prejudices remain


Although the Tokyo Paralympics have drawn praise for embodying the ideals of an inclusive society, in terms of social attitudes, Japan appears a long way from achieving the "barrier-free spirit" the government has pushed.

Kansas City Airport: Setting the bar for inclusivity and accessibility


Justin Meyer and Dan Moylan discuss the developments that will transform KCI Airport into an accessible and inclusive space for passengers.

Lufthansa’s “discreet” A321 Airspace cabin — with no accessible lavs


Enter die Lufthansa and the first of its 80-plus A320neo family aircraft with Airspace, an A321neo with 215 of the Geven Essenza ultra-slimline seats on board in economy and Eurobusiness.

Taking Stock: Grow Your Business with Inclusive Marketing


Digital marketing expert Lakshmee Lachhman-Persad provides steps for adding accessibility and inclusivity to your marketing plan.

Make accessibility part of your startup’s products and culture from day one


Startups have an advantage here: They do not bear years of inaccessible baggage. It’s not written into the code of their products. It’s not woven into the business culture.

Accessibility in banking: how finance actually fares when it comes to catering to customers


Financial institutions are legally required to be ADA compliant but many are not. Accessibility consultants say institutions need to do a better job of listening and responding to customers with disabilities.

The benefits of captioning in virtual classes (opinion)


For accessibility reasons alone, online classes and Zoom meetings should routinely offer a captioning option, but it has additional benefits, write David G. Myers and Morton Ann Gernsbacher.

Automatic Captions for Zoom Meetings & Webinars


Get live captions & subtitles on all of your Zoom meetings & webinars with Rev’s live captioning solution. Improve video conferences with Rev’sbest-in-class speech recognition technology.

VerbalEyes - Automated audio description


VerbalEyes uses machine learning to
make videos accessible.

Chinese startup creates AR eyewear that converts speech into text


Chinese startup LLVision Technology has launched eyewear for people with hearing disabilities that converts speech into text, reported Nikkei Asia.

Accessible-Coconut: The Ideal Linux Distro for the Visually Impaired


Accessible-Coconut is a community-driven Linux distro aimed at providing a great Linux experience to blind and low-vision people.

The 14 World Down Syndrome Congress Dubai 2021 “Unlocking Hidden Potentials”


World Down Syndrome congress is the leading biennial event for people with Down syndrome, their families, advocates, experts and researchers.

Disability Language Style Guide


As language, perceptions and social mores change rapidly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for journalists and other communicators to figure out how to refer to people with disabilities. Even the term “disability” is not universally accepted. This style guide, which covers dozens of words and terms commonly used when referring to disability, can help. The guide was developed by the National Center on Disability and Journalism at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and was last updated in the summer of 2021.

Why Ableism Can Be the Hardest Part of Having a Disability


"Symptoms may come and go, but experiencing ableism day in and day out can feel defeating and physically draining."

Targeting 'Illness Fakers' Doesn’t Help Disabled People


"I regularly see more harm done by people accusing disabled people of lying about their struggles."

9 Tips for Supporting Someone With Chronic Mental Illness


"Who the hell am I under all of this?"

Emily Ladau: Disability is part of the human experience


I was born in 1991—just a year after the Americans with Disabilities Act became law—with a genetic joint and muscle disorder called Larsen syndrome. My mom has it, too. My disability has always been part of my life—a natural state of being.

I feel like an outsider in both disabled and queer spaces


Upon seeing me enter an LGBT+ pub, a gay man told me that he would ‘rather die than be in a wheelchair’.

Space to be me: LGBT+ and disabled in Hong Kong


Disabled and LGBT+ Hongkongers speak about their daily struggles to express themselves in the face of discrimination and enduring stigma.

Vance Walker Breaks Barriers for Disabled Athletes on 'American Ninja Warrior'


"The Texas high school student is proving he's a force to be reckoned with."

Steve Spohn wasn't supposed to live past 2. He rang in 40 by raising $1 million for AbleGamers


Mr. Spohn is the chief operating officer of AbleGamers, a nonprofit dedicated to making video games accessible to all.

Para Athletics Animation x Paralympic: Who Is Your Hero?


This is the second project of the special series that depict the world of Para-sport in collaboration with popular artists of animation as well as manga. This time, its focus is on Para Athletics. This is an original story on a sprint runner who challenges Paralympics, written by popular manga-comic artist, Eisaku Kubonouchi. The theme song is original by Sakura Fujiwara.

Zoom Fatigue in the Deaf Community


Even as we move into the new semester, it seems that online interviews, classes and meetings are still going to be prevalent.

Video: People with intellectual disabilities Are the Most Segregated Americans


Intelligent Lives filmmaker Dan Habib talks intelligence and the perception of people with intellectual disabilities, his own son Samuel, and Chris Cooper's very personal role in the project.

You're not less of a victim just because you have a disability


Lucie Hrdá writes about an important ruling by the Czech Constitutional Court. Lucie was the lawyer who brought the case to the Court.

Color Blind Women Face Unique Challenges, EnChroma Study Finds


Skepticism at School, Delayed Diagnoses and Feeling Excluded From Some Activities, Revealed in Landmark Survey of Color Blind Women.

New resources to support women with disabilities experiencing domestic violence


The Palaszczuk Government has launched a new range of information and awareness resources for women with disabilities who may be experiencing domestic and family violence.

The Ugly History of Chicago’s “Ugly Law”


In the nineteenth century, laws in many parts of the country prohibited "undeserving" disabled people from appearing in public.

School policing falls hardest on Black students and those with disabilities, study shows


A school safety officer removed a third grader from class, took him to a staff bathroom, closed the door and berated him, telling the frightened child to “stop crying like a little girl.”

A Disabled Physician Works To Minimize The Healthcare Gap For People With Disabilities


Dr. Peter Poullos is a radiologist who leads the Stanford Medical Abilities Coalition. He and his students are working to increase disability awareness in medicine.

America Faces A Severe Caregiver Shortage, As This Grad Student Learned Firsthand


A case study in how the pandemic has affected people with disabilities — and what could be done about it.

Phony Diagnoses Hide High Rates of Drugging at Nursing Homes


At least 21 percent of nursing home residents are on antipsychotic drugs, a Times investigation found.

Sawyer can't get a nurse, so he can't go to school


Although funded for 19 nursing hours a day, Kayla Schultz's son can't attend school because there's no nurse to fill the day shift.

9/11 Survivors Are Still Getting Sick Decades Later: ‘Am I Next?’


Hundreds of thousands of people, from firefighters to students, were exposed to toxic material, leading to health issues, some fatal, years later.

Why climate change is still the greatest threat to human health


Polluted air and steadily rising temperatures are linked to health effects ranging from increased heart attacks and strokes to the spread of infectious diseases and psychological trauma.

Climate resilience efforts pose new risks for disabled people


Disabled people, who are already among the most adversely affected by climate change, are facing new risks from climate mitigation efforts.

Why involving people with disability in preparing for disasters leads to better outcomes


During a disaster people with disability are often invisible. They are left out because systems set up before disasters make it hard for them to be involved.

‘We Didn’t Have a Plan’: Disabled People Struggle to Evacuate From Wildfires


In Northern California, a region troubled by fire, many people with disabilities live in rural areas that lack the resources to support them during disasters.

COVID-19 Should Be a Sign Mental Health Stigma Needs to End


“We are truly in this together from all corners of the world.”

Democrats Discuss Scaling Back A Key Caregiving Initiative By Half -- Or More


A proposed expansion of services for the elderly and people with disabilities faces major budget pressure.

FBI Sees Drop In Disability-Related Hate Crimes


While the number of reported hate crimes rose significantly, those targeting people with disabilities are on the decline, according to new data from the FBI.

Home Care Keeps Me Alive. It Should Be Fully Funded


Most Americans want to stay at home when they’re sick or aging. The U.S. should make it possible.

"Yes, Let's Do It!"


Vision loss gave Prabath a new perspective - and the courage to say "Yes, Let's Do It!" to every opportunity and adventure that has come his way.

His Wheelchair Was Found Damaged Before The Race. Then He Set A Paralympic Record


Two hours before the final of the men's 100-meter T51 race in this summer's Paralympic games, Peter Genyn arrived to find his wheelchair badly damaged.

Moving From Disability Rights to Disability Justice


The Disability Rights Movement established civil rights for people with disabilities, opening up opportunities for them to participate more fully in society.

Video: Activist Ady Barkan is not going quietly


After being diagnosed with ALS, Ady Barkan refused to give up and threw himself into the fight for healthcare justice, a journey depicted in the new documentary "Not Going Quietly". Barkan speaks with Bianna Golodryga about his extraordinary activism.

The health care system has collapsed due to coronavirus


Delta hasn't brought us to the brink or the edge. We're way past that.

Film: This Is Not About Me


A documentary about growing up non-speaking. What can happen when we judge people based on what they can or can’t say.

How The Pandemic Revealed Existing Biases Against The Disability Community


Disability advocates say that disabled lives were systematically devalued throughout the pandemic. In this story, we meet a woman with a disability who recounts her experience of medical bias during her hospital stay. And, we meet the advocates fighting the discrimination they say is infused throughout the state’s pandemic response.

Disabled Women


A thriving democracy is within our reach, but our rules and systems must change to acknowledge the unique barriers that women with intersecting identities experience in the United States. Our nation’s rich diversity will be reflected in our government when all women have practical and fair opportunities to participate in American politics.

To Care is to share!


The best way to care about someone or something is to share knowledge with or about it. This is just one of the reasons I started writing. However, before I jump ahead I need to revisit the day I received my diagnosis’s.

Paris 2024 puts forward the first Paralympic emojis


With support from the IPC and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, Paris 2024 is working to get emojis representing Paralympic sports added to the official library, thereby helping to achieve fairer representation of diversity in sport.