How a Transit App for the Blind Could Revolutionize How Everyone Rides

An app for people with visual impairments could help dismantle one of the steepest barriers that many Americans face.

People with disabilities weigh medication, pregnancy in post-Roe world

After the Supreme Court struck down abortion protections, people with disabilities consider pregnancy risks while taking medications that could harm a fetus.

Stella Young Award 2022

Applications close Tuesday 13 September at 5.00 pm. This is a great opportunity for young disabled artists aged between 16 and 30 years old to be recognised for their impact on disability activism and culture through their artistic practice (in comedy, performing arts or screen culture).

I will never regret the time I spent with my children, but society is punishing me for it in my 60s

Many of us who did what was once considered a valuable contribution to society are now just eking out an existence.

The Pitfalls of being a “Super” Communicator

I get that. I respect that. However, it’s not easy. There are moments in many of my relationships where I quite literally want to scream, but I hold it in none-the-less. Everyone has bad days or bad weeks or bad months. But when you are NOT dependent another human being you can usually keep to yourself.

Passengers faking need for wheelchair to skip queues, Heathrow boss claims

John Holland-Kaye says TikTok video has led to rise in people trying to get fast-tracked through airport.

People Are Sharing Their ADHD, Autism, And OCD Diagnosis

"I got diagnosed at 33 and everything made so much sense."

How To Illustrate Wheelchairs In Comic Books

Not too long ago I asked a famous comic book artist to draw me a picture of Oracle and what I got was not at all what I expected. Barbara Gordon was depicted in a hospital wheelchair with a blanket over her legs, certainly not the Oracle I know. “How could big name-so-and-so not know how to draw someone in a wheelchair?” I said to myself but then I thought, “Probably because they aren’t in one.” That’s just one possible scenario of course, there are plenty of artists out there (like Adam Hughes above) who get it right. But if there’s a problem we all suffer from at times it’s ignorance. Yes…all of us. Some more than others of course but even the most learned of us could do with a bit of education now and then and that’s my goal today.

Retailers Lose Billions By Not Signposting Product Accessibility

Research published yesterday by Business Disability Forum demonstrates the folly of brands not routinely signposting how accessible their products are for disabled customers – along with the purchasing pain points this causes.

The Accessible Stall Interviews Ann Magill, Disability Pride Flag Creator

"We’re so thrilled about this episode! In celebration of Disability Pride Month, we had the honor of getting to interview Ann Magill, the creator of the Disability Pride flag. Tune to learn more about the story behind the flag. Click here for a transcript for this episode."

11 Small (But Significant) Things Restaurants Can Do To Improve Accessibility

The Mighty asked its disability community, “What small things could restaurants do to better accommodate your disability?” Here are their answers.

Yelp and The Mighty Rate the Top 50 Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants in the U.S.

The Mighty and Yelp teamed up to rank the best wheelchair accessible restaurants in the United States.

Want to Make Dining Out While Disabled Less Aggravating? Here’s Where to Start

The Mighty asked its disability community about their experiences with restaurants and accessibility, then summed up their shared frustrations.

An Accessible Travel Survival Guide

Organising and planning an accessible holiday can be stressful, challenging and complex at times. Thankfully, award-winning disability travel blogger Carrie-Ann Lightley shares her top tips for surviving accessible travel.

OPINION: If you really want equitable schools, you must ask questions

Educational equity should positively impact the experiences, outcomes and access to resources of students from previously excluded groups.

Alt text proved unexpected star of NASA’s Webb images

A team in Baltimore was responsible for the words that made NASA's James Webb Space Telescope images accessible to everyone.

10 Ways to Flex Your Social Media Advocacy Skills

There are a lot of social media platforms to choose from beside the Big Three (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). You are going to have to decide what is important to you and what kind of audience you want to reach.

Using Content Creation for Disability Advocacy

For the first episode of our tenth season, we speak with Liz Weintraub and Kenneth Kelty, both fantastic content creators and disability advocates.

The Right Stuff

From the Radiolab podcast: Who gets to be an astronaut? A crew of disabled people are on a mission to prove that they have what it takes to go to space.

I made these Star Wars characters in wheelchairs with AI . ;] Crayion. <3 pt1

Funny thing on reddit.

Inaugural RespectAbility Awards Ceremony

Join us online to celebrate and learn from the first ever recipients of the Justin W. Chappell Memorial Award and the Steve Bartlett Award.

How to Make a Restaurant Accessible to Customers With Disabilities

What makes a restaurant accessible to you?

4 Things I've Learned About Disability Accessibility as a Small Business Owner

What makes a small business accessible to you?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, 32 Years Later

Thirty-two years ago today, President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). This legislation was designed to protect against “discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, State and local government, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications.” Its passage marked a monumental milestone in the movement to empower disabled Americans. Yet despite the ADA, people with disabilities in the U.S. still face considerable discrimination.

Why Companies Need to Embrace Disability Pride Month

"I am disappointed and confused about why disabled people are not being represented and celebrated by major companies this month."

Tactile features included in currency notes for people with vision disabilities: RBI

On Monday, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) told the Bombay High Court that it included tactile features in currency notes so that people with vision disabilities can easily identify them.

India's aviation authority adds new disability rule for airlines

On July 21st, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) amended its existing rules to protect travelers with disabilities from discrimination, standardise their travel and ensure they receive all necessary assistance in India.

Pause and Consider: Ableism and Autism

Let's pause and consider what Autistic-centered functioning and support could really look like. Instead of fixing Autism, how can we foster Autism acceptance?

Ableism in Parenting: How to Explore it in Four Ways

Katie works for a disability service organization and is the mom of a disabled child. Here she shares four ways for folks to examine ableism in parenting.

Video: Passion

“Og has a such an amazing passion for life, positivity, and of course, skating. It’s an inspiration to me and what he does is a great example of how to overcome obstacles in life through your passion. I know music has saved my life on more than one occasion. It’s an honor for us that he wanted to be a part of this video and share some of his life together.”

'Semi-Famous' review

Josh Sundquist explores many questions in a fun, casual, but informative style in his newest book, Semi-Famous: A True Story of Near Celebrity.

The Need For Black Sign Language Interpreters In Hip-Hop

Before he worked with Chance the Rapper, Matthew Maxey just wanted to make underground rap music more accessible. A deaf metro Atlanta native with a deep love of music, Maxey said he didn’t really learn sign language until he attended college at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.

Video: A look at how a musical theater program is helping kids and teenagers with disabilities pref…

Video: A look at how a musical theater program is helping kids and teenagers with disabilities preform on stage.

Endemic Covid-19 Looks Pretty Brutal

100,000 annual deaths may be as good as it gets.


Manual 17 considers representations of the disabled and/or ill body in art and visual culture, foregrounding the ways that body-mind variance can inform technique, style, and form. These works range from moralizing and stereotypical historical images to prideful images made by modern and contemporary disabled and/or ill artists. This issue of Manual is a companion to the exhibition Variance: Making, Unmaking, and Remaking Disability, curated by Conor Moynihan, on view at the RISD Museum now through October 9, 2022.

Desperately Seeking Caregivers

The sad fact is there is nothing funny about the current caregiver shortage in America.

Who Stole Helen Keller?

By Ruth Shagoury In these times of vast economic disparities and ecological crisis, children need examples of people throughout history who committed their lives to justice — to bringing more equality and fairness to the world. Helen Keller, whose birthday we celebrate this month — June 27th — could be one of those role models. Instead, textbooks and children’s literature distort her life’s work, and miss key opportunities to inspire young people to make a difference in the world.

March 12, 1990: Disability Rights Activists Make "Capitol Crawl" for the ADA

Dozens of disabled Americans abandoned their mobility aids and climbed and crawled up the U.S. Capitol steps to raise awareness of threats to the proposed ADA. It worked.

Be part of Nexus 2022!

Nexus 2022 is a free professional development program. It is for young Deaf and Disabled people who want to build a career in the arts. Who can take part Nexus 2022 is for Deaf and Disabled people aged 18-26.

Create Fund

Fireside Chat with Judy Heumann

Join 3Play media for a fireside chat with lifelong disability advocate, Judy Heumann. 

Comfort, style, or function? Dressing four different bodies

From layering up to formula dressing, four people with different needs share their process for picking an outfit each morning.


ReBokeh is a startup dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with visual impairments with simple, comprehensive assistive technology solutions. Having vision problems herself, our founder understands how difficult it can be to find assistive technologies that are truly helpful. This is why our connection to visually impaired individuals powers everything we do. By engaging with our customers, we provide dynamic technologies that do what you actually need them to. So that you can do what you need to.

The BrailleDoodle Video

The BrailleDoodle is a device about a Laptop’s size made of hard dark blue plastic. There is a 2D array of hundreds of holes, placed tightly together, that covers the surface. Each hole contains a tiny metal element that can be pulled to the surface by a magnetic stylus and locked into place to create a touchable effect. The user erases a creation by pushing the elements back down with a satisfying “pop.” All pictures of the BrailleDoodle, contain a touchable drawing of a small house, a big letter H, and the word house in braille on the surface. The Braille sleeve can slide over the BrailleDoodle and now dozens of rectangular cutouts cover the surface. Each rectangle is now a braille cell. The 2 holes by 3 holes allow the learner to raise the metal bumps in different combinations to form words and sentences. In some images, the Braille Sleeve is slid over the cover. The sleeve has 7 rows of 13 braille cells across. Different stencil-like covers can be used so a person could independently learn and practice braille. The learner could also be guided to learn shapes, graphs, and simple pictures. Each braille cell will be approximately the size of Jumbo Braille developed by Perkins. Jumbo Braille was developed for beginner braille learners and persons with reduced sensitivity in their fingers. Each pin or dot will rise only enough to make a tactile effect. In Jumbo Braille that is less than 1mm in height and rounded 1.5mm thick. Dots are 2.5mm apart and 6.5mm between cells.

How social robotics can benefit disabled people

Clive Gilbert, freelance research consultant and specialist writer in public policy, social affairs and technology takes a deep dive into the World Health Organisation's new report.

Give Them Wings review – paean to Darlington FC and the power of compassion

This disarmingly sincere autobiopic tackles a northern lad’s struggles with disability with an unselfpitying eye, evoking the goodwill of vintage of British studio-era films.

Pathways Into Children’s Publishing

A unique, creative and professional development course for talented and aspiring children’s illustrators.

Silence Brought Me a Community and an Escape

Society maintains that I am broken because of my deafness. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this ability to turn off the sound.

Overthinking About You

Dating is hard. But pursuing love and relationships when you live with mental illness can be even more overwhelming.

After Roe, Pregnant Women With Cancer Diagnoses May Face Wrenching Choices

Urgent questions arise about how care of pregnant women with cancer will change in states where women are unable to terminate pregnancies.

Forced Sterilization of Disabled People in the United States

Disabled people have fought to make their own decisions about their bodies. But many laws still take that decision away. These include laws about sterilization.  Sterilization is an operation that stops someone from ever having babies. In many states, laws say that doctors can sterilize disabled people against their will. This is called forced sterilization.

Disabled UK drivers told blue badges may not be accepted in EU due to Brexit

Ministers still negotiating with 11 countries, including France and Spain, over status of badges.

Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) for Beginners

Do you develop authoring tools? Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) is something you need to understand. Let’s get you started.

Accessibility and scholarly communications: how can we ensure access for all?

November’s Charleston Library Conference brought together a panel of experts to discuss the challenges of accessibility in scholarly publishing.

How Can You Make Your Website More Accessible?

Despite the amazing modules and features there is still more to do. Here is what you can do to make your website more Accessible.

Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision

This document, Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision, describes what people with low vision need for electronic content, tools, and technologies to be accessible. It includes an overview of low vision and describes specific user needs. Additional information is available from Accessibility for People with Low Vision.

8 common questions about accessible UX

I want to acknowledge some of the things I hear from designers every day about accessibility and help others build inclusive work now.

TikTok will now let viewers turn on closed captions even if a creator doesn’t

New features are available for select videos for now.

Human-Computer Interaction

What is human-computer interaction? Human-computer interaction (HCI) came about in the 1980s and is a precursor to user experience (UX) design. Learn more.

The surf school for children with disabilities

Bristolian, Ben loves to surf. His main ambition? To help make the sport accessible for all. So he's created a surfing school specifically for children with disabilities complete with custom-made boards. Ben's surfing charity is funded by BBC Children in Need.

Leroy F. Moore Jr. (Founder of Krip-Hop Nation) – Music Industry Podcast | Almost Famous

We’re honoured to welcome to the stage, Leroy F. Moore Jr. He is a poet, hip-hop artist, academic and co-founder of the Emmy-Award winning Krip-Hop Nation: the global association of disabled artists with the clear mission to connect, make great art and recognise the overlooked history of disability in music. Leroy takes us back to when Hip-Hop was diverse and inclusive in the 70s, when you would see people breakdancing with crutches, and why this changed. Growing up in these times with a disability was hard but he talks about how this made him the person he is today. We learn about how society is failing disabled artists - he is done with ridiculously good artists not being taken seriously by others with the “charity bullsh*t” mindset, and so are we. Leroy discusses the need to go deeper, and change the intrinsic structures that are keeping disabled artists from entering the mainstream arena. Krip-Hop Nation is actively dismantling them by continuously creating exceptional music and changing perceptions. One thing is for sure - our attention is squarely set on them and what they’re doing next. Tune in to hear what an artist from the disabled community REALLY thinks about Lizzo’s controversial lyrics and Leroy’s hot takes on the music industry today - we think you’re going to like this one.

So You Want To Start A Podcast?

Podcasts allow wheelchair users to share their perspectives and quash the stigmas around disability.

Channel 4 strengthens guidance for portrayal of disability on tv

Channel 4 has announced a plan to strengthen the portrayal of disabled people on television.

Disability advocates call for NSW Government to opt in on accessible housing

The 25-year-old is searching for a new place close to his work and family, but may not be able to find anything nearby – and a little-known government rule could make it worse.

What Does Disability Pride Mean to You?

To celebrate Disability Pride Month, this special episode elevates the voices of our viewers. We asked "What does disability pride mean to you?" and received submissions from all over the world. Enjoy hearing some of them in this YouTube video and check out the rest in the podcast version.

Why elevating leaders with disabilities is so crucial to disability inclusion

Only 4% of businesses are focused on expanding their offerings to include disabled people. That has to change, this activist says as Disability Pride month gets underway.

Inaccessible Cities: The experience of those with disabilities

Living with a disability can bring up many challenges — just getting around the city is one of them.

Pottery Barn debuts 150 pieces of furniture for people with disabiliti

The Accessible Home modifies some of the brand’s most popular products so they’re better suited for people with disabilities.

‘Best Foot Forward’ Is a Story About, and by, People With Disabilities

The Apple TV+ series, based loosely on a memoir by Josh Sundquist, prioritized disability representation on both sides of the camera.

CDC finds significant increase of opioid overdoses among minority groups

The CDC found a significant increase in opioid overdoses among Black and American Indian/Alaskan Native individuals across the country.

COVID cases and deaths are spiking in nursing homes, AARP data shows

Cases are surging everywhere, and nursing home residents remain more likely to face severe illness and death.

Pixar's Loop: Good Autism Representation Is Hard To Find

Is Pixar's Loop the new standard we can expect for autistic representation going forward? What about other forms of media like the news?

Reimagine Candlelight Vigil with "The Mother of Disability Rights" Judy Heumann

At this month's Reimagine Candlelight Vigil, let's honor our loved ones, hold space for grief, and reflect on the possibilities of transformation with Judy Heumann, "the mother of disability rights" and a "badass" according to the Washington Post.

No Limbits

Super durable YKK zippers hidden in the inseams of our jeans make dressing, undressing and mid-day prosthetic adjustments a breeze.

Zappos: Small Sizes

The small sizes page is dedicated to providing a curated assortment of items that can work for adults looking for small sizes. It was curated with expert advice from Stephanie Thomas, who styles people with disabilities, including little people.

Accessible Fashion: Clothing

Fashion and Assistive Technology might seem like a bizarre intersection, but for most people with disabilities, it makes complete sense.

Accessibility of Remote Meetings

This document summarizes considerations of accessibility that arise in the conduct of remote and hybrid meetings. Such meetings are mediated, for some or all participants, by real-time communication software typically built upon Web technologies. Issues of software selection, and the roles of meeting hosts and participants in providing access are explained. Relevant W3C documents are referred to, where applicable, as sources of more detailed and in some instances normative guidance.

Mental Health: BIPOC Mighty Writers You Should Read

Here are just some of our incredible BIPOC writers!

Despite progress toward inclusion, report finds few employees openly identify as disabled

The Disability Equality Index examined progress in disability inclusion at work.

Watch Workers With Disabilities Still Struggle to Get Hired

People with disabilities have remained chronically underemployed in the US for decades, despite the proven advantages that these individuals bring to the workplace. Here is how advocates and businesses are trying to change that.

What Does the ADA Mean to Faith Communities in 2022?

We invited the Hon. Steve Bartlett and Bobby Silverstein to share thoughts on the significance of the ADA to faith communities in 2022.

Disability news and talk, 'I'm disabled, Google me'

Adam’s stuck in his flat for 12 days and attitudes towards disabled people revealed

Accessible Course Design

While pre-planning your course, ask yourself the following questions to help determine if your classroom material is accessible.

A beginner's guide to making your game accessible

Rebellion's Cari Watterton offered Develop:Brighton attendees advice on getting started with accessibility and user testing.

A Father’s Quest for an Accessible Game Controller

After months of writing hardware companies and developers for help, Andreas Karlsson finally found a hero in retro controller maker 8BitDo.

The Ultimate Guide to Debugging Accessibility Issues

This a11y guide will help you determine what's causing your accessibility bug. Need help deciding if it's a screen reader bug, a browser bug? I got you.

15 Tips to Make Meetings More Accessible for Everyone

Adding closed captioning is one good step, but there's much more you can do to make virtual meetings better for everyone involved.

5 Steps to Improve Your Customer Services Accessibility

5 steps to improve your customer services accessibility in contact centre operations Rick Kirkham Customer Touch Point.

SEO and accessibility: 30+ tips from Deaf and Disabled people

SEOs can influence important website elements that directly impact accessibility. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Creating accessible WordPress sites: remediating PDFs and more

When building a WordPress site, accessibility is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, people prioritize aesthetics, SEO, and even the plug-ins they wish to install while deferring UX and navigation to a later date.

How to make the most of your iPhone’s accessibility features

You can adjust your iPhone’s settings to suit your needs.

3 Ways AI Technology is Helping to Improve Web Accessibility

One of the industries currently benefiting from AI's rapid development is the web accessibility sector. As a result, the AI market is expected to contribute a staggering $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Diablo Immortal's Controller Support Guide Details Diablo 3 Inspiration, Accessibility, and Support…

The Diablo immortal team has a new devblog on controller support, how Diablo 3 influenced the choice, a list of supported devices, and more.

Blizzard Entertainment outlines Diablo Immortal accessibility features, including text to speech

Ahead of Diablo Immortal’s PC and mobile launch on June 2nd, Blizzard Entertainment outlines a number of accessibility features in the game.

The Last of Us leaks have become a flood, accessibility options and controller layout revealed

Yesterday we got a few bitesize leaks for Naughty Dog's recently announced The Last of Us Part 1 remake, which is coming to the PlayStation 5 and eventually PC. Now, however, the floodgates have well and truly opened.

Creative Options To Help Your Website Be More Accessible To Disabled Individuals

All too often, individuals with disabilities are unable to use the internet in ways that those without disabilities typically take for granted.

Rockstar Games job listings suggest GTA 6 will feature new accessibility options

New Rockstar Games job listings suggest that GTA 6 could have some highly-requested accessibility gameplay features and options.

How to Take Advantage of Windows 11's Improved Accessibility Tools

Windows 11 brings with it important new functions such as a new Accessibility menu that features updated options.

Change Management in Accessibility: Strategic Execution Framework

Note: This blog post is part five, our final post in a series on change management for accessibility. Read part 1, part 2, part 3, or part 4 to get caught.

How to Control a Mac Using the Voice Control Accessibility Feature

Voice Control is a powerful Accessibility feature built into macOS that lets you use your Mac without needing to touch it.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Neurodivgent people bring a lot to the workplace. Learn more in this toolkit.

Job boards aren't designed with disability in mind - and that needs to change

Today, a majority of the job search happens online. The problem is mainstream job boards and recruitment sites take a one-size-fits-all approach. They’re not designed with accessibility and disability in mind.

Learn Accessibility with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons

Take online accessibility courses from top schools and institutions. Learn about accessibility to advance your education and career with edX today!

UNICEF Accessibility Toolkit

Tools to apply universal design across premises and programmes and promote access for all.

Making Content Usable for People with Cognitive and Learning Disabilities

This document is for people who make web content (web pages) and web applications. It gives advice on how to make content usable for people with cognitive and learning disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to: cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities (LD), neurodiversity, intellectual disabilities, and specific learning disabilities.

At 32, ADA begins biting into digital divide

On the anniversary of the ADA, we reflect on its impact on nearly every facet of our lives – including technology. How much of the world’s population do you think was online 1990, when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed? Explore just how far digital accessibility has come in 32 years.

Why The Metaverse Needs Accessibility Testing

As metaverse experiences become more mainstream over the next few years, we must be mindful to avoid building those experiences with an outdated view of who the “typical” user might be.

Digital accessibility monitoring report - 2020-2021

The Web Accessibility Directive has been transposed to Luxembourg’s legislation in the law of 28 May 2019. It obliges the public sector to improve the accessibility of its websites and mobile applications in order to respect the norms stipulated by the EU directive.

Integrating Accessibility Into Key Business Processes

Why make accessibility part of your business process, and how to prioritize areas to review for DEIA strategic planning.

The volunteer-run bots that make Twitter more accessible

Alt text is essential for an accessible timeline.

Making Digital Experiences Accessible: Wins And Work Remaining

Many companies are contributing to the vision of a web where everyone can experience, enjoy and transact online without barriers. But we still have work to do.

Disability Protesters Gang of 19 Remembered in Denver

A memorial this week will honor the fortieth anniversary of the Gang of 19 protests, which broadened accessibility for the disabled in Denver and the U.S.

Fostering Inclusivity in the College Classroom: Looking Through a Universal Design for Learning Lens

Where can you start to ensure your course is practicing inclusivity and including Universal Design for Learning?

From Conception to Completion: How Lenovo's PDO Prioritizes Accessibility Through Every Stage of Pr…

Since its inception in 2020, Lenovo’s Product Diversity Office (PDO) has been the authority on embedding DE&I into our product design and development processes. I’ve had the great honor to preside over our PDO, watching it double in size since this time last year and vet 38 products within the last two quarters alone.

Auslan storytellers building accessibility from the ground up

Two artists speak about decolonisation strategies to empower Deaf communities and build an all-inclusive exhibition.

Travel and hospitality websites need most accessibility improvements, new research shows

Travel and hospitality businesses have failed to make it into the top 10 for the performance, accessibility and speed of their websites, according to new analysis of all FTSE 100 and 250 homepages by an expert team at Contensis.

More accessibility: the Tokyo Olympic legacy for people with disabilities

The Tokyo Olympics changed the lives of people with disabilities in the Japanese capital, who until a few years ago struggled due to the lack of disability-inclusive infrastructure, especially on the city’s public transport network.

Making the web accessible for all

SenseIT emulates how people with disabilities use apps and websites, and suggests adjustments that can open them up to everyone, whatever their capabilities.

Digital accessibility: how to improve it

Actions institutions can take to improve the digital accessibility of their websites and online materials and comply with relevant legislation, by Baba Sheba.

Digital accessibility | visitor attraction websites surveyed

Blooloop and Chris Winter conduct a survey into the digital accessibility of visitor attraction websites around the world.

Bangladesh: Submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Human Rights Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the Committee) ahead of its upcoming review of Bangladesh. This submission highlights areas of concern that Human Rights Watch hopes will inform the Committee’s consideration of the Bangladesh government’s compliance with its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

All-inclusive design: the accessible hotels leading the way

Accessibility is about much more than wheelchair ramps, says Juliet Kinsman, with new hotels from Leicester to the Maldives, leading the way.

The downside of digital transformation: why organisations must allow for those who can’t or won

Research shows a significant number of people still struggle with the digital transformation of government and business. But throwing more technology at the problem is not necessarily the answer.

I've Used A Wheelchair Since I Was 19. Why Don't I Need It In My Dreams?

Niamh has used a wheelchair for years — but in her dreams, she always sees herself walking with no help. Experts help explain why.

Nonprofit uses AI to make STEM materials more accessible

Benetech is in the research and development stage but plans to keep adding accessible equations and charts to ebooks available through Bookshare.

Blind man shares accessibility concerns on YouTube, gets city attention

Rochester's skyways come in handy during less than ideal weather conditions. But for those who are handicapped, some say the skyways aren't always a good thing.

Experience Columbus Launches New Accessibility Guide

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., an Experience Columbus summer ambassador, and Mark Leder enjoy biking outdoors in Columbus.

Twitter is improving its accessibility features – but there's more work to be done

Why is it off by default?

TikTok rolls out new accessibility and translation tools to bring its content to more users

TikTok announced today that it’s introducing new caption and translation tools to make its content more accessible for users around the world. The new updates will support an initial batch of languages, including English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish.

Misuse of Twitter’s Alt Text Feature Draws Criticism From Accessibility Advocates

Since Twitter expanded its alt text display option to all users in April, misuse of the feature has been rife, frustrating some users who depend on screen readers.

In Fight Against Ableism, Disabled Students Build Centers of Their Own

Disabled students on a growing number of campuses have created centers to fight for access, accommodations, and a place of belonging.

As many try to return to normal, disabled people face a different reality

With COVID safety protocols rescinding around the country, many are returning to a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy. But disabled and immunocompromised people can't do so, and are being left behind.

Sessions with STEVEN: Owning Your Superpowers (2022)

Steven McCoy, The First Black Male Legally Deaf-Blind Journalist in the United States gives speech “Sessions with STEVEN: Owning Your Superpowers” in Moore, Oklahoma.

The First Black Journalist With A Disability In The United States Makes History

Steven McCoy is making history by being the first journalist with a disability from New Jersey.

9 hand gestures easily misunderstood abroad

As we mentioned in our Non-verbal communication article, communication is as much about nonverbal cues as it is about talking. According to Professor Mehrabian "communication is only 7% verbal”. That means that the 93% of our communication (non-verbal) works unconsciously! So, this is where it becomes important to pay attention to our hands, as this just might save us a world of pain and embarrassment!

Home Office criticised after failing to secure BSL interpreter for emergency evacuation workshop

The Home Office has come under fire over the accessibility of its latest consultation workshops, after the department failed to secure a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter and left one disabled participant unable to share their views.

Laguna Honda Hospital Has 60 Days to Move Over 600 Patients Before It Shuts Down. It’s Only Place…

Laguna Honda Hospital opened up in 1866 to care for the city’s poor and indigent. Now over 150 years later, federal officials have threatened to shut the hospital, which operates as a skilled nursing facility, because of failed inspections prompted by two nonfatal drug overdoses that occurred onsite. In order to be recertified to operate, Laguna Honda must move out over 600 of its residents and has until September 13 to make that happen. So far, they have only moved 48 patients. What happened to the hospital and how will these patients be taken care of? We’ll discuss the ongoing situation at Laguna Honda and talk about what this situation says about how we care for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

'Eternals' star Lauren Ridloff, disabled creators assemble at Comic-Con: 'There's so much work to b…

"Eternals" and "Walking Dead" star Lauren Ridloff was one of five Hollywood creators with disabilities to speak on a panel Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Why tick-borne diseases have reached ‘epidemic proportions’

Infections have more than doubled in the U.S. since 2004, afflicting many patients with long-term memory problems, overwhelming fatigue, and even red-meat allergies.

Disability Inclusion Is Coming Soon to the Metaverse

The Unhidden project gives disabled people accurate avatars, so they can look like themselves in virtual worlds and across Web3.

Being a Filmmaker on the Autism Spectrum Presents Challenges – and Opportunities – of a Lifetime

The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain filmmaker David Midell on how being diagnosed recently changed the way he looks at his life and his work.

Klappe ab - Clin d'Oeil in Reims

In diesem Jahr feierte das Clin d'Oeil sein 10. Jubiläum. 2003 als kleines Festival gestartet, bespielt das Clin d'Oeil heute mit insgesamt über 20.000 Besucherinnen und Besuchern aus aller Welt ganz Reims. Das künstlerische Programm ist vielfältig und überwältigend.