I hid my disabilities at work. Now I know they don’t limit my worth. (washingtonpost.com)

I gradually learned my worth wasn’t determined by what I could “do,” and that it was more important to listen to my body and myself.

A Disability Advocacy Startup Strives To Model Its Own Mission (forbes.com)

Disability communities around the U.S. are getting to know a new advocacy organization, New Disabled South.

Nursing Shortage Puts Children With Disabilities At Risk, Spurs Calls For Change (disabilityscoop.com)

Finding nurses to care for children with disabilities at home has always been difficult, but the problem has worsened dramatically forcing kids to remain in hospitals or parents to manage on their own.

Everyday Hate and Affective Possibility: Disabled People's Negotiations of Space, Place and Identity (scienceopen.com)

Although a universal conceptualisation of disability hate crime does not exist, it is widely agreed that hate ‘hurts’ more than other types of crime. This paper explores the diverse affects of hate crime and the various ways that these experiences can harm those who are targeted. Moving beyond this, this article attends to the diverse ways that the affects of hate can come to shape disabled people's everyday navigations of their surrounding social worlds. In doing so, it opens up a space for recognising the unique ways that people navigate, negotiate and resist experiences of hate within their everyday lives. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to introduce a framework for thinking about ‘everyday hate and affective possibility’ within the everyday lives of disabled people. Drawing upon findings from a recently conducted research project, this article suggests that experiences of hate crime can open up particularly informed ways of knowing and being in the world.

Fashion scholarship launched for disabled students (posabilitymagazine.co.uk)

A scholarship programme worth £8,000 has been launched to encourage disabled people to pursue a career in fashion. Leading online retail marketplace dedicated to adaptive and inclusive fashion Adaptitsta, has partnered with the British Academy of Fashion Design to spearhead this incredible opportunity.

DecodeME (posabilitymagazine.co.uk)

Last issue Pippa Stacey explored the positive impact that the new research into ME/CFS would have on the thousands of people living with ME/CFS.

Edgar Triay: Serving deaf and hard of hearing people in Gibraltar (BSL) (limpingchicken.com)

I am a graduate from the University of Hertfordshire and I have been working for Gibtelecom Ltd – the largest telecommunications provider in Gibraltar – for over 22 years. At the age of 33 I was a victim of noise induced hearing damage after attending a pop music concert and since then have had chronic tinnitus. Now, at the age of 48 I have also developed hearing loss in my left ear and wear a hearing aid.

Disability abuse costs Australia economy billions (disabilityinsider.com)

The Royal Commission has published a research report titled Economic Cost of Violence, Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of People with Disability. It estimates that the economic costs of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation (maltreatment) of people living with disability is $46 billion annually, or $9,600 on average per person with disability.

What it Takes to Get DOBE Certified (diverseabilitymagazine.com)

Disability-owned businesses, or DOBEs, are a growing segment of the small business population.

Key Concerns for Critical Disability Studies (scienceopen.com)

The International Journal of Disability and Social Justice is a timely intervention into the interdisciplinary field of Disability Studies. Any new initiative, especially in a pre-existing and maturing field of inquiry, should encourage us all to think critically and reflexively about the key questions and issues that we should be grappling with today. This paper offers an inevitably partial take on some of the key concerns that we think scholars, activists and artists of Disability Studies should be engaging with. Everything we do these days takes place in the shadows cast by the global pandemic. While it is important to acknowledge the centrality of COVID-19 – and the threat this poses to the mind-bodies, politics and everyday realities of disabled people – we want to foreground some preoccupations, ideas and debates emerging from within the field of Disability Studies that will have resonance beyond the pandemic. We will begin the paper by offering a perspective on the contemporary nature and state of Disability Studies; suggesting that many of us are Critical Disability Studies thinkers now. Next, in order to narrow the focus of the discussion in this brief paper, we choose one emergent and popular theoretical orientation – posthuman Disability Studies. Then, we introduce and elaborate on four broad concerns that we think we should engage with; desire, alliances, non/humans and their implications for conceptualising social justice. Throughout the paper we will work through some of the power dynamics, questions of accountability and requirements for a generosity of engagement that these concerns provoke.

Andrew Crooks obituary (theguardian.com)

Other lives: Fierce campaigner and advocate for disability equality.

The gap between language and data (businessdisabilityforum.org.uk)

Disability workforce reporting and how the number of disabled people in organisations is hardly ever accurately reflected in workforce data stays on our agenda. A recent article in Practice Business by the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at NHS Employers reflects on this issue; he sees the same thing happening in the NHS’ Workforce Disability Equality Standard. Actually, most workplace data reporting benchmarks and frameworks see the same issue. BDF’s Disability Data Monitoring Working Group is now in its second year of working together and we are starting to wrap up our work together and will be publishing our findings and recommendations by the summer.

Deaf and Blind School team claims state title in STEM competition (eu.greatfallstribune.com)

Students attending classes at the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind have been selected as Montana's winning team in the Samsung STEM competition.

5 Helpful Resources for Teaching Students Disability History (weareteachers.com)

Help kids recognize disability history as everyone's history.

Who Are Real Simple's 2023 Game Changers? (realsimple.com)

Meet a trailblazing Alzheimer's researcher, a barrier-busting ballerina, a principled chef feeding those in need, and other people doing great work.

African Union, UNESCO call leaders to prioritize equal opportunity in education (disabilityinsider.com)

UNESCO and the African Union urge governments in Africa to place equity at the heart of education policy, to ensure that all children and youth on the continent have access to quality education.

The people suing the government over the NDIS (theguardian.com)

Reporter Paul Karp explores the impending class action that will allege the National Disability Insurance Scheme is discriminatory, and proposed lead plaintiff Helen Bonynge describes the impact of being locked out of the NDIS

‘We have to fight’: the over-65s challenging NDIS age exclusions (theguardian.com)

Exclusive: Plaintiffs in class action speak out against rules barring them from scheme based on age and area they lived.

News Roundup: It Took 1,000+ Calls to Buy Disabled Concert Tickets and more - Wheelchair Travel (wheelchairtravel.org)

Latest accessible travel news: class-action lawsuit against city for homeless camps, unused wheelchair seats at sporting events and more.

OER Accessibility Toolkit (open.ubc.ca)

How to make your work a truly open and accessible educational resource — one that is accessible for all students.

Beyond 6 Seconds: Tourette’s advocacy on TikTok – with Monica Nguyen (sites.libsyn.com)

Note: This episode contains occasional swearing (coprolalia). Monica Nguyen is a 20-year-old disability advocate who lives in Sydney, Australia. Monica began sharing her experiences online after facing a lot of discrimination from people who don’t understand her Tourette Syndrome. Her goal is to inspire, educate and empower. During this episode, you will hear Monica talk about: What her life has been like with Tourette’s, as someone living in Australia who is part of a Vietnamese family The discrimination she’s faced in public because of her tics and coprolalia, including a confrontation at a train station that compelled her to start sharing her life experiences with Tourette’s online The positive community she has built on TikTok by creating videos about her life with Tourette’s The goals she has for her advocacy Follow Monica on TikTok and Instagram . This episode features a promo from the Psychocinematic podcast, which discusses the representation of disability and mental health conditions in film and TV. Listen to Psychocinematic at or on your favorite podcast app. Support this podcast at B and get a shout-out on a future episode! Disclaimer: The views, guidance, opinions, and thoughts expressed in Beyond 6 Seconds episodes are solely mine and/or those of my guests, and do not necessarily represent those of my employer or other organizations.

Blue Badge Access Awards Are Here Again - Celebrating Great Accessibility & Rewarding New Innovations With £20k (bluebadgestyle.com)

Or a person or organisation that has thoughtful, design led or stylish approaches to accessibility? If yes then why not nominate for a Blue Badge Access Award or enter the Design Competition that has a prize fund of £20k and is rewarding innovations for ‘disabled guests’. Last year the ramp at St Pauls and Centaur Robotics both won prizes.

How North Texas theaters can make performances more accessible to the deaf (keranews.org)

Two specialists from Dallas’ Deaf Action Center share what theaters can do to be more inclusive of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Biden Administration Proposes Big Change To Benefits For People With Disabilities (huffpost.com)

Supplemental Security Income recipients could receive meals or groceries without the government cutting their benefits.

How Accessible Is Your Polling Place? Elections Board Shares More Detailed Info On Each Site (blockclubchicago.org)

The election's 932 polling places are now broken down into four tiers: high accessibility, medium accessibility, low-to-no accessibility and unknown.

Henri's Cloud Nine class action claims website not accessible to blind, visually impaired visitors (topclassactions.com)

Henri’s Cloud Nine LLC operates a website that is not accessible to blind and visually-impaired customers, a class action lawsuit alleges.

2022 Website ADA Lawsuit Statistics Summary: Accessibility.Works (accessibility.works)

Key findings from 3 reports on 2022 web-related ADA lawsuits in the US

Disabled Hotel Website Tester Has Standing to Sue, 4th Cir. Says (news.bloomberglaw.com)

A woman who tests hotel websites for compliance with federal disability law has standing to sue a hotel she doesn’t imminently plan to visit, the Fourth Circuit said Wednesday, weighing in on a circuit split.

Kate Spade Website Customer’s Disability Bias Suit Advances (news.bloomberglaw.com)

A visually impaired shopper got the go-ahead for a proposed class action under the Americans with Disabilities Act, alleging Tapestry Inc. failed to make its Kate Spade website accessible to sight-impaired customers.

Making Mardi Gras accessible: How Krewe of King Arthur accommodates for riders with disabilities (wrkf.org)

Today on Louisiana Considered, we learn how one Mardi Gras krewe is committed to making floats and parades more accessible for riders with disabilities. Plus, we get a political update from Stephanie Grace and say goodbye to our news director Patrick Madden.

Website accessibility lawsuits account for large percentage of ADA claims (norcalrecord.com)

Even as serial ADA lawsuit claims have faced pushback, case numbers still are climbing, with an estimated 12 percent rise in 2022 compared to the year prior.

ADA Title III Federal Lawsuits Numbers Are Down But Likely To Rebound in 2023 (adatitleiii.com)

Seyfarth Synopsis: The number of ADA Title III lawsuits filed in federal court dropped by 24 percent, the lowest since 2017, and California is no longer the epicenter.

Blind Software Engineer Expanded Access to Braille (wsj.com)

John J. Boyer, who died at age 86, produced programs that help to translate text into braille, create braille textbooks and ease reading of material displayed on computers.

Alt text, plain language and more listening: how to address accessibility in news (reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk)

“Open communication channels, but do your own research too,” says Holden Foreman, the first accessibility engineer at the Washington Post.

How to boost accessibility, according to The Washington Post's first accessibility engineer (technical.ly)

Holden Foreman is the first person at the media conglomerate to hold the title. He has some suggestions for other engineers and designers.

Kalamazoo, Holland, other cities to make rail stations ADA compliant after settlement (mlive.com)

The locations will need to make their intercity rail stations accessible, including modifying restrooms among other areas not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Mexico passes bill to support persons with disabilities and older people (disabilityinsider.com)

A proposal to eliminate legal guardianship for people with disabilities and older people in Mexico City will be presented to Mexico City Congress on February 16, 2023, in what could be a landmark move for human rights, Human Rights Watch and other rights groups said Feb 15.

Call for applications: External Evaluation for the European Disability Forum 2023 (edf-feph.org)

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is a non-governmental European umbrella organisation set up to represent organisations of persons with disabilities at EU level. EDF promotes the rights of 100 million Europeans with disabilities. EDF is a unique platform which brings together representative organisation of persons with disabilities from across Europe. EDF is run by persons with disabilities and their families. We are a front runner for disability rights. We are a strong, united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe.

I’m a Covid researcher – and I have long Covid. That’s why I have to be part of the fight against it (theguardian.com)

I am one of two million sufferers in the UK. When I read new studies, I am also trying to understand what’s going on in my legs, says biologist Stephanie Longet.

Senators Want Disability Complaints Against Airlines Made Public (disabilityscoop.com)

As airlines face more disability-related complaints, new legislation would ensure that the public knows about the problems travelers with disabilities are encountering and how they're resolved.

Experience: I have to spend my life lying horizontally (theguardian.com)

My brain sinks into my skull when I stand or sit up. It’s agony.

Standard or Extended Audio Description: Which Do You Need? (3playmedia.com)

Audio description needs vary case by case. Depending on the nature of a video, it'll require either standard or extended audio description.

“Supreme Models” Review: A Celebration of Trailblazing Black Models (respectability.org)

Supreme Models spills the tea on the fashion industry, from the Battle of Versailles to the unspoken “Blackout” that attempted to erase black models from the runway.

Making a Decision on Moving Our Grown Child to Residential Care (themighty.com)

"The decision was a uniquely personal one. We planned what will ultimately be the best for our daughter. This, to me, is the truest representation of the power of parental love."

Fun and Suspenseful “Quick Trip” Shows Filmmaker Erika Ellis’s Potential (respectability.org)

In Quick Trip, Erika Ellis takes on different roles as a writer and director of a three-minute thriller that ends in a sharp plot twist.

Mental health of people with intellectual disabilities and family members (inclusion-europe.eu)

For people with intellectual disabilities, mental health is typically both neglected, and misused for their segregation.

Forbes EQ BrandVoice: Disability Accessibility Should Not Be An Afterthought In 2023 (forbes.com)

Businesses throughout the U.S. are making progress with their DEI initiatives, but accessibility for people with disabilities is frequently ranked low on the priority list, despite the fact that organizations that get disability accessibility right are well-positioned to experience windfalls.

Rihanna's Super Bowl ASL Interpreter Goes Viral for Performance (etonline.com)

The 20-year-old ASL interpreter made history as the first deaf female to perform at the Super Bowl.

On Self-Love, Justice, and Empowerment: Interview with Tameka Citchen-Spruce (respectability.org)

“We are fighting against injustice, we can make the changes we want to see in society, and we can also empower people to find a purpose.”

Cooptation: Using Horror to Comment on Colorism (respectability.org)

Film follows an African American woman determined to fit into society’s beauty standards by using a new beauty product with deadly consequences.

Legoland Becoming Autism Certified (diverseabilitymagazine.com)

More theme parks across the nation are taking additional steps to make visits easier for people with autism and other disabilities.

"Black Excellence" - A Celebration of Black Disabled Filmmakers (respectability.org)

A conversation with Black and Disabled filmmakers in our network who will discuss their film work and creative careers.

Oreo: Four Women’s Stories Exploring Black Identity and Nonconformity (respectability.org)

Cashmere Jasmine's short film "Oreo" explores identity and nonconformity through four different black women's experiences.

Magic Pavement: “The Crossroad” Short Film Review (respectability.org)

The most ordinary of streets, for director Nikki Bailey, can be the genesis for something unsettling and completely magical.

Lack of Accommodations Forced Me to Leave Law School (themighty.com)

"It was discriminatory and unfair. Even illegal to refuse reasonable accommodations. The catch? The loopholes in the ADA allow for religious institutions to be exempt."

Science accessible for all - ScienceOpen Blog (blog.scienceopen.com)

Since its creation, ScienceOpen has focused its efforts towards a more open and accessible publishing environment for all. By promoting open science, innovative infrastructure and tools that facilitate scientific communication and exchange, we have successfully managed to bridge many gaps in the digital publishing landscape and continue to do so.

Disability Culture Club | Kultura Collective (kulturacollective.com)

Each month, we will gather online for a relaxed conversation about a subject or media text relating to disability culture.

Access / Intimacy (rietveldacademie.nl)

Studium Generale Rietveld Academie presents, weekly on Wednesday afternoons at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam: talks and performances from 14:00—15:30 hrs in the Fedlev auditorium (Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam).

You Alright, Fam? A Community Conversation about Black Mental Health (disabilitylead.org)

This program is a collaboration among Disability Lead, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, UIC's Disability Cultural Center, and the Disabled People of Color Coalition. Hear our panelists discuss common topics centered around mental health. Is it possible to receive trauma-informed, culturally relevant care? How does grief shape our lives and mental health? Is postpartum depression/anxiety/psychosis common, and what are ways to cope while experiencing it? These questions are all discussed by our panelists, who represent professionals, academics, and persons with lived experience in mental health.

Arts and Disability Forum: Disability as Identity (mrac.org)

What does it mean to identify as “disabled”? What about “person with a disability/disabilities”? How does it feel when others ascribe that label to you? What would it mean to claim it?

"Goodbye Tiger, Hello Rabbit: Disabled Asian Youth in Conversation" (sfsu.zoom.us)

With Melissa Shang, Shruti Rajkumar, and Shaina Kaur Ghuraya(moderator). February 22nd, 5pm-6pm. Part of a series of community conversations with writers and creatives to celebrate Alice Wong’s new memoir, "Year of the Tiger." ASL and CART available.

Book Talk: The Architecture of Disability - Calendar (calendar.aiany.org)

By re-contextualizing the history of architecture through the discourse of disability, David Gissen's recent book The Architecture of Disability Buildings, Cities, and Landscapes beyond Access (University of Minnesota Press, 2022) presents a unique challenge to current modes of architectural practice, theory, and education. Envisioning architecture that fully integrates disabled persons into its production, it advocates for looking beyond traditional notions of accessibility and shows how certain incapacities can help to positively reimagine the roots of architecture.

The new disability media (ucsc.zoom.us)

Film Quarterly explores new directions in disability film and media in a two-part webinar discussing its special dossier "The New Disability Media" (Winter 2022) co-presented with NYU’s Center for Disability Studies and Center for Media, Culture & History. On February 10th and February 24th at 1pm ET, dossier co-editors B. Ruby Rich (Film Quarterly), Faye Ginsburg (NYU) and Lawrence Carter-Long (DisArt) will moderate conversations with the dossier's scholars and filmmakers on exciting developments in disability film and media.

[email protected] - The Feminist Art Project (feministartproject.rutgers.edu)

Since 2007, the [email protected] Day of Panels have brought together exceptional groups of artists, art historians, curators, and critics for a free and open to the public day of dialogue during the annual College Art Association (CAA) Conferences. CAA has been a founding program partner of The Feminist Art Project since its inception in 2005. TFAP became an Affiliated Society of CAA in 2016. We are grateful for CAA’s generosity in providing meeting rooms, publicity, technical support, and assistance that gives greater visibility throughout the conference week to women artists, feminist concerns, and supports the mission of TFAP. Additionally, TFAP collaborates with CAA’s Committee on Women in the Arts.

Alice Sheppard: Moving Architecture: Architecting Movement (eventbrite.com)

During 2022-2023, the Jefferson Humanities Forum hosts multidisciplinary scholars and thinkers to investigate the theme of Repair.

Art boundless: British Council's art fest to break barriers in Istanbul (dailysabah.com)

Türkiye's British Council will present the inclusive arts festival 'Unlimited Forum' in Istanbul, showcasing works by disabled artists, cultural professionals and art institutions from Türkiye, the U.K. and the wider European region, while improving the mindsets of arts and culture professionals about accessibility and inclusion.

Black, queer, disabled self-love is a necessary act of rebellion and healing Danie Ocean Bio (broadstreetreview.com)

Writer and musician Danie Ocean Jackson has learned how hard it can be to sense the world from the inside out rather than the outside in, but it’s more necessary than ever.

Author looks at how people with disabilities can improve urban spaces (ny1.com)

David Gissen had his leg amputated in the 1990s.

The Architecture of Disability (upress.umn.edu)

A radical critique of architecture that places disability at the heart of the built environment.

RAW Anthology (rawanthology.com)

Welcome to the digital launch of the first ever Race & Disability Anthology!

Self_Saboteur (selfsaboteur.bigcartel.com)

Zines, stickers & cards exploring south-asian diaspora problems and disability musings.

EFA Project Space (projectspace-efanyc.org)

Since its inception in 2010, SHIFT residency has been providing peer support, mentoring, and studio space for over eighty artists who work in arts organizations (as curators, educators, administrators, etc.) to boost their personal creative practices. SHIFT recognizes the contribution of arts workers to the art community, and for whom their livelihood is a passion and responsibility, demanding attentiveness and creativity. The SHIFT residency honors these artists’ commitment to the arts community with a supportive environment to revitalize their creative practices.

Jason Wilsher-Mills Brings His Inflatable Sculpture and Mixed Media Art to Gracefield Arts Centre (dgwgo.com)

Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries presents an exciting free exhibition by one of the UK’s leading disabled artists, Jason Wilsher-Mills. From now until April 22nd, the exhibition showcases Wilsher-Mills’ amazing inflatable sculpture and mixed media art.

5 Helpful Resources for Teaching Students Disability History (weareteachers.com)

Help kids recognize disability history as everyone's history.

Can a museum embody environmental justice? (theguardian.com)

Storm King, the celebrated outdoor sculpture collection in upstate New York, is overhauling itself in a bid to improve accessibility and landscape protection.

Skin, Tooth, and Bone: A Disability Justice Primer (sinsinvalid.org)

The Recently released Second Edition of Skin, Tooth, and Bone: The Basis of Movement is Our People is a Disability Justice Primer based in the work of Patty Berne and Sins Invalid. The Disability Justice Primer offers concrete suggestions for moving beyond the socialization of ableism, such as mobilizing against police violence, how to commit to mixed ability organizing, and access suggestions for events. Skin, Tooth, and Bone offers analysis, history and context for the growing Disability Justice Movement. The Second Edition includes the addition of a section on Audism and Deafhood written and edited by members of the D/deaf community, and a Call to Action from Survivors of Environmental Injury, as well as disability justice timelines, an extensive glossary, and a resource list for learning more. Visit our store to purchase a downloadable interactive PDF or hard copy that you can hold in your hands!

Rick Scott Drops Social Security From Plan as G.O.P. Retreats From Entitlement Cuts (nytimes.com)

The backtracking by the Florida Republican came after bipartisan criticism and signaled how completely the G.O.P. has pulled away from calls to overhaul the nation’s entitlement programs.

More just legal system: Alabama bill to change the way criminals with intellectual disabilities are tried (original.newsbreak.com)

Alabama lawmakers are considering a new bill to change how criminals are tried in the state. The bill would update the definition of what it means to be an "intellectually disabled person" and give defendants a chance to provide more evidence of their intellectual disability. This bill is aimed at making the legal system fairer for everyone involved.

People with disabilities 'need action rather than committees', says Ombudsman (irishexaminer.com)

Personal transport supports for people with disabilities are inadequate, unfair, and inequitable, Ombudsman Ger Deering told the Oireachtas committee on autism.

New bill aims to improve transparency around disability-related air travel complaints (thehill.com)

The number of air travel disability-related complaints rose by 157 percent from 2020 to 2021.

3 types of normal forgetting and one that isn’t (abilities.ca)

To be human is to forget things. But you’ve probably wondered: “When is forgetting normal, and when is it not?” Here are four examples… Forgetting where you parked Not remembering where you parked because you didn’t pay attention is normal and different than what happens with Alzheimer’s.

Comedian Ray Bradshaw on reaching both deaf and hearing audiences (BSL) (limpingchicken.com)

“Sign language is sexy just now,” opines comedian Ray Bradshaw over Zoom from Perth, Australia, where he completed two weeks of gigs for the local fringe festival earlier this month.

New research reveals persons with disabilities needed for disability services (disabilityinsider.com)

New research has found many Australian disability services do not employ any people with disabilities and missing out on developing lived experience leaders in this space who have the potential to shape the sector.

'Alzheimer's disease driven by diet': Scientists suggest sugar cravings fuel dementia (studyfinds.org)

An ancient human survival instinct embedded deep within our brains may be driving dementia onset thanks to our cravings for sugary drinks.

New initiatives put accessibility on the big screen (theithacan.org)

In an effort to bring in prospective moviegoers following the COVID-19 pandemic, Cinemapolis has implemented new accessibility-focused initiatives.

Guide dog users say they face ‘tiresome’ discrimination in rideshares and travel (wgbh.org)

"It doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot easier to advocate for access," says one guide dog user.

10 of the loveliest disabled-friendly Airbnbs with accessible features (countryliving.com)

From quirky cabins to sprawling beach houses.

9 Dreamy Wheelchair-Accessible Airbnbs, From a North Carolina Log Cabin to a Villa in Sicily (cntraveler.com)

From a cozy North Carolina log cabin to a Sicily villa with a view, they have features such as wide, step-free entrances, grab bars, and more.

Disabled woman made 1,000 calls for Ed Sheeran tickets (bbc.com)

Why is it still so hard for disabled people to have easy online access to event tickets in 2023?

Her daughter couldn't access the park in a wheelchair, so a Quebec mom proposed a solution (cbc.ca)

After a car crash left her daughter with limited mobility, Nathalie Thibeault called up her local park in Coaticook, Que., with what she calls a “crazy idea.”

Whitethorn Games highlights accessibility during Winter Showcase - Can I Play That? (caniplaythat.com)

Indie publisher Whitethorn Games highlighted the accessibility of released and upcoming titles in their Winter Showcase.

Four English councils bring half of legal actions for blue badge misuse (theguardian.com)

Two-thirds of local authorities did not prosecute anyone for disabled parking scheme fraud, data reveals.

Warum Lukas Krämer Deutschland den Rücken kehrte (kobinet-nachrichten.org)

"Warum Lukas Krämer Deutschland den Rücken kehrte", so lautet der Titel der aktuellen Episode des Podcast Inklusion Ganz Einfach Leben (IGEL). Sascha Lang, der Macher des IGEL-Podcast sprach mit Lukas Krämer, der sich seit vielen Jahren gegen die Ausbeutung in Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen wehrt und nun nach Japan ausgewandert ist.

Future-proofing programs to support families and children (disabilityinsider.com)

The Albanese Labor Government has continued its commitment to improving the lives of families and children by providing long-term funding certainty for the Children and Parenting Support (CaPS) and Budget Based Funded (BBF) programs.

Helping flood-affected communities reconnect (disabilityinsider.com)

The Andrews Labor Government is helping Neighbourhood Houses and Men’s Sheds in flood-affected communities repair damage caused by the devastating events of last October and November.

What’s new in TalkBack 13.1 (support.google.com)

Your experience with TalkBack 13.1 is improved with the following.

Developer accessibility resources (learn.microsoft.com)

Resources for developers to help in creating accessible experiences.

The Tech That Helps Blind People Stream The Latest Hit Shows (theaddition.substack.com)

Listen now (36 min) | There are improvements helping to make more content available to more people.

Disabled Students Survey brings new insights into the experiences of students across higher education in the UK (disabilityinnovation.com)

The GDI Hub brings together academic excellence, innovative practice and co-creation; harnessing the power of technology for good.

Rates of Autism Increase, but Numbers Don't Paint the Full Picture (aucd.org)

Headlines over the past 20 years have signaled ever-increasing recognition of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Now, in a new article published in Autism, IDDRC network researchers describe their own estimates of how many children across Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's (CHOP) Primary Care Network have been diagnosed with ASD. What they found highlights the importance of tracking and unpacking the numbers of diagnoses to identify areas for continued improvement.

Finally! Live Captions on iPhone (hearinghealthmatters.org)

For years I carried a spare Android phone in my purse so I could access its excellent auto-caption capability—at first via an app called Live Transcribe but later it was incorporated into the operating system.

Bring visual accessibility into focus with tools, workplace culture (investmentnews.com)

Financial services companies need to focus on visual accessibility, ensuring that people who are visually disabled to access the material.

University of Central Lancashire is making sure students can keep learning in any language, including BSL (news.microsoft.com)

The university wanted to ensure online lessons were accessible, so they asked British Sign Language interpreters to sign content in real time.

Self-Service Pickup Lockers – How to make your locker kiosks accessible (tpgi.com)

Learn how self-service pickup lockers are a type of kiosk and how they can be made accessible.

AI-Generated Images from AI-Generated Prompts (adrianroselli.com)

As the world’s leading expert on a people-first approach to computer vision, I am dedicated to providing insights that enable designers, developers, and copywriters to create accessible images at the highest possible velocity. A velocity so high, in fact, you can almost hear the point whistling over their head, like this self-aggrandizing intro.

JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver Braille Viewers (adrianroselli.com)

All this post does is show how to enable the Braille display emulators in JAWS and VoiceOver. This can be handy when testing issues reported by users and you do not have a Braille display handy, though this is really only handy for sighted readers. In no way is this post meant to suggest you can replace Braille display testing with these emulators.

Comparing Manual and Free Automated WCAG Reviews (adrianroselli.com)

Automated accessibility testing tools cannot test 100% of WCAG. This position is not controversi