In Our Tech Reckoning, People with Disab ...

In Our Tech Reckoning, People with Disabilities are Demanding a Reckoning of their Own

Jan 27, 2022

In Our Tech Reckoning, People with Disabilities are Demanding a Reckoning of their Own

Technology should create opportunity for people with disabilities, not deny it, say Maria Town and Alexandra Reeve Givens.

Pandemic Accommodations Proved We Can Vastly Expand Disability Access If We Try

Significant accommodations were offered once the pandemic started affecting the capitalist class.

#MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy highlights disability community's pandemic frustrations

The hashtag went viral following an interview with CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

Asian Americans with disabilities are often overlooked. A new youth-led group aims to change that

The Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative wants to provide the next generation of leaders with resources to help combat cultural stigma, anti-Asian racism and ableism.

Humanitarian Crisis And Neglect In Afghanistan Puts People With Disabilities At Risk

The Taliban’s continued restrictions on human rights, lack of effective governance, and the ensuing economic collapse are threatening the human rights and wellbeing of people with disabilities in Afghanistan.

Mindset Matters: What Businesses Seem To Miss About The Nature Of Accessibility

This column continues to look at the trend lines of the Disability Economy with an emphasis on the broader impact on Accessibility and redefining its very definition across the business, social, and cultural landscape.

Tracking The Trend Lines Of The Disability Economy And Its Meaning To The Business Landscape Of The…

This column is the first in a series to focus on the changing trend lines across the Disability Economy and its impact across various market segments from fashion to technology and beyond.

Marketing accessibility – 10 known and less known tips and tricks

In this article, we break down 10 known and less known accessibility tips and tricks focused on marketers.

Designing for Accessibility: An Expectation, Not an Afterthought

Sometimes, the accessibility needs of learners are obvious (e.g., vision or hearing impairment), but often people have more nuanced needs.

Harvard University

An accessible world is a better world for everyone.

Instagram Pulls Ads By Mental Health Startup Cerebral For Violating Its Rules

Cerebral, which raised $300 million at a $4.8 billion valuation in December, ran more than 30 ads over the past few weeks showing a young woman surrounded by food and overeating.

‘WelcoMe’ app aims to improve experience for people with disabilities attending sports venues

People with disabilities in Salford, UK, can now experience stress-free visits to sports and leisure facilities, thanks to a new app called ‘WelcoMe’.

Unlocked: the best beauty products for people with reduced mobility

From easy-to-open moisturisers to clever makeup brushes, there is a range of products that suit people who have difficulties using their hands.

Parents with disabilities swear by these helpful products

These useful devices can make raising children more manageable.

I can't use my arms—here's how tech makes life easier

Technology is life-changing for people with disabilities and the aging.

Multimedia Accessibility: I Hear and Read What You See!

If I ask one of my friends to watch a video closing his eyes and explain the info, naturally, he/she would ask “Are you out of mind”? I know it’s weird to do so. But every day people who are blind watch videos like that and it is not weird for them.

Twitch streamers campaign for Disability Pride Month

Twitch streamers have begun campaigning for a Disability Pride Month on the platform.

YouTuber’s open-source 3D printed PS5 DualSense attachment allows accessible one-handed play

A YouTuber has created a 3D printed adapter for the PS5 DualSense controller that enables users to play games one-handed.

Google Stadia review: Accessible for disabled players

Stadia could become the best gaming service for accessibility.

Australian Open: Action Audio brings tennis to blind and visually impaired fans

Tennis Australia is focused on making the game as accessible as possible, rolling out an audio tool to help the blind and visually impaired get more from a match.

When People Say That My Explanations Are Excuses as an Autistic Person

Does this happen to you?

When Chronic Illness Changes Your Plans as a Young Adult

"It's not what I planned, but it's my new reality."

Why is it hard for Parents to let go of their kids?

In recent years, there is something that I have been noticing when it comes to my own parents. The more I try to grow my business and expand (which involves travel for in person services), the more they somewhat resist. This to me is a sign that no matter how old I get, the more they don’t want to let go of me to an extent.

Memories of office life: at 20 and blind, my workmates pranked me mercilessly – and I loved it

The first time I worked in an office, I was the boss of a group of sceptical youngsters. They looked for my weak spots – then became my first full-sighted friends.

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