Include Disabled People When Designing Accessible Architecture

"Many facilities that claim to be 'accessible' aren't."

Stop Infantilizing Disabled People

"If your 'compliment' has the words 'someone like you' in it at some point, do not say it."

Approach Pride Month With Authenticity, Empathy and Creativity

Happy Pride! Brands have not always done the best job talking about Pride in their marketing campaigns. Let’s talk about how we can change that.

Autism Acceptance Month vs Autism Awareness Month

What is the difference between Autism Acceptance Month and Autism Awareness Month? And could be wrong with a campaign increasing awareness of autism?

Changing Places Awareness Day

Today is Changing Places awareness day and we are sharing how you can search for a Changing Places toilet on our website, what portable Changing Places toilets are available and much more.

Why is Endometriosis Often Ignored? Symptoms and Treatment, Explained

Nearly one in 10 women experiences the chronic pain of endometriosis, but for many the symptoms are dismissed. Why is this still happening?

Head Above Water By Shahd Alshammari

Our writer Raya Al-Jadir gives us a book review of Head Above Water and got the opportunity to interview Shahd Alshammari about the book and her experiences behind it.

Using a mobility aid is more helpful than hindering

The main benefit in using your mobility aid is the reduction of your individual pain and suffering. Disabled people who refuse to use mobility aids perpetuate a cycle that risks increasing their own pain and exhaustion.

Stopping the use of EU funds to support institutionalisation and segregation

Since 2011 the European Union is party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Article 19 on Living independently and living in the community recognises the right of all persons with disabilities to live in the community, with choices equal to others … the opportunity to choose their place of residence and where and with whom they live on an equal basis with others and not being obliged to live in a particular living arrangement.

Dave Dame – Director of Accessibility

In his role as Director of Accessibility, Dave is leading the accessibility portfolio for Surface Products aligning with Windows and product innovation roadmaps to empower users of all abilities.

Exploring Barriers in XR

XR and the metaverse introduces a whole new realm for users to explore; It brings new barriers and opportunities.

Uber to pay millions to settle lawsuit for overcharging passengers with disabilities

Uber has agreed to pay millions to settle the U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit for overcharging passengers with disabilities.

Children with autism may not always ‘see’ body language, study finds

Noticing and understanding what it means when a person leans into a conversation or takes a step back and crosses their arms is a vital part of human communication. Researchers at the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rochester have found that children with autism spectrum disorder may not always process body movements effectively, especially if they are distracted by something else.

Meet the Google Dealmaker Advocating for Disabled Workers

Patrick Schilling is an advocate for disabled staff’ rights within the office. 4 years into his profession at Google, Schilling shared his experiences.

How Older Mentors Can Help Families of Children With Disabilities

"There is much wisdom and gratitude to learn."

Preparing for the parenting life when you have a disability

Welcoming a baby into the world means you’re embarking on the most rewarding journey possible. With that said, it will also be one of your most challenging journeys. And if you’re coming into a situation with a disability, you might encounter unique obstacles.

Can I Play That? - For Disabled Gamers, By Disabled Gamers

Can I Play That provides accessibility focused game reviews and news. For Disabled Gamers, By Disabled Gamers.

Why are we desperate to catch disabled people 'faking it'?

“It’s easier to imagine that a subsection of society fakes illness, than to deal with the reality: that one in five of us is disabled. That good people get sick, for no rhyme or reason? That’s a harder story to stomach.”

Watch Ill, Actually online

A short documentary exploring the challenges of being young and chronically ill in a carefully curated online culture. When you’re too ill for IRL, where do you turn?

As a disabled person, I now expect to be treated poorly in airports

The attendant wheeled me reluctantly through security. Then suddenly, he disappeared, leaving me in the corner of the airport, my wheelchair facing a wall.

Cripple Punk: The Disabled Young People Smashing Ableism

Spiked wheelchairs, studs and cigarettes – cpunk is about rejecting society's "inspiration porn" narrative of physical disability.

TODAY SHOW LA interviews Abilities Expo Chairman David Korse & the 40 year community history

the Abilities Expo Chairman, as our guest. Today, we have the privilage to have David Korse, the Abilities Expo Chairman, as our guest. As we all know, for nearly 40 years, Abilities Expo has been the go-to source for the Community of people with disabilities, their families, seniors, veterans and healthcare professionals. Every event opens your eyes to new technologies, new possibilities, new solutions and new opportunities to change your life. To know more, stay tuned. As usual, drop us a like, share and enjoy the video. Thanks.

2022 Disability Unite Festival on Vimeo

2022 Disability Unite Festival Performers (in order of appearance): Wheelchair Sports Camp, Gaelynn Lea, BEAT Global, John Bramblitt, Lachi, and Blessing Offor, with MC Lawrence Carter-Long.

Everyone Deserves a Meaningful Life!

Autistic individuals can lead meaningful, rich lives. Move beyond the idea of autism awareness or acceptance and find out how you can support children, teens, and adults in building satisfying lives through richer school experiences, exploring new activities with their families, and giving back to their communities.

Josh Sundquist Puts Best Foot Forward on Apple TV+

Best Foot Forward, Josh Sundquist's new series on on Apple TV+, breaks new ground in disability representation and storytelling, both on camera and behind the scenes.

Will fertility doctors protect IVF even if it means crafting an abortion ban?

Reproductive endocrinologists are joining the abortion rights movement to protect IVF and fertility care. But would they help write laws to ban abortions if it meant saving IVF?

This Ohio City Just Launched an Accessibility Guide for Visitors With Disabilities

The Columbus guide includes more than 20 attractions, restaurants (including outdoor options), hotels, and transportation options.

Long COVID is a disability. It shouldn’t be this hard to get benefits

Some estimates put the number of Americans with long COVID as high as 23 million. That is staggering.

Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe freezes adoption of Additional Protocol to the Ovie…

Joint statement welcoming the suspension of the adoption of the draft Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention.

I had amazing customer service at Mac Cosmetics

It’s so great when people take a little extra time to help your girl out! I wish this was more common than it is.

100 days: Ukrainians with intellectual disabilities and their families surviving the war

100 days: Ukrainians with intellectual disabilities and their families surviving the war. Their experience, their needs now and in near future.

A summer that never came by Jyrki Pinomaa

An article written by the president of Inclusion Europe Jyrki Pinomaa about the birth of his son and how it affected their lives.

Downs Side Up: SEND in the Experts Podcast: Downs Side Up interviewed

"A lot of parents have fought very hard for our children to have access to mainstream school over the years. And I think there is an unspoken... perhaps... feeling that we are letting the side down if we put our children in specialist setting. It's such a personal decision and it is whatever is in the child's best interest"

Tech journalism’s accessibility problem

Accessibility tech is a massive beat, and almost nobody is covering it.

Why we need to stop saying crazy woman

We all need to stop saying 'crazy woman.' By calling someone crazy, the implication is that they are separate and somehow entirely different from you. But they're not.

Always reboot: the chronic illness of long Covid

This person story by Ethel Khanis describes how the author feels like that old, clunky, overheating, 10-pound laptop as they navigate the world with the chronic illness of long Covid.

The McManus Art Gallery & Museum Dundee | A Wheelchair Accessible Guide

Dundee is known as the City of Discovery packed with history and interesting things to see and do. Keen to make our own discoveries, we headed off for a day trip to the city with a visit to The McManus Art Gallery & Museum Dundee. It was a great day and I’m now excited to share this wheelchair accessible review of my visit.

Liberty Festival: A FREE 3-day Festival By Disabled Artists

Check out the accessible and FREE Liberty Festival in London with a range of events by D/deaf, disabled and neurodiverse artists.

Liam O’Dell: Why I co-created a Twitter bot for BSL interpreter requests

Not all social media bots are bad. For those of you who – like me – are avid Twitter users, you’ll have probably used one already courtesy of @HeadlinerClip. In the absence of a properly captioned video, the bot shares a copy with automatically generated captions. Granted, auto-captions are never a replacement for top quality manual captions, but it’s a fine example of some computer code making the internet a bit more accessible for us Deaf folks.

Broken elevators, temporalities of breakdown, and open data: how wheelchair mobility, social media…

This paper analyzes the significance of disability for urban mobility assemblages by focusing on the uneven encounters of public transport infrastructures, wheelchairs and their users by connecting media studies, STS, and Dis/Ability Studies. The particular focus of this article is how knowledge and lived experiences concerning wheelchair mobility are related to dysfunctional media infrastructure spaces and their translation to social media activism as well as open data practices. In my analysis, I particularly focus on access work by initiatives in Berlin, Germany, towards inclusive mobile technologies and platforms (Elevate Project) and their potential impact on the field of dis/abling mobilities. The analysis suggests that wheelchair mobility is implemented in urban infrastructures of public transportation, where temporalities of broken elevators might emerge as a challenging effect and trigger responses that affect the lived experiences of the drivers. Some of the effects include social media activism and initiatives to build novel forms of knowledge, digital mapping or data processing.

The Remarkable Life and Career of Eileen Grubba

Eileen Grubba — Award-winning actress, writer, producer, and advocate for Performers with Disability (PWD) — has always beaten the odds.

For a Woman in a Wheelchair, Abortion Access Was One More Challenge

Roxanne Schiebergen, a writer and actress, has become skilled at navigating New York City since she was a student at N.Y.U. Then came an unexpected pregnancy.

We Belong! Festival for disabled artists and makers launches

Autistic artist Margaux Wosk wants to provide opportunities for disabled creators.

My Take: Several of our heroes lived with disabilities and flourished

When you consider the freedoms that you enjoy, we ask you to consider that many of our founders and early leaders of this country lived with a disability.

Washington Journal: Former Senator Tom Harkin and Judy Heumann on the Americans with Disabilities A…

Former Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) and disability rights activist Judy Heumann talked about the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which the former senator authored and co-sponsored, and the legislation's impact on lives of Americans with disabilities and the small business community.

Three decades of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the work continues

Most people have no idea that one in four Americans has a disability. Even fewer understand how a restroom stall of the right size can make all the difference to a mother and her son.

What's Happening with Digital Accessibility in 2022

In 2022, we are frequently seeing 100 lawsuits for ADA website compliance filed in a single week. Read what businesses need to know about these cases.

Color-blind TikToker Natasha Caudill on accessibility in the beauty industry

Here's how she's using her platform to spread color-blindness awareness and advocate for inclusivity in the makeup industry. The post Color-blind TikToker Natasha Caudill calls for more accessibility in the beauty industry appeared first on In The Know.

How Uber and Lyft still fail their disabled passengers

In 2022, activists are still fighting for equitable service.

Passenger bill of rights lists policies for fliers with disabilities

The summary is meant to help travelers understand their rights under the Air Carrier Access Act.

Joshua Miele — Building Technology & Public Awareness for Better Accessibility

Dr. Joshua A. Miele was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship for his accessibility technology that assists blind and low-sighted people to navigate the physical and digital world. According to the MacArthur Fellowship, the award goes to “individuals who show exceptional creativity in their work and the prospect for still more in the future.” Dr. Miele currently is Amazon’s principal accessibility researcher, helping to develop things like tablets, TVs, and Echo devices accessible for people with disabilities.

My son didn’t need a scientific miracle, he just needed an iPad

The state of Illinois paid for a $3,000 assistive device for speech apraxia. It was trash.

All Wheels Up

Michele Erwin is a mother on a mission. After experiencing the struggles of traveling by air with her son, who has spinal muscular atrophy, she had a “call to action” moment–something had to be done to make air travel accessible to the disabled community. Michele soon learned that there was not a single organization out there even talking about wheelchair accessibility on airplanes.

Making Space Travel Accessible For People With Disabilities

This week NASA released some of the sharpest images of space ever from the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope's camera gives us a glimpse into distant galaxies and a picture of the makings of our universe.

For a Woman in a Wheelchair, Abortion Access Was One More Challenge

Roxanne Schiebergen, a writer and actress, has become skilled at navigating New York City since she was a student at N.Y.U. Then came an unexpected pregnancy.

A Wheelchair User’s Guide to Getting Outdoors This Summer

Writer Cory Lee shares what to pack, where to go, and the communities worth tapping into.

Disabled people shed light on the accessibility problems at festivals

‘I needed three people to push me up the hill.’

How to be a good disability ally

There are things we can all do to be an ally. Here are some tips on being a good disability ally.

Liam O’Dell: Ableist Love Island viewers could break Tasha after the show – producers must prot…

I am genuinely worried for Love Island‘s Tasha Ghouri when she leaves the ITV2 dating show. As she broke down in tears after learning she was in the bottom three again and facing elimination, she questioned if the public hate her. She has dealt with nasty comments from Islanders and her family have issued several statements condemning the ableist abuse directed at Tasha – abuse the model and dancer is yet to see herself.

‘A midwinter crisis in the middle of July’: challenges of the UK heatwave

NHS, road and rail networks, workplaces, schools, people with disabilities and rough sleepers will face problems this week.

On Madness

"I am the fourth generation in my family to struggle with the effects of trauma on my mental health. My father, my paternal grandmother, and my paternal great grandmother all were institutionalized during their lives."

Footy Skills Lab levels the playing field with new accessibility features

Football fans across Australia can continue to sharpen their AFL skills wherever they are thanks to the latest evolution of Google's 'Footy Skills Lab'

The Farfetch of adaptive fashion? High-end marketplace Adaptista’s big ambitions

Biases and knowledge gaps delayed the launch of Adaptista’s accessible e-commerce site by three years, pointing to a bigger issue in inclusive design. We unpack how they got there.

PageGroup CEO Calls on Businesses to Remove Disability Employment Barriers

– PageGroup CEO Calls on Businesses to Remove Disability Employment Barriers.

Natasha Caudill, a colorblind TikToker, wants beauty products to be more accessible for the visuall…

“People just assumed that because I can't see color, I couldn't do my makeup. But that’s just not true.”

Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Enforcing the 'For All' in 'Smarter Technology for All'

The broad nature of the accessibility and inclusivity space is often met with varying perspectives. As we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I’m humbled to shine a light on areas of accessibility that oftentimes get overlooked.

Digital accessibility: What to do when the data says you don't exist

While data is known to have plenty of positives, it can create problems too -- not least as a source of inequality that fails those with disabilities and also your business decision-making.

Why inclusive design & testing is key to accessibility

Businesses should be aiming to prioritise inclusive design to create seamless and compliant experiences for all users.

5 Things Your Digital Marketing Agency Won't Tell You

Most law practices rely on third-party consultants or agencies for website development and online marketing assistance.

When animation is an accessibility problem

"Weird" access needs like mine show that true accessibility isn’t a checklist.

AbilityNet Factsheets

AbilityNet’s Factsheets are free to download and provide advice and information about how computers and other digital technologies can help people with a range of conditions and impairments.

Accessibility Podcast - Document Accessibility Unraveled

Accessibility Podcast released each week. Dax Castro and Chad Chelius talk about document accessibility, tip, tricks and the struggle of remediation compliance.

Discord Pushes Forward On Building A Place ‘Where No One Is An Outsider’ With New Accessibility…

Popular online communication platform Discord is commemorating the occasion by announcing a slew of accessibility improvements meant to assist members of the disability community.

Samsung's One UI Watch4.5 Update Expands Accessibility Options, Adds 'Fuller Typing Experience'

The forthcoming update to Samsung's line of Android wearables packs in a series of customization tools aimed at accessibility and brings a full keyboard to its smartwatches.

Telethons: Spectacle, Disability, and the Business of Charity

Telethons occupied a central, underappreciated place in postwar US history. The yearly programs offered front-row seats to something much bigger than a kitschy parade of prominent celebrities and pathetic children. Quintessentially American, telethons brought together medical research, promises of a cure, compassion, corporate greed, the complex American healthcare system, media sensationalism, changing ideas of embodiment, disability rights, and much more. Marshaling two decades’ worth of painstaking research, this book provides the first detailed study of the popular phenomenon. Organized thematically, it charts the rise and influence of the telethon as a result of five influential disability-related charities and profiles the philanthropists, celebrities, corporate sponsors, activists, and recipients involved. Longmore, who wrote with the training of a historian and the conviction of an activist before he died unexpectedly in 2010, offers a tour de force that celebrates and critiques both sides of an ongoing battle between telethon-producing charities and disability rights activists.

‘Is That Ableist?’ Good Question

No one likes to be scolded for using the “wrong” language. But we must be willing to change our habits as attitudes and language change.

Why Do We Need to Feel Disability Pride?

Disability pride: do you want tolerable acceptance or do you want sparkle sauce? Want to shave the edges of your square peg to fit in a round hole world?

“That's not accessible!” and other statements about accessibility

Is the accessibiliy of a website a binary thing? It depends!

Captions: Humans vs Artificial Intelligence: Who Wins?

Automatic captions are often the subject of many jokes. It’s also the cause of viewers’ ire. Mirabai Knight wants to change that by educating people on the value of human captions. She has been a professional steno captioner since 2007 who can type up to a jaw-dropping 260 words per minute (WPM)!

Bag some AAA wins where you can

Complying with WCAG AA is hard, and AAA seems a lot harder, but there are actually plenty of AAA rules that are relatively easy to meet.

Creating an Accessibility Program Requires…

To create the best accessibility program - one that is truly inclusive - organizations must work closely with persons with disabilities early in the SDLC.

Accessibility Information for Web Authors

Use a tool to quickly check for common errors in your browser.

Take advantage of the accessibility features in Microsoft Teams for a better meeting or live event …

Instructions for using the Microsoft Teams accessibility features, such as zooming, recording, background blur, captions, and high contrast.

A must-have web accessibility checklist for digital marketers

Marketers develop and execute numerous strategies to broaden their business reach. But one critical factor that most marketers neglect is web accessibility.

Removing barriers for persons with disabilities: European Accessibility Act must be in national law…

The European Accessibility Act ensures that everyone has access to a range of everyday products and services.

Learning About Real Experiences From Real Users: A Blueprint for Participatory Accessibility Testin…

Although it is crucial for libraries to meet required online accessibility standards (e.g., Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0), compliance with these technical standards does not guarantee optimal or equitable experiences for all library users who interact with online spaces or materials. Recent literature on accessibility testing has acknowledged the value of including people with disabilities in testing and designing digital objects and spaces. This thinking aligns with the library-based user experience (UX) principle that talking directly to users about their experiences using library services and resources is the most effective way to understand and thereby improve the overall library experience. In 2020, the UX Group at Western Libraries undertook a pilot accessibility testing initiative to plan, design, and deliver participatory accessibility testing with campus community members who had self-identified as living with a range of disabilities. Three accessibility tests were designed to assess five distinct digital objects, and 14 testing sessions were completed with eight participants. A semi-structured and participatory testing method allowed participants to freely interact with the testing objects, provide detailed feedback regarding their experiences using the objects, and recommend improvements to elements they found less accessible. This article includes an overview of considerations and challenges of the initiative as well as lessons learned in the process of securing funding, recruiting participants, designing the tests, and conducting testing. We reflect on the value of participatory accessibility testing and make recommendations for conducting similar projects at other libraries.

Go-Live Checklist for Federal Websites

Covering the breadth of federal web policy, the new downloadable checklist organizes policy requirements into nine categories and explains what your agency needs to do to meet each requirement.

Balancing Work and School With Life With a Chronic Illness

"I don't 'just do' anything."

Using a Mobility Scooter in New York City and Accessibility Challenges

"Though I’m thankful that some places were accessible, there’s still a long way to go."

Scarlett Moffatt And Billie Eilish Open Up About Tourette’s Syndrome

TV personality Scarlett Moffatt is starring in her debut documentary – Britain’s Tourette’s Mystery- to investigate the rise of Tourette’s and tics in teenagers. Award-winning singer Billie Eilish has also shared her Tourette’s diagnosis in a Netflix series.

Reasons to Celebrate Disability Pride Month If You're Disabled

  1. Disability Pride Month can give us a voice as people with disabilities.

How Non-Disabled People Can Support Disability Pride Month

3 is so important.

Voting is the essential weapon in fight for justice

GOP is focused on taking away our rights.

Fireside Chat with Judy Heumann

Join 3Play media for a fireside chat with lifelong disability advocate, Judy Heumann. 

Advice for When Depression and Anxiety Makes Being a Manager Difficult

"Over time, these reminders have helped me set reasonable expectations for myself, while also doing my best to not let my team down."

Disabled people don’t need your outrage – we need you to fight with us for change

There’s been a glut of news stories about disabled people being discriminated against. But short-term shock changes nothing.

Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Look Out the Window!

"Disabled people of faith and those who love them require more than open sanctuary windows to feel they belong."

32 Years After the ADA, People with Disabilities Still Are Left Behind in Faith Institutions

Two people with disabilities reflect on the consequences of the ADA’s exemption for religious organizations.

Endorse Colleagues in Meetings, and Other Actions for Allies

Each week, Karen Catlin shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally.

How to survive a Heatwave

Heatwaves really do hit disabled people hard. It’s a shame there’s wasn’t time for me to share more tips but it’s awesome to get this message out there on the BBC. So, here’s the link and I’ll pop some more tips up too! Evaporation cooling works well with a spray bottle of water. Just mist…Continue reading How to survive a Heatwave.

Things not to say to someone with anxiety

What are some of the things not to say to someone with anxiety? Begin with recognising that even well-intentioned things we say to people are can hurt and harm.

Access City Award 2023 competition

Across Europe, cities are breaking down barriers for persons with disabilities. Is your city one of them? Then apply for the 2023 edition of the Access City Award.

Post-Roe, autoimmune patients lose access to a crucial drug

Among consequences to the end of Roe vs. Wade: Rheumatology patients lose access to a crucial drug. Why? It can be used to end ectopic pregnancies.

Disability and the heatwave: Cooling solutions and disability as weather alert goes red

As the temperature rises what are the challenges faced by disabled people?

Rising Phoenix Producer Takes Rights To Los Angeles 2028 Paralympics

Harder Than You Think, the company behind the Emmy-winning documentary Rising Phoenix, has secured exclusive rights to tell the story of the Paralympics through 2028.

Disability news and talk, Staying cool in heatwave hell

Disabled people reveal their top tips on getting through the UK heatwave.

The blind programmers who created screen readers

Programmers who are blind pioneered accessibility software.

Unexpected: Parenting, Prenatal Testing, and Down Syndrome

"Unexpected: Parenting, Prenatal Testing, and Down Syndrome is the legacy of feminist researcher and disability activist Alison Piepmeier, brought to life by George Estreich and Rachel Adams. Before her death in 2016, Piepmeier embarked on the important work of not only challenging the available narratives surrounding women’s reproductive choice and prenatal testing, but also the cultural understanding of Down syndrome and personhood. The book includes Piepmeier’s original research and analysis, largely drawn from stories and interviews with parents of children with Down syndrome as well as her own parenting experience, and poignantly ends with tribute chapters from Estreich and Adams that follow up on Piepmeier’s life and legacy."

The Lady’s Handbook of Her Mysterious Illness; What Doesn’t Kill You

"When I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I didn’t know what to expect. Like many faced with such a diagnosis, I didn’t yet know what “chronic” meant. I didn’t know how to manage doctors, find the right medications, or deal with side effects and complications. It took me years to find support systems, community, and the confidence to advocate for myself. That journey started, however, with an illness memoir I read shortly after being diagnosed. The discussions in that book around pain, illness, and the broader sociocultural meanings of both contextualized illness in a way that made sense, allowing me to identify with someone who was experiencing something similar."

Six Things Wheelchair Users Should Know About Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles, or self-driving vehicles, could change the lives of thousands of people with disabilities — if they’re accessible.

How We’re Improving the Discord Experience for Everyone

At Discord, we imagine a place where no one is an outsider. This not only means making a welcoming space for everyone but supporting the many ways you interact with Discord.

House Passes Bill to Expand Health Benefits for Burn Pit Exposure

The legislation would make millions of veterans exposed to the toxic pits eligible for medical and nursing home care, one of the largest expansions of benefits in history.

The Subminimum Wage Loophole - If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show Throwback

Thanks to a loophole, disabled employees can legally be paid less than their non-disabled counterparts. Here’s a look at the debate over subminimum wage.

DOT releases bill of rights for disabled airline passengers

The DOT's announcement outlines existing rights and privileges so disabled travelers can better advocate for themselves.

The Disability Pride Flag: What It Is and Who It's For

The disability pride flag has deep symbolism, a funky retro-esque design and is full of ka-pow! Here's what it all means.

Ability signs

Decathlon has created ability signs to be used in public spaces to celebrate the many possibilities that exist for all. Download the icons for free!

Disabled woman fined for using disabled parking space in Wales

Space allocated to Cardiff woman’s flat is inaccessible, so she uses one reserved for disabled visitors.

New Research Reveals Nearly Half of the Nation Aren’t Comfortable Talking About Disabilities in t…

Almost half (43%) of people with disability have avoided sharing their disability due to the belief it would stall their progression at work or affect.

Samantha Renke publishes debut book

For anyone who is familiar with Samantha’s work or writings in PosAbility Magazine and beyond, you will know that she has character in abundance. Samantha calls it as she sees it, she is bold and confident and draws people to her vivacious personality. She is the person you want to gravitate towards at a party, because you know that the conversation will never be dull and the drinks will always be flowing.

Speaking at WP Accessibility Day - WordPress Accessibility Day 2022

Apply to speak at WordPress Accessibility Day 2022! Call for speakers is open until August 8th, 2022 - share your knowledge!

For Blind Internet Users, the Fix Can Be Worse Than the Flaws

Companies say their A.I.-powered tools are the best way to fix accessibility problems online, but many blind people find they make websites harder to use.

Could I catch COVID at an outdoor wedding or picnic?

We've heard for months that chances of catching SARS-CoV-2 outdoors are far less than indoors. Is that still true with highly contagious omicron strains? And if it is, what can you do to stay safe?

Cost of living payments: who qualifies, when is it paid and what do you get? | UK cost of living cr…

The first tranche of £326, which is going into bank accounts now, is aimed at those on a range of benefits and tax credits.

Over 25,000 people call for more accessible video on-demand services

Deaf campaigners were among those who handed in a petition to government on Tuesday demanding improved accessibility for video on-demand services.

'Craig of the Creek' Show Showcases Black American Sign Language

"BASL has been overlooked and ignored for generations, and we’re excited to see that it’s finally getting the attention and recognition that it deserves."

What Does Disability Pride Mean to You?

To celebrate Disability Pride Month, this special episode elevates the voices of our listeners. We asked "What does disability pride mean to you?" and received submissions from all over the world. Enjoy hearing some of them in this podcast episode and stay tuned for more that will be featured in a YouTube video dropping next Wednesday on July 20th.

Race, Gender, Trauma, and Art with Blaq Gurl Fya

In this month’s episode, Fya, Justin, and Kennedy discuss Fya’s work. They touch on how acquiring a disability shifted her arts practice, her current event series, being gentle with ourselves when the world is crumbling, and more.

Can Virtual Reality Help Autistic Children Navigate the Real World?

One company, Floreo, is hoping their tools will lead the way, despite some criticisms from autism self-advocates.

Adam Pearson On Celebrity MasterChef 2022

TV presenter, actor and disability campaigner Adam Pearson is set to test his cooking skills when he participates in Celebrity MasterChef 2022 this summer.

From denial to pride: appreciation and awareness for who I am

Karan Nagrani overcame denial to become a self-described “blind, gay mental health warrior” raising awareness for retinitis pigmentosa.

Half of Australian managers have never hired a person with disability, survey shows

YouGov poll indicates nearly one in 10 HR professionals were not open to recruiting a person with disability in the future.

Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights | US Department of Transportation

This Bill of Rights describes the fundamental rights of air travelers with disabilities under the Air Carrier Access Act and its implementing regulation, 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 382.

How to Make Subtitles Bigger on YouTube

Adjusting caption size is an essential part of video accessibility. In this blog, we discuss how to make subtitles bigger on YouTube.

Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With My Mobility Devices

"I know the benefits of using these aids. I need to now get past my own insecurities and just do it."

Pulse oximeters are less accurate for Black patients, study finds

These devices measure blood oxygen levels and can help identify when patients are dangerously ill. But research shows they can deliver misleading results for people with darker skin.

Now You See Me

Writer Kiese Laymon talks to comedian Darryl Lenox about how his trust in strangers dramatically shifted after he lost his sight.

Eight commonly held beliefs about disabled people debunked as mere myths

These (mis)understandings contribute massively to the ableism and poor treatment of disabled folk, which often results in individuals being treated as though they are nothing more than their disability.

What Counts as Seeing

A conversation between Alice Wong and Ed Yong.

CBS Mornings speaks with people who are disabled or have compromised immune systems about the lates…

Watch "CBS Mornings speaks with people who are disabled or have compromised immune systems about the latest phase of the pandemic", a video on View more videos and watch CBS News, a live news stream featuring original CBS News reporting.

South Side Mother, Housing Activist With Disability Wants To Be A Maxim Magazine Cover Girl: 'We Ar…

Ashley Salibellas was left partially paralyzed after brain surgery when she was a child. She is vying for the cover spread in part to highlight disability justice, fair housing and gun violence prevention.

'Disability fashion line was a lightbulb moment'

The woman behind a disability-adaptive clothing brand making a mark in the fashion industry.