Job agency criticised for disability bar ...

Job agency criticised for disability barista program loses contracts in shake-up

Aug 24, 2022

Job agency criticised for disability barista program loses contracts in shake-up

AimBig one of 52 providers to lose market share in $1bn a year Disability Employment Services program.

Blesma - supporting veterans for almost a century

Today, I would like to draw your attention to Blesma, an amazing charity from the United Kingdom that supports veterans with limbless and other live-changing injuries - and who has done so for almost a century. As part of my efforts to make people aware of the support options they have, I regularly invite organizations to showcase their work. And today's article will be the first of four posts about Blesma, its work, some of the people they have been supporting, and the differences this support has been making in the lives of thousands of veterans since World War I.

In Case You Weren't Aware, SMA Can Cause Trauma and Grief

Columnist Sherry Toh weighs the grief and trauma of SMA while wondering about the consequences of her disease progression.

I was lucky to have a great GP. Then she went on maternity leave and my healthcare fell apart

There are no coordinators to help people navigate a system designed for occasional care, rather than for chronic illness.

Scientists discover that irregular production of brain cells could cause autism

Researchers from Rutgers University have discovered evidence of anomalies in very early brain development that may contribute to the neuropsychiatric condition by studying the brain stem cells of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Occupational therapy creates positive education experiences for kids with autism

South Australia has appointed  a new Assistant Minister for Autism, tasked to increase autism supports in public primary schools. This could not have come at a more urgent time as new research from the University of South Australia shows that parents world-wide report a lack of awareness and understanding of the unique learning needs of autistic children across all levels of mainstream school.

How Crafting Can Help With Mindfulness Amidst Chronic Illness

"The most important skill I learned was the art of slowing down."

Dealing With Assumptions and Judgments as a Little Person

"Just because you see someone who is short, don't assume they are a child."

How Non-Disabled Allies Can Help Make Society Inclusive

"We are all different -- celebrate our individuality."

Lessons From Playing Little League Baseball as a Child With Cerebral Palsy

"You don't have to be the best to make an impact."

Accepting People With Disabilities as Valuable to the Community

"What many people may miss is that individuals with disabilities bring value to their communities."

Lessons Learned After a Lupus Diagnosis After Contracting COVID-19

"The past two years have taught me so much about myself and the people around me."

Women’s Equality Day: Experiencing the World as Women with Disabilities

We talk about equality and inclusion a lot – at the intersection of race, mental health, and more. As Women’s Equality Day approaches, we specifically want to give voice to the experiences of women with disabilities and the way they see the world, how the world sees them, and what we can do to achieve greater equality.

Reminders for Coping With Your Grief or a Loved One's Grieving Process

"Know that we need to show compassion and empathy."

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Get a strong foundation in digital accessibility to make your websites and apps work well for people with disabilities, meet international standards, and provide a better user experience for everyone.

Can autistic adults recognize facial emotions?

New research challenges the long-standing perception that autistic adults aren't good at recognizing facial emotions.

Royal Ballet performance will have a dancer who uses a wheelchair

Exclusive: former ballet student Joe Powell-Main will take part in a duet at Greenwich and Docklands festival.

The Preventable Tragedy of Polio in New York

Polio is one of the few diseases that can be eradicated—but faltering vaccination rates could undo years of hard-won global progress.

Variance: Making, Unmaking, and Remaking Disability

Made between 1735 and 2021, these works ask us to consider how disability and illness are embodied and experienced, and how they have been represented by artists and deployed as visual tropes. These works foreground the ways that culture and art are shaped by physical, mental, and sensory differences that exist on the continuum of human variation. From moralizing, stereotypical historical representations of disability to more prideful modern and contemporary works, this exhibition highlights how disability is made, unmade, and remade towards new ends.

Job Search Tips for People Living with Disabilities

Looking for a new job is challenging for all of us, but the journey might present different challenges when you live with a disability. What should you keep in mind while job hunting if you are disabled?

The Accessible Stall Interviews Steven Verdile, Creator of The Squeaky Wheel

In this episode, we interview Steven Verdile, and we’re 100% sure he’s one of the funniest disabled people on the internet. He’s the creator of The Squeaky Wheel, the first-ever satire publication that focuses on the experience of having a disability. We’ve laugh-cried our way through so many of the articles on The Squeaky Wheel that we knew we had to get Steven into The Accessible Stall.

Ruthy Fletcher: Promoting access for deaf people in hotels across the UK

My name is Ruthy Fletcher and I was born profoundly deaf. I am a Deaf Awareness Trainer/Coordinator and I have been teaching Deaf Awareness and delivering Basic Sign Language Training to hotel staff members for 12 years. The service I provide is for Hoteliers UK and Bespoke Hotels UK.

Josh Wintersgill

Josh is a powerful leader in disability-inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship with a deep background in Technology and Cyber Security.

Yazmine Laroche-Deputy Minister, Public Service Accessibility Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

Yazmine Laroche is Canada’s first Deputy Minister of Public Service Accessibility. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the efforts of the Canadian public service to meet the requirements of the Accessible Canada Act. A career public servant with extensive experience, she has served in a variety of leadership roles in many different federal departments and agencies. She most recently served as the Associate Deputy Minister, Transport and Infrastructure.

Signature announces 50 shortlisted nominees for Hall of Fame event (with BSL video)

Rose Ayling-Ellis, Lynn Stewart-Taylor, Daniel Jillings and Kevin Buckle are among the 50 nominees shortlisted to be part of Signature’s Hall of Fame, it has been announced.

Elsa: Short Film Fights Stigmas Around People Who Are DeafBlind

The documentary-style film was directed by Cameron S. Mitchell, a current RespectAbility Entertainment Lab Fellow.

Postpartum health care is at risk in Texas thanks to more partisan politics

In a state with one of the highest maternal mortality rates, the last thing we need is another foolish political fight getting in the way of health care.

Turkish Airlines Set To Partner With The Sunflower Lanyard Service To Increase Awareness Of Invisib…

Turkish Airlines has this month announced it will be partnering with the Sunflower Lanyard service in order to help improve the travel experience of passengers with disabilities or limited mobility while in the sky.

Minnesotans with disabilities face growing waits for home care services amid surge in demand

More than 1,600 people are languishing on lists for Medicaid assessments in Minnesota's two largest counties.

The Arc disability group founded in NJ celebrates anniversary

The Arc, the group home operator and disability-rights organization, was founded by North Jersey parents tired of being left in the shadows.

Disability rights groups battle Lyft for wheelchair accessible vehicles — again

Lyft officials said the company is exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act and doesn’t have to cater to people with nonfolding wheelchairs.

Congress ordered agencies to use tech that works for people with disabilities 24 years ago. Many st…

The Senate Aging Committee is conducting oversight to get agencies to comply with the rules.

Burning Desire: Looking After Myself

I’ve had lots of jobs at Downlights. Today, I make the candles and boxes, and do heavy lifting. When you pour candles, you melt the wax and get a stick to hold the wick straight. Then you add the fragrance, pour it in glassware, and it sits and becomes a candle. I’ve also helped with selling online and in stores. I had to learn to talk to customers, be patient, and smile. I also make eye contact. Sometimes it was difficult, but I managed to do it.

New fund to tackle social isolation and loneliness among older women

The Palaszczuk Government has announced a new $2.5 million fund to invest in community-driven responses that aim to reduce the barriers experienced by priority groups in building belonging and community connections.

Four practical tips for people with disabilities when dealing with a flood

While not something we give much thought to in our day-to-day lives, flooding has the potential to wreak havoc if you’re not prepared. In England alone, as many as 5.2 million homes are constantly at risk of flooding.

Benevolence Porn

Stella Young introduced us to inspiration porn. Inspiration porn objectifies disabled people by framing them as inspirational for simply living their lives; often doing mundane activities. A disabled person’s mere existence receives adulation and celebration while structural and systemic barriers for disabled people are elided.

The Everyday Obstacles I Encounter as a Wheelchair User

What everyday obstacles do you face?

Disability & Abortion: The Hardest Choice review – this intelligent documentary deserved two epis…

It’s a moving and nuanced exploration of the law on terminating pregnancies involving foetal abnormalities. But this show needed another instalment to really do justice to its topic.

"Our Disability Roadmap": Judy Heumann talks with Samuel Habib about transition

Join Samuel Habib as he speaks with disability rights revolutionary Judy Heumann for the first in our year-long, FREE series of webinars: “Our Disability Roadmap." Judy and Samuel will discuss a wide range of issues around transition, including career pathways, higher education, independent living, advocacy, relationships and sexuality, and much more. Dan Habib will moderate. They will also take your questions - submitted in advance and live. Even if you can’t attend live, be sure to register to receive a link to watch the recorded version and you will then be signed up for the entire series. The event will last approximately 75 minutes. ASL interpretation and captioning will be provided. Thanks to our lead sponsors, the Association of Washington School Principals and Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.

Anni Rainbow obituary

Other lives: Peace campaigner and activist whose Quaker beliefs encouraged her to live adventurously.

Dressing for feel: four tactile approaches to putting on clothes

How an outfit feels can be more important than how it looks, particularly when accessibility is an issue. Here is how four people balance style and comfort.

A Bridge to Joy

The transition years really start in middle school and high school, when expectations for the future from family, teachers, and community set the bar and support students’ hopes and dreams. For us, this bar was set quite high, because Michael, who has Down syndrome, was fully included with his general education peers from kindergarten through high school. He was in clubs and activities, lettered on the high school golf team, and was voted prom king his senior year. He graduated in 2019 and attended transition services, which we refer to as college prep as a way to frame it as another step towards eventually attending college. At first, we were unsure about going to a separate environment after high school, but Minneapolis has a public transition school where staff were very positive and accommodating.

Employer Perspectives on Transition

Welcome, Andy. Take us back to your time at AMC Theatres, when the U.S. company worked with a local transition program to hire young people with autism for movie theater jobs.

Long Journey to a ‘New New’ Home

One of the key transitions in the lives of people with intellectual disability and their families is, without hesitation, the time when the child moves out of the family home. Twenty years ago, when our two sons, Markus and Robin, where approaching this milestone in their lives, the options were scarce. The available model was a group home with a lot of shared space with other residents.

Transition in Times of Crisis

Secondary transition for any student, but especially for youth with disabilities, is a time of change, uncertainty, exploration, and new beginnings. Transition from high school to adulthood typically means a mix of positive experiences and various challenges, shaped by many factors, including where the person lives, their family situation, training of staff, and the issues specific to the person’s disability. A young person with intellectual disability (ID) that is not considered significant who goes to school in an affluent neighborhood in a city that has a university program that prepares special educators to work with transition-age youth will most likely have a different experience and outcomes than a young person with significant disabilities growing up in a rural area that has recently been affected by a natural disaster, such as a flood. At an international level, we also need to consider whether a country has educational and vocational policies related to transition, and funding connected with those policies. In general, countries in the Global South (e.g., sub-Saharan Africa) or Eastern post-Soviet countries lack policies and funding to assist with the transition from school to adulthood for students with disabilities. In addition, there is limited awareness and infrastructure in these countries in the areas of employment, postsecondary education and active citizenship for youth leaving high school.

Modernizing Transition: A Social-Ecological Approach

The word “transition” is understood widely as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, the term refers to a change or shift from one state, place, or condition to a different one – an outcome. As a verb, transition is defined as the process of changing from one form or condition to another. Our conceptualization of transition focuses on both aspects of the word.

What My Marriage Looks Like as a Disabled Woman Married to a Non-Disabled Man

"He doesn’t have a disability and I do, but our life is remarkably similar to what life would be if I didn’t."

Recording Artist And Accessibility Advocate Lachi Talks Disability Empowerment And Celebrating Blin…

Musician/disability inclusion advocate Lachi on embracing her journey from ‘low vision to no vision,’ normalizing disability culture in entertainment, and Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities’ (RAMPD) goals for inclusivity in music.

Musician & Disability Advocate Gaelynn Lea On Creating In The New Normal & A Music Industry Call-To…

The experimental artist and dynamic public speaker Gaelynn Lea discusses normalizing Disability Culture, working with Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities (RAMPD), and upcoming creative projects.

I'm Visually Disabled, And I Want to Show You How Life Looks Through My Eyes

A filmmaker devises a few experiments to help his family experience his disability — and show how a little imagination can make us all more empathetic.

‘Access as an Ethic’: Giving Dance Myriad Points of Entry

For the arts ensemble Kinetic Light, the needs of disabled people are sources of inspiration and innovation.

Even a Single Case of Polio Is a Threat

Circulating poliovirus that can cause paralysis is now in New York. The disease is an imminent threat.

I survived polio. This is what you should know.

A survivor shares his experience.

Introduction: Ablenationalism and the Geo-Politics of Disability

A key conflation of nation and able-ism has been emerging since at least the late eighteenth century in countries enduring processes of industrialization and post-industrialization. With a nod to Jasbir Puar's influential formulation of homonationalism,1 we call this convergence "ablenationalism"—the degree to which treating people with disabilities as an exception valorizes able-bodied norms of inclusion as the naturalized qualification of citizenship. Disability Studies critiques are based on an analysis of the repetition of human predicaments—or, more precisely, a parsing through of the ever multiplying modes of non-normalcy—as people with disabilities encounter the inflexibilities of key social institutions such as healthcare, religious gatherings, communities, work places, schools, families, etc. These sites of interaction exclude some populations inequitably based on differences that cannot be adequately accommodated.

US healthcare’s racist history helped fuel a fear of vaccines

“I don’t use the word mistrust or distrust. I talk about trust-worthiness... That flips it from, ‘these distrustful African Americans’ to ‘what have you done to get their trust?’”

Disability, Media And Representation: A Topic That Needs To Be Talked About More

"I am back with a new blog today to talk about a subject that is quite close to my heart. One of my favourite past times is reading, watching TV and generally just consuming a lot of media over the past 20 years or so, but something that has always been a bit of an annoyance for me has been the lack of disability representation in however many books I may have read, shows I have watched and movies I have seen."

I don’t want to be your “inspiration” simply for being disabled

Let’s talk about how I don’t want to be seen as an inspiration simply for being disabled.

The worst of Covid is over for most of us, but it still lingers for those with learning disabilities

A mother has revealed the needless suffering caused by delayed jabs and broken pledges.

Alex Orlov: Deaf diet guru passing on his knowledge to others

Like many of us, Alex Orlov put on a little weight during those stressful months of the lockdowns. He then did something about it, and he is now sharing his enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle with others.

Liam O’Dell: Cineworld may go bankrupt, but I won’t miss them

I make no apologies for reaching for the popcorn after hearing that Cineworld could well be going bankrupt. As a key business in an institutionally audist UK cinema industry, one which has an absolutely dire offering for deaf film lovers, I’m very much tempted to say good riddance.

Deaf actress Alexandra James cast in hit Netflix series ‘Sex Education’

Deaf actress Alexandra James has been cast in the upcoming series of Sex Education, the popular Netflix series chronicling the lives of staff and students at a fictional secondary school.

Quit Using The "R-Word" In Three Easy Steps

Are you a frequent "R-word" abuser? Do you know it's wrong to say but just can't quit? Follow these three easy steps and you will be on your way to freedom from using outdated and offensive vernacular!

How to Include Students with Disabilities in General Education in 4 Easy Steps

Inclusive education is not rocket science, but it does have some prerequisites.

Let's Stop Pretending That We Can't Do Better Than Segregated Special Education Classrooms

The burden to make inclusive schools should be on state and district administrators, not teachers and families.

On Separate Spaces, and Why They Are and Are Not Needed

Are there ever times when we need separate spaces for people with disabilities? The answer is not as straightforward as we all want it to be.

5 Ways to Get Inclusion Started at Your School

If you are an educator who wants to move authentic inclusive education forward in your school or district, here are five ways you can get a conversation started right now to identify changes you can make.

What Does Truly Meaningful Inclusion Mean to You?

Do you feel a sense of belonging? Do you have the same opportunities as others, or do you face barriers? What does inclusion mean to you?

Rethinking Guardianship: Emma's Story

Emma Budway describes her experience as a nonspeaking autistic woman under guardianship and the benefits of less restrictive alternatives.

Rethinking The 3 D's...

Children do not need to be fixed, and when we attempt to fix them, we inherently ignore the environment the child is in.

Rethinking Schools

A paraprofessional exposes the harm of substituting compliance for content at a school for special needs students.

9 Resources for Creating an Inclusive Classroom This School Year

Here are nine great resources to help educators make their classroom more inclusive as we head back to school.

PETE GRAY: Amputee Baseball Player

Pete Gray is a man with one arm who fulfilled his dream of being a professional baseball player.

100 days to go: will FIFA World Cup 2022 mark the beginning of a new era for accessibility in Qatar?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 may be the end of a long national journey, but regarding inclusion, it is the beginning of a new era for Qatar.

These Bioengineered Corneas Gave 14 Blind People Their Sight Back

Corneal blindness is one of the leading causes of blindness globally, accounting for over five percent of cases.

New website to support accessible film screenings for deaf and blind audiences launches in the UK

A new website for the UK, which is the first of its kind, aims to make cinema accessible to all. More details here.

Here's What Rose Ayling-Ellis' New Barbie Means To Deaf People

“I was embarrassed when I had to start wearing hearing aids... such a positive step forward."

The EU private sector is finally getting some accessibility legislation

The European Accessibility Act (EAA) is coming in 2025. Will we finally see improvements in private sector web accessibility.

Making astronomy accessible for blind and visually impaired astronomers

Today’s authors interview four people to discuss ways to make astronomy more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired (BVI).

Leading Change: Disability Pride

We’re celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) becoming law with an introduction to our curated audiobook list about Disability Pride. Narratives of Disability Pride center on the experiences and achieved goals of the many differently abled activists who have brought changes to our shared experiences of the world, and on those who follow pursuits that engage their interests even when told they “can’t.” From curb cuts to adoption regulations, closed-captioned broadcasts and public meeting American Sign Language interpretation, athletics, and publishing, their work has created ways to remove barriers in the physical, service, social, and political spheres. Let’s take a tour of some of the titles featured on our list.

What's Up WID: Autistic & ADHD Representation, Chloé Hayden

Chloé Hayden, an influencer and content creator who has amassed half a million followers and nearly half a billion views across social media joins us to discuss being Autistic and having ADHD, navigating Internet trolls and the importance of disability representation.

Encouraging Messages to Read If You’re Struggling With Depression Right Now

"Here’s what our community wants to say to you."

Why do workplaces need to embrace Neurodiversity?

The pressure to recruit and retain a diverse workforce in organizations is on the rise. Whether it’s another hyped trend or has a firm base, time will tell. Yet, the initiatives big businesses like Microsoft took up toward diversity and inclusion are worth noting. But why are companies opting for such measures? Here’s what we found out!

With Accessible Movie Screenings, Netflix Pushes On Normalizing Entertainment Equality For All

Given how May’s announcements was a grand peek behind the curtain at Netflix’s accessibility efforts, the screenings made sense as a way to literally band a community together.

ADA Title III Disability Access: Hot Issues and Litigation Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry

In this webinar, Seyfarth’s ADA Title III Team will address the current ADA Title III landscape in the food and beverage industry, the type of lawsuits plaintiffs are bringing, and hot litigation topics and case law updates in the hospitality sector.

Broken Ankles and Barriers to Accessibility: Reflections from a Skater-Turned-Scooter Girl

Breaking an ankle is awful enough; breaking an ankle on the infamously inaccessible campus of Georgetown University appeared to be a death sentence.

Letters to the Editor: Humanizing the Hiring Process Must Include Accessibility for People Who Are …

A leader in the disability movement takes issue with the lack of discussion about that community’s needs in article about how nonprofits can improve hiring practices.

AI Model Recommends Personalized Fonts to Improve Digital Reading, Accessibility

A study led by UCF and Adobe scientists indicated that a machine learning model developed by the software company can improve reading speed by matching reader characteristics with recommended fonts.

Disabled Students Claim Commonwealth Games Have Worsened Accessibility Problems

News Editor Charlie O'Keefe reports on accusations that the Commonwealth Games have worsened the University's accessibility problems.

Law Firms Strive for ADA Website Compliance

Information technology leader and civil rights lawyers weigh in on the vital need for website accessibility in the digital age, especially for law firms and companies like Best Lawyers.

The grumpiest disability podcast that’s had over 4 million views

For those who are living in a hole The Grumpy Gits Podcast is the largest independent disability podcast in the world.

What Beyoncé's and Lizzo's lyric changes say about our current times

Song lyrics have changed throughout history and for a variety of reasons. But Beyoncé and Lizzo's recent revisions are notable because of the conversations they've sparked around ableism, the speed with which their critics conveyed their views -- as well as discussions about what we expect from artists and art as a whole.

Affordable Hearing Aids: One Mom’s Story

When her daughter suffered hearing loss, she fought for hearing aid accessibility. This week's FDA news is proof they've finally been heard.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Hearing Aids Are About To Be Way More Accessible!

Just in time to hear Trumpy Poo whine about being subject to the rule of law!

FDA Finalizes Historic Rule Enabling Access to Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids for Millions of Americ…

FDA aims to improve access to affordable hearing aids for millions of Americans with perceived mild to moderate hearing impairment.

Feds to Allow Hearing Aids to be Sold Over the Counter

Relief may be on the way for many older Nevadans who need hearing aids but can't afford to pay $3,000 to $5,000 for a pair. The Food and Drug Administration has just cleared the way for hearing aids to be sold without a prescription or a visit to the audiologist. Favil West is founder and chairman of the board of the nonprofit Foundation Assisting Seniors in Henderson, which helps older folks get durable medical equipment.

Making Museums and Zoos Accessible for All Visitors

Many venues have taken a new approach to sensory inclusion for adults and children.

Federal appeals court says Americans with Disabilities Act protections cover 'gender dysphoria,' ha…

A federal appeals court said Tuesday that the Americans with Disabilities Act covers individuals with "gender dysphoria," handing a win to trans people in a case concerning a former inmate who alleged discrimination at a Virginia prison.

I’m Going Blind. This Is What I Want You to See

It’s time to expand our definition of blindness.

Glaucoma: black patients six times more likely to have advanced vision loss than white patients

A study by US researchers has compared levels of sight loss in patients with a new diagnosis of primary open angle glaucoma.

Sam's Super Seats by Keah Brown

A joyful picture book about a disabled girl with cerebral palsy who goes back-to-school shopping with her best friends, from #DisabledandCute creator and The Pretty One author Keah Brown.

Biden's long Covid plan is a good start. But it needs to go further

As the pandemic rages on, SARS-CoV-2 is etching itself further into the lives of millions of long haulers. It's time for a concerted effort to prevent, treat, and maybe even cure long Covid.


The Ikouii Creative is excited to release its 2nd book, titled: INSIDE THEIR STUDIO: Deaf & Disabled Artists Reshaping the Arts. The book is the second installment of Ikouii’s ongoing book project that highlights outstanding artists living with disabilities.

Kids’ Mental Health Is a ‘National Emergency.’ Therapists Are in Short Supply

Could books and online materials help fill the gap?

Poet and Activist Naomi Ortiz Talks About Ecojustice and Self Care

At the end of July, the Ford Foundation and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation announced a new cohort of Disability Futures Fellows. We spoke with one of the new fellows, Naomi Ortiz.

All about our new Sidewalk Accessibility Guide

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Sidewalk Accessibility Guide! This website is a one-stop shop for increasing property owner awareness and knowledge about sidewalk responsibilities. We have also designed this site to ensure this information is accessible, including for blind and low-vision people who use screen readers. 

Digital Accessibility: Legal & Practical Issues to Consider

With increased digitization of business processes and services affecting all industries and enterprises, the need for accessible digital tools continues to grow. Indeed, 26% of adults living in the United States have some type of disability, highlighting the crucial role accessibility tools serve in ensuring an inclusive digital environment. Furthermore, in certain instances, the implementation of accessibility best practices may be legally required. We discuss these issues in our most recent Tech Law Talks podcast.

Why include the disability community in your Web Accessibility Program

User testing is one of the most important ways to measure accessibility. Read why you should include the disabled community in your accessibility testing.

A Look at US Accessibility Laws and Government Contracting

Ensuring that webpages, applications and other digital environments are accessible is often seen as a moral obligation; it is also a legal one.

Accessibility Trend in Entertainment is Growing Rapidly. Why?

As more and more people become aware of the importance of accessibility, we can expect to see even more businesses making an effort to include people of all abilities in their products and services.

FTC, Commercial Surveillance, and Overlays

Unlike a user of a social media service, who agrees to the platform’s Terms of Service before accessing it, a user who visits a web site with an accessibility overlay has no opportunity to decline the service before it starts to gather information about them. Many users may not even recognize that the overlay has Terms that are distinct from the site they are visiting, governed under laws from a different locality. Assuming the site has its own Terms.

Accessibility and Travel

In our fifth episode of “Unpacked by AFAR,” we hear from travelers with disabilities about what it's like to embark on trips, and explore how a more accessible world benefits all travelers.

With New Updates, Slack Commits To Making The Digital Workplace ‘More Accessible And Equitable’

Earlier this month, Slack, maker of the ever-popular of the eponymous corporate communicative tool, published a blog post in which the Salesforce-owned company touted a new software update promising to make the app more accessible to disabled people.

App Created by MD/PhD Student Provides Accessible Training Resource for Adaptive Sports

Ben Conner designed the app to benefit paraplegic and quadriplegic athletes.

Groundbreaking nasal spray could prevent Alzheimer's disease and stop epileptic seizures

A new nasal spray may hold the key to saving people from both epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

These 3D-printed Tools Improve Kitchen Accessibility for Those with Limb Differences

Blue Heart Hero, a nonprofit focused on additive manufactured products for people with
disabilities, saw the need for assistive devices that can help make kitchens more accessible and
launched a contest to source the best ideas.

Important Life Lessons Worth Sharing - Sick Lessons Podcast

I was recently asked if I would like to take part in a podcast. Sheryl, who blogs at A Chronic Voice, has started a podcast and invited me onto it as a guest to discuss life lessons. My first reaction was, oooooh, I’d be too nervous to be on a podcast. I am fairly lacking in the self-confidence department and I also hate to hear my own voice. I thought I would probably ramble a lot of rubbish and would embarrass myself. Then I thought, do I even have any life lessons worth sharing? Besides all that, I had very bad broadband which hardly allowed me to watch videos never mind being able to record a podcast.

RespectAbility’s 2022 Virtual Entertainment Lab Kicks Off

The Lab’s first session included a panel of recent Lab alumni who shared their industry experiences and offered advice to the participants.

Companions of bus users with disabilities travel for free in Auckland

Auckland Transport introduces the Plus One Bus Companion scheme on Thursday, allowing Total Mobility Card holders to bring a support person with them for free on buses across the region.

Personal stories about dissociative disorder: "System Management"

An experimental personal essay about being diagnosed with a dissociative disorder. The essay grapples with the complexities of trauma, the human condition, and the subjective nature of reality.

Disability news and talk, The summer catch-up

Nikki and Emma play their favourite and unheard clips from the podcast so far.

Stark wants to make it easier to design accessible websites and software

Stark empowers software teams to design, build and test accessible products of all sorts, whether marketing websites, SaaS products, mobile apps or other software.

Motability launches series of pilots to improve EV accessibility

Motability Operations has started a series of pilots in its search for new, innovative ways to support Motability Scheme customers make the switch to electric.

Largest Pizza Chain in Israel Partners with RightHear!

All 97 Pizza Hut restaurants in Israel are accessible to everyone including those with low or no vision. Download RightHear on iOS or Android

Academy for Disabled Journalists

The Academy for Disabled Journalists (ADJ) was formed in 2019 with the ‘Roving Reporter’ program which we started with our team of disabled volunteers at Ability Today HQ. Going out on assignment to cover the world around them, creating reports of their experiences from a disabled perspective. As they developed their reporting skills it was clear that this could be a gateway to a possible career path.

Amanda Morris joins The Post as a reporter covering disability

Amanda will write on issues related to disability and chronic illness, which affects a large, underserved and typically misunderstood community of readers.

The Netherlands makes aging and long-term care a priority. In the US, it’s a different story

The Dutch are addressing the rising cost of aging with a game plan bolstered by a broad consensus that older people deserve to get the care they need. It's an approach that is intriguing — and chastening.

‘Left to rot’: The lonely plight of long Covid sufferers

Some studies suggest long Covid could affect as much as 30 percent of people who are infected.

‘Access as an Ethic’: Giving Dance Myriad Points of Entry

For the arts ensemble Kinetic Light, the needs of disabled people are sources of inspiration and innovation.

The Intersection of Disability and Reproductive Justice

Disability Rights Florida offers free and confidential services to Floridians with disabilities.

I’m a teacher, and I don’t believe restraints keep children safe

Karen Bures is a special education teacher working with students who may display intense behaviors in Bend, Oregon. Karen started her career working in residential treatment care, transitioned into child welfare through the state, and then took a hiatus to be a stay-at-home parent. Once Karen’s children began school, she moved into the education field primarily to be on the same schedule as her children. Karen soon discovered that she was passionate about helping kids navigate the system. She began as an educational assistant in the behavior program before obtaining her special education licensure. I have worked in my current program, first as a paraprofessional and now as an instructional teacher.

‘People will die waiting’: America’s system for the disabled is nearing collapse

Providers for intellectually and developmentally disabled struggle to recruit and retain staff amid soaring inflation, pandemic burnout.

Covid’s Harmful Effects on the Brain Reverberate Years Later

Covid-19 survivors remain at higher risk of psychotic disorders, dementia and similar conditions for at least two years, according to a large study that highlights the mounting burden of chronic illness left in the pandemic’s wake.

How Changes to a Therapist's Office Can Affect Trauma Patients

"Therapy has as much to do with the space as it does the therapist."


In the latest issue we caught up with Paralympian Ali Jawad, who spent lockdown creating the first ever complete health and fitness app designed and created specifically for disabled people, Accessercise.

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