Juliet England: ‘Deaf’ Liz Truss – a curious choice of insult


Russia’s most senior ‘diplomat’ (I use the term loosely; there doesn’t seem to be too much that’s diplomatic about this fellow and I speak as the daughter of one who gave decades of loyal service alongside Her Majesty’s finest) this week described talks with UK foreign secretary Liz Truss as a conversation of ‘the mute with the deaf’.

Meet the team: Louise Hickman


Research Associate, Louise Hickman, explains how her research connects critical disability studies, access, and feminist labour with the politics of "access work".

Embracing the Power of Being Different


Jessie's retinitis pigmentosa diagnosis took time to accept. But once she embraced the power of being different, she discovered a badass blind babe.

Edward Willard has had 'a fantastic life' despite cerebral palsy and wants no assistance in dying


As the youngest of four kids in our family, obviously my mother knew what a healthy pregnancy felt like. In the two weeks before I was born Mom just knew something was wrong with how I was positioned.

Disabilities are not binary. Why do we treat them that way?


Too often, disability is thought of like a light bulb: on or off. In reality, most disabilities fall somewhere along a spectrum from mild to severe.

How Creativity Helps Me Navigate the World with Disability


Learn how Angie Ebba, who lives with ankylosing spondylitis and migraine, navigates the world with disability in creative ways.

Shaping Attitudes Through the Language of Disability


People with disabilities have advocated for using the term “disability” as an important step toward removing the stigma that often is associated with having a disability.

The unique case of Africans with learning disabilities and assistive technology


Many Africans live with learning disabilities (LDs), but there’s not enough data to come up with numbers. While false beliefs are common, ways to make learning easier aren’t.

Fashion Has Started to Embrace Disability — and Beauty Needs to Catch Up


“All body types, shapes, faces, sizes are worthy."

Molly Burke on What Needs to Happen Next for a More Accessible Beauty Industry


"What's going to happen with accessible design is the exact thing that happened a few years ago with shade ranges."

5 autistic POC models discuss their invisible disability


Daniella d’Aiuto’s ‘Safe Space’ explores navigating the industry as a person of colour with a neurological disorder. We speak to her and her subjects.

How Disabled Queer People Are Finding Community Through Digital Drag


Author note: At the time of writing, Pyx Elated (They/Them) was previously known as Peter Panic (He/Him). They’re comfortable with the article using the name Peter Panic and he/him pronouns as written, but the image description and link at the end have been changed to accurately reflect their drag now.

The Infinite Benefits of Including Students With Disabilities


"She was prepared for the real world."

Planning for Digital Accessibility in Research Libraries


Plan Ahead and Avoid After-the-Fact Remediations.

Beyond the accessibility limits of an ancient city


Porto, a historical city located on the very steep valley of the River Douro and dating to 275 BC, is tackling a particularly challenging goal: barriers-free mobility.

Intel and GoodMaps collaborate to make indoor mapping technology accessible


GoodMaps is collaborating with Intel to deliver indoor wayfinding solution for all, with special emphasis on improving indoor navigation for people with vision, mobility, and hearing disabilities.

New microphone invented for speech recognition


Accurate speech recognition is all about the microphone writes our guest blog editor, Colin Hughes, a former BBC producer.

Type Even Quicker Using Your Voice on Mac Computers | How to Use Dictation


The Mac’s keyboard, for the most part, works pretty well. Sure, Apple’s had some issues with MacBook keyboards in the past, but most Apple keyboards still work like a charm whether you’re working or chatting with someone. Of course, that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to write all your thoughts. Mac computers have other features that help you write everything down quickly without barely moving your fingers. We’re talking about the Mac’s built-in Dictation feature.

Brain implant can wirelessly translate your thoughts to text with 94% accuracy


Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are an emerging assistive technology, enabling people with paralysis to type on computer screens.

Video: I have no forearm. And I am a DJ. - Prof. Bertolt Meyer (2020)


Prof. Dr. Bertolt Meyer works at the research center „Hybrid Societies“ at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany. He is also a DJ and electronic music enthusiast. He hacked his arm prosthesis such that it plugs directly into his synthesizer so that he can control the music with his thoughts.

How The Music Tech Industry Is Adapting to Better Accommodate Musicians With Accessibility Issues


Lack of accessibility is an issue that affects many music producers and DJs. We speak with three members of the disabled community to find out how accessibility impacts their creativity and performance.

Accessibility on Twitch: the complications of streaming


Last month, a new post on the Twitch UserVoice forum requested for a Disability Pride Month. It's something that's celebrated for other minority groups, but is yet to be implemented on the streaming platform for the disability community.

Why you need Accessible Marketing Collateral?


Marketing collateral is created to share with your customers different facets of your products, using product guides and brochures. Often these can also be downloaded from your website in the form of PDF, Excel, Word or PPT. They help in nurturing accessible communication while providing your customers with the relevant information.

Legal Requirements for Live Captioning


If you’re hosting live virtual events, you should be providing live captions for many reasons, including legal compliance.

Microsoft Accessibility Learning Modules


Technology can empower people to achieve more, help strengthen education opportunities, and make the workplace more inviting and inclusive for people with disabilities. And with more than 1 billion people with disabilities in the world, Microsoft believes accessibility and inclusion are essential to delivering on our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Don’t forget to share your awards on social media after completing each module!

Understanding the W3C's Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Requirements


The W3C’s Accessibility Conformance Testing rule format helps to establish standards for testing content for WCAG conformance. Here’s an overview.

New Technology Is Changing Web Design


There are over 1.9 billion websites on the Internet, and hundreds of thousands of new sites are uploaded every day.

Braille’s Place in the Age of Technology


A quick assumption would be that the utilization of braille has decreased in recent years, either due to advancements in technology or the rise of the audiobook industry. However, braille has since evolved from solely embossed paper to its incorporation in accessible technology.

How to design video for global accessibility


How to create videos that are accessible for a global audience. Best practices, tips, and resources to ensure your Twitter videos can be accessed by everyone.

Making Mobile Devices More Accessible


Mobile device accessibility for individuals with dementia and intellectual disabilities is explored in this Pipeline magazine article. Click to learn how RAZ Mobility is making mobile phones more accessible.

A Guide To Automatic Accessibility Solutions For Search Marketers


Before purchasing automatic accessibility testing solutions, learn what they are, how they help, and what may attract ADA lawsuits.

How to Make Your Podcast Audio Accessible


We welcomed Nic Steenhout onto our 3Play Media webinar series to share how to make your podcast audio accessible.

Parents warned over TikTok 'eye challenge' which could lead to blindness


Parents have been warned to keep an eye on their children's social media accounts and what challenges they do - the warning comes after several eye challenges have gone viral causing people to harm their eye health and risk going blind.

Millions of disabled Americans could lose federal benefits if they get married


When Americans with disabilities get married they risk losing federal benefits. Momentum is building on Capitol Hill to change the rules.

There Is Nothing Normal about One Million People Dead from COVID


Mass media and policy makers are pushing for a return to pre-COVID times while trying to normalize a staggering death toll.