Rebecca A Withey: Review of (Un)scripted by Solar Bear and The DH Ensemble (BSL)

(Un)scripted is a research project between Solar Bear and The DH Ensemble supported by Creative Scotland and Arts Council England. Over the course of two weeks, (Un)scripted invited a group of deaf and hearing artists from across the UK to ask three questions in their quest to uncover the best practice for developing, devising and rehearsing scripts with deaf and hearing artists using British Sign Language.

What keeps you up at night?

I have been on a story collecting mission. What’s really behind a story? What makes a story successful, thought-provoking, empathetic, and above all passionate to move people in a way that they will not soon forget you!

Dissociative Identity Disorder as the Ultimate Survival Skill

"More terrifying than the gaps in memory is the stigma surrounding dissociative identity disorder."

How to Use Air Pods as Hearing Aids

Here's how to use air pods as hearing aids, using live listen, how to set up live listen, what devices have live listen and which headphones work with it.

Police Brutality: A (Speech) Disability Concern

Content Warning: This post discusses police brutality against disabled people.  On January 26, 2023, police in Huntington Park, California, fatally shot a 36-year-old Black man and double amputee, Anthony Lowe. Police had been called because of allegations that Lowe had stabbed someone.

What are Forced Subtitles?

Forced narrative (FN) subtitles, sometimes referred to as forced subtitles, are used to clarify pertinent information for the viewer. Learn why they're so critical for video localization.

Healthy Signs in a Relationship With Mental Illness

"Mental Illness can make it harder to recognize when and why you should get out of a bad relationship and when a new one is a safe space to be in."

Inside Our Autistic Minds: Chris Packham Helps Give Autistic People A Voice

In a BBC documentary titled Inside Our Autistic Minds, Chris Packham meets autistic people from across the UK and helps them create short films to reveal to their family and friends what’s really going on inside their minds.

Gear Guide: Caster Wheels and Forks

Everything you need to know about replacing, swapping or upgrading your caster wheels and forks.

Life After the Ohio Train Derailment: Trouble Breathing, Dying Animals, and Saying Goodbye

After a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, leaked noxious chemicals, residents in the area are still trying to recover.

2023 Survey on Persons with Disabilities and Disasters

This survey has been designed for a person living with a disability or a caregiver to share their thoughts on living with disasters. It will run until Friday 3 March 2023.

Deaf 2023 Super Bowl performers make history signing in ASL and North American Indian Sign Language…

Chris Stapleton, Babyface and Sheryl Lee Ralph all sang at Super Bowl LVII, but three other performers nearly stole the (pre)show with historic appearances that set a new standard for inclusivity at the big game.

Mandy Colleran: ‘How do we know when people have six months to live?’

Writer and disability activist Mandy Colleran and crossbench peer, Baroness Molly Meacher, who is also chair of the campaign group Dignity in Dying, discuss the ban on assisted dying.

Alice Wong on Hospitalization, Crowdfunding Medical Care, and Finding Love In Community

After an unexpected hospitalization, I leaned on my community more than ever.

US woman has walked around with untreated TB for over a year, now faces jail

A woman in Washington state is facing electronic home monitoring and possible jail time after spending the past year willfully violating multiple court orders to have her active, contagious case of tuberculosis treated and to stay in isolation while doing so.

Australia is lagging when it comes to employing people with disability – quotas for disability se…

Less than a quarter of disability services who responded to a workforce survey employed people with disability.

Blind ice Hockey

We've been asked about Blind Ice Hockey quite a bit since taking part earlier in the year. The puck used is made of metal and is pretty loud.. even John (deafblind) could hear it. Unfortunately there were about 10 on the ice so working out which was his was a completely different challenge. We (mostly) stayed upright and really enjoyed the experience.

A Wheelchair Accessible Bogota Colombia Travel Guide

In this guide, I’ll share tour options, the best wheelchair accessible Bogota Colombia attractions, and where you can stay while in the city.

National Disability Rights Network

In case you missed our ad during the big game.

10 principles of disability created by the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich’s disabled students, graduates, and staff have created 10 new ‘STAART Principles of Disability’ (abbreviated as SPoD) to be adopted across its UK campuses.

Liebe mit chronisch entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen

Am Valentinstag haben wir drei mit chronisch entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen Betroffene nach ihren Gedanken zum Valentinstag gefragt.

What is assistive technology? Screen Readers and other Tools

Assistive technology fills in gaps for people with disabilities. Knowing how AT works helps us make digital content accessible.

Search engines powered by generative AI might be the next big thing

Google and Microsoft are working to make their search software act more like ChatGPT. The University of Washington's Chirag Shah says this could be transformational, in part because search results could become much, much narrower.

Accessibility and artificial intelligence: the role of automation in providing access for people wi…

It seems like a new artificial intelligence tool is released every day. In theory, there are a lot of ways it could automate in one of the areas that newsrooms seem to struggle in most — providing accessibility options for users.

Helping Others Understand Living With Chronic Pain

"Meet people where they are."

What Are the Different Types of Ulcerative Colitis Treatments?

If you’re confused about all the treatments available to manage ulcerative colitis (UC), you are not alone. Whether you have just received a diagnosis or are looking to switch treatment plans, we’re here to help you understand the options currently available to treat UC.

Ileostomies and J-Pouches: What’s the Difference?

To help relieve ulcerative colitis (UC) symptoms, there are many different strategies and treatment options to explore with your health care team, including surgery. Many people think surgery is the last treatment option, but that isn’t necessarily true – surgery is an effective treatment option for many people living with UC. In fact, research estimates that between 20 and 30 percent of people will undergo surgery at some point during their journey with ulcerative colitis.

A week in the life of Braeden - accessible lifestyle of a young person with a disability

When Braeden was approaching the end of high school, I wasted quite a bit of energy on despairing about what life would look like for him, and if I’m honest, what it would bring for me. I wanted him to be engaged and live a full life but I wasn’t sure that was possible after looking at a range of programs. As many of you know, up until Covid graced our shores, Braeden attended a day program. As with most group activities, the participants had various needs and levels of ability, and there were challenges. Despite trying for a long time, we were unable to have Braeden’s main goal, implementation of his speech program, successfully used day to day. It’s difficult for all involved when there are so many demands on support staff’s attention and time. So, when Covid forced a change, and we moved to one to one support, we found a new happy balance. I can honestly say Braeden is living a really full life and with the support he receives, he’s kicking therapy, and personal goals. For that reason, I thought I’d share a week in the life of Braeden. It might give others an insight into what life can look like for a young person living with a disability. Please keep in mind, this is Braeden’s idea of a great life, it will be different for everyone. I am sure many people want to be engaged in work or education but this is Braeden’s week and he’s happy with it.

Here's the ASL Performances from the Super Bowl

Embedded are the ASL performances from the Super Bowl 2023: Justina Miles/Rihanna and the Pregame performances. Also more information on Plains Indian Sign Language.

7 Reasons Why RVing is a Great Option for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair accessible RVing can be the answer to your travel fears and give you the experience of a trip that you have long desired.

How to set up an accessible page structure and navigation

When coding your navigation and the overall design of your pages, there are certain HTML tags and considerations to make sure your website is accessible.

15 Adaptive and Accessible Gardening Tools and Raised Beds

These accessible gardening tools are designed to make gardening enjoyable for people of all abilities. Keep reading for the full list.

The World Bank Technical Note on Accessibility

Along with participation and non-discrimination, accessibility is a prerequisite for fostering social inclusion. Without access to buildings, transportation, communication, and information, a person’s participation and full inclusion cannot be ensured, and persons with disabilities will remain unable to fully benefit from the World Bank’s development investments. In addition, recent examples of global crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, remind us that much remains to be done to address persistent and emerging accessibility barriers that sustain inequalities and exclude persons with disabilities as well as other vulnerable groups.

Assistive Technology: Shaping the Global Market and the Path Forward | Center for Global Development

Assistive Technology (AT) is an umbrella term for assistive products such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, prostheses, eyeglasses or digital devices, and their related systems and services. In addition to helping individuals participate in education, the labor market, and civic life, AT is essential because it improves the overall well-being of individuals and increases independence. However, only a minority of people in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) can get the AT they need. Nearly one billion of the world’s population are denied access to AT. In some low-income countries, as high as 97% of people do not have access to the AT they need, largely due to the high costs, lack of availability and awareness, and limited financing and trained personnel.

Open source video captioning on Linux

In a perfect world, all videos would have transcripts, and live videos would have captioning.

Accessibility Lessons Learned from Blind Users Attending a User Research Study

Equal Entry held a user research study on virtual reality accessibility for blind users in New York City. This involved nine participants who commuted from their homes to the NYU Ability Project in Brooklyn. It turned out that several could not find their way to the building.

Running usability sessions with assistive technology users: a guide for beginners

Even with accessibility specialists at our side, there are additional ways accessibility newcomers can and should prepare to run research with assistive technology users.

Get smart about AI and edtech

Artificial intelligence is making waves in education--and it has a number of implications for edtech.

Beginner’s Checklist for Inclusive AI

Guidance to help your organization procure and implement inclusive artificial intelligence (AI) hiring technologies.

The Power of an Accessible Website: Practical Tips for Elevating Your E-Commerce Business

In this webinar, Bet Hannon, Founder and CEO of AccessiCart, will give non-technical, practical tips for improving website accessibility and discuss the benefits of having an accessible site. 

A Sign Doesn't Make It Accessible

"Does anyone see a problem with this picture?"

The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood

Some women work just as much after having children, but employers pay them less, too, assuming they will be less committed, research shows.

WAI-CooP open meeting 7 March 2023

The Web Accessibility Initiative Communities of Practice (WAI-CooP) project is organising a new open meeting on 7 March.

Feminist Philosophers, The Last of Us, and What Solidarity Requires

As you might have inferred from the speakers lists of the Philosophy, Disability and Social Change conferences, from the endurance of the Dialogues on Disability series, and from the table of contents for the forthcoming The Bloomsbury Guide to Philosophy of Disability, I am surrounded by a cadre of disabled and nondisabled philosophers of disability–all of whom identify as feminists–who (among their other notable characteristics) have sharp materialist political analyses of disability.

Please Believe Zebras and Those With Rare Disease

"Even after diagnosis, failure to believe us can endanger our lives."

Accessible Parenting Tips for When You Have a Baby

Parenting a baby when you have a physical disability can make some tasks tricker. This is what parents say helps.

Disability Inclusion in Entertainment: Beyond the Pipeline

A conversation about breaking into the entertainment industry and building community as creative professionals with disabilities.

Equality and Rights project: Announcement

The British Deaf Association (BDA) has secured new funding for a new Equality and Rights project for Deaf people in Derby and Derbyshire. The funding has been awarded by The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK.

Artist creates safe space for creative disability advocacy in virtual event

Sarah Mihara Creagen shared her story about living with Crohn’s disease – a medical condition where the body attacks normal healthy cells – and her journey of finding escapism and relief through studying plants.

Ann Arbor bookstore hosts Disability Pride author's night

Four authors and about 30 people attended Booksweet's Local Author Night, which focused on the topic of Disability Pride.

Stay Steady with SSI and SSDI

Connecting formerly incarcerated people with mental and physical health needs to financial support through social security programs.

CRIPtic Arts launches programme of support for deaf and disabled creatives

Artist Jamie Hale’s organisation CRIPtic has launched a year-long programme of support for deaf and disabled creatives.

Digital Access Research Project Launches at Harvard

Focusing on the digital accessibility of performing arts, the project is being coordinated by researcher and dramaturg Magda Romanska.

The Powerful Private Organization Putting a Price on Life –Again and Again

Every year on Groundhog Day, those of us who grew up in snowy states will wait to see whether Punxsutawney Phil will spot his shadow.

Former players sue NFL over how it handled disability benefits

A group of former National Football League players is suing the organization, alleging that it has a pattern of denying disability benefits for those with both physical injuries and mental impairments, despite evidence from medical and team records.

Crossing the Border: How Disability Civil Rights Protections Can Include Disabled Asylum-Seekers

Civil rights protections designed to protect disabled people from discrimination, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, are powerful tools for ensuring that disabled asylum-seekers have access to the protection and services they need in the U.S. immigration system.

Disabled Woman Seeks Marriage Equality From Social Security Administration – Files Religious Free…

On November 17, 2022, Lori Long of Salinas, California, filed a complaint with the Social Security Administration (SSA) seeking a waiver of a federal law that blocks her marriage to longtime fiancé Mark Contreras. The law cuts off Long’s access to life-saving benefits if she marries. The complaint alleges that the law violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the U.S. Constitution.

Feminism Against Family

The surrogacy industry is estimated to be worth over $1 billion a year, and many of its surrogates around the world work in terrible conditions—deception, wage-stealing and money skimming are rife; adequate medical care is horrifyingly absent; and informed consent is depressingly rare. In Full Surrogacy Now, Sophie Lewis brings a fresh and unique perspective to the topic. Often, we think of surrogacy as the problem, but, Full Surrogacy Now argues, we need more surrogacy, not less!

New Google Doodle honors the legacy of model Mama Cax

A shining light for disability rights and body positive activists.

Tips for Every Stage of the Interview Process

Interviewing is a critical part of the job selection process and allows you to discuss your experience, education and training.

Deaf 2023 Super Bowl performers make history signing in ASL and North American Indian Sign Language…

Chris Stapleton, Babyface and Sheryl Lee Ralph all sang at Super Bowl LVII, but three other performers nearly stole the (pre)show with historic appearances that set a new standard for inclusivity at the big game.

Children with chronic disability deserve affordable, quality healthcare

After all, the United States is the only wealthy nation without guaranteed universal health coverage. Our system simply isn’t set up to save people — it’s designed to rake in cash for private insurers. And the underfunded, crumbling government programs that do exist aren’t enough to keep children and their families from sliding into poverty.

Mississippi hit by 900% spike in babies treated for congenital syphilis

"This seems like something that should have happened a hundred years ago, not last year," the state's former health officer said.

For Older Americans, the Pandemic Is Not Over

Seniors are increasingly left to protect themselves as the rest of the country abandons precautions: “Americans do not agree about the duty to protect others.”

Disability Tech Is A Game Changer For 2023 And Beyond

People with disabilities are entering a new world of opportunity as they rely increasingly on advances in technology — including mobility devices as well as hardware, software, and peripherals — all geared to addressing their needs.

How I shop for clothes – as a legally blind person

You wouldn’t believe the amounts of comments and questions I get from fashion students who are genuinely intrigued about my fashion habits as a legally blind person.

Disabled Flyer Extorted by Airport Assistance Staff and more - Wheelchair Travel

Here is a round-up of the latest news in the world of accessible travel and disability, including a shocking story of airport wheelchair pushers threatening a disabled woman for tips. There’s some positive news too, including 3 popular U.S. cities for accessible travel and a man building wheelchair accessible ramps in his community.

It’s not me

They say you’re only dealt what you can handle, but what happens when what you’re trying to handle is you?

Choosing Moxie

Choosing Moxie: a birth story about disability, Down syndrome, huge choices that we make in our lives that define us.

NCDJ and The New York Times Renew Disability Reporting Fellowship

The National Center on Disability and Journalism is partnering for a third year with The New York Times on a fellowship to develop journalists with an expertise in coverage of disability issues.

Full Release NCDJ and The New York Times Renew Disability Reporting Fellowship

The New York Times and the National Center on Disability and Journalism announced that they are, for the third year in a row, partnering on a fellowship to develop journalists with an expertise in coverage of disability issues.

Automated testing won’t solve web accessibility

Over the past few years, accessibility companies have started to develop tools that claim to find accessibility problems automatically. Often the idea is that “automated testing is not quite there yet, but in a few years there will be a revolution”. I don't believe that.

Best single drama programme: Then Barbara Met Alan

'A vibrant, entertaining and important show, bolstered by outstanding performances'

An Agoraphobic Photographer’s Virtual Travels, on Google Street View

The project has become a way for Jacqui Kenny to visit places that she could never go to herself—the more remote, the better.

Making spaceflight accessible to people with physical disabilities

The European Space Agency (ESA) recently made history by selecting John McFall – an amputee, Paralympic sprinter and medical scientist – among its latest cohort of astronauts. McFall’s inclusion is part of an ESA parastronaut feasibility project for making human spaceflight accessible to people with physical disabilities. In the latest episode of the Physics World Stories podcast, people involved in this initiative explain why making space more accessible is not only fair but also the very essence of exploration.

‘Why partial loss of vision not considered for railway fare cut?’

The Central Information Commission directed the Chief Public Information Officer to furnish a correct, detailed and point-wise reply since the matter related to public interest.

Navigating unchartered waters: A glimpse into the life of a deaf pharmacist

My inability to hear with my ears does not define what I can do. It is my persistence, my grit, my, my will, and my curiosity that makes me who I am—a capable person with a “unique-ability.”

Climate change is the next big threat to eye health. Here’s why

Climate change has a significant impact on our health, as well as the stability of healthcare systems, governments, and local communities. It is a global emergency that affects us all on a personal, community, national, and global scale.

Communicate and create your way: What’s new in Microsoft 365 Accessibility for October-December 2…

We have been busy across Microsoft 365, obsessing over new ways to help everyone communicate, create, and comprehend in the way that works best for them. Over the past few months, we’ve launched new capabilities for sign language and captioning, expanded the ways you can express yourself without using words, introduced more ways to customize your view of your work, and made it easier to pull in content from elsewhere.

Ukrainian soldiers benefit from U.S. prosthetics expertise but their war is different

A prosthetics clinic that once served mostly American military veterans is now helping Ukrainian amputees get state of the art prostheses.

Making Cinema Accessible To Everyone

The Delhi High Court on January 16, directed the producers of the upcoming movie ‘Pathaan’ (Yash Raj Films), to make the movie accessible for hearing and visually-impaired persons.

‘He’s close to us’: Wheelchair users in Africa await pope

When Pope Francis arrives in Congo and South Sudan next week, thousands of people will take special note of a gesture more grounded than the sign of the cross. Watching from their wheelchairs, they will relate to the way he uses his.

Jerusalem Temple Mount should be accessible for those with disabilities

The Old City of Jerusalem is now accessible for wheelchairs. The Temple Mount and Mughrabi Bridge, however, remain untouched.

Lollapalooza's Accessibility Facilities Show the Need For Disability-First Planning

Lollapalooza India's accessibility facilities shows the need for disability-first design -- not only in festivals, but in all spheres of life.

World Wide Web Consortium is now a public-interest nonprofit organization | MIT News | Massachusett…

The World Wide Web Consortium will become a public-interest nonprofit organization, after being hosted at MIT's Computer and Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and other academic hosts.

The loss of Twitter's free API tier is a blow to activists and researchers

What will happen to all the good bots?

Meet the first-ever accessibility engineer at The Washington Post

“It is definitely stressful to be the first in this new role. I feel deep down like I need to justify its creation with every step that I take.”

"The Coding Is The Easy Part": A Conversation About Accessibility In Journalism

I enjoyed this Nieman Lab interview with Holden Foreman, the first-ever Accessibility Engineer at the Washington Post. I’m particularly pleased to see that Foreman is thinking about accessibility as, well, not solely a problem that can be solved by better engineering.

Digital accessibility requires a proactive government

A new study emphasizes the need for public sector leaders to move beyond the regulatory requirements of accessibility—ensuring digital services and CX are more equitable across the constituents they serve.

Inclusive climate policies save lives, promote safety

When it comes to preparedness and disaster response, public mobility can be vital. Inclusive policies for people with disabilities can save lives.

Wealth Gap: People With Disabilities

D’Arcee Charington Neal and Charlotte Dales discuss recommendations for closing the disability employment gap through employer education and scalable technology.

The Last Taboo: A Must-See, Groundbreaking Documentary from Director Alexander Freeman About Sex An…

Desiring and wanting to feel desired by another person are natural. Alexander Freeman’s documentary, The Last Taboo explores the concept of sex and disability through the eyes of six subjects, both individuals and couples, to examine what it’s like to experience sex as adults living with various forms of disability.

Johns Hopkins University to shut down its COVID tracker

After three years, the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center is ceasing operations. Its data dashboards and maps became go-to sources for information from the early days of the pandemic.

5 Things People With Disabilities Look For In Social Media

With so many aspects of Twitter's future feeling uncertain, now is a good time to consider what disabled people need most from social media — from Twitter, from other popular platforms, or perhaps from something that hasn't been invented yet.

Access all areas: Meet the man building a thousand wheelchair ramps in Iceland

Haraldur þorleifsson has made it his mission to build ramps all across Iceland to allow people with physical disabilities to access local businesses.

Call for Applications: Emerge July 2023 Hybrid Disability Studies Workshop for Disabled Activists, …

The Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University proudly announces Emerge, a three-year initiative made possible thanks to a generous $1 million grant from the Mellon Foundation. This support will allow the Longmore Institute to lead a month-long July workshop for 10 emerging Disability Studies scholar-activists, held three consecutive summers at San Francisco State University with an option for hybrid participation.

Our Disability Roadmap

Maysoon Zayid talks with Samuel Habib about transition.

Using Journalism as a Tool to Increase Mental Health Equity

Renata Hill has generated a whole lot of impact in her journalism career. And we mean a lot.

CFP: Feminist Approaches to Moral Responsibility (deadline approaching: April 30, 2023)

This is a call for papers for a special issue of Feminist Philosophy Quarterly on feminist approaches to moral responsibility.

Promoting Access to Diverse Learning Opportunities through Open Resources, Equity, and Accessibility

There is an inherent connection between equity, accessibility, and open educational resources (OER).

"A community cannot be inclusive if it is not accessible"

John Kersey talks to Stephen Cluskey co-founder of Dublin-based Mobility Mojo on making the workplace more accessible.

Can airlines fix their antiquated accessibility procedures?

Airline travel can be stressful. You have to deal with long lines at security, missing or damaged luggage, even a delayed flight or two.

The Quad: How accessibility accommodations benefit students, what UCLA can improve on

While college is a place for students to learn to live and study more independently than ever before, this newfound independence can also be a source of stress.

Shockingly Low Percentage Of Job Seekers Willing To Disclose Disability, Survey Shows

A new survey has revealed that over 75% of disabled jobseekers said that they would not disclose their disability to prospective employers during the hiring process. In 2023, organizations need to do more to demonstrate to candidates that disability is just welcome diversity and not a taboo.

Paralyzed Veterans Of America Spearheading Efforts To Make Air Travel Accessible

This year is pivotal for air travel accessibility with the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act due to pass through Congress in September. Paralyzed Veterans of America is at the vanguard of fighting to end one of the few remaining areas of state-sanctioned transport discrimination in the U.S. today.

The Biggest Missing Ingredient for True Airline Accessibility

A great talk by Michael Swiatek, the chief strategy and planning officer at Avianca, who happens to be legally blind.

Pete Buttigieg Wants to Make Transit Accessible — And Pay for It, Too

The secretary of transportation talks mobility justice, missing sidewalks and elevators, and billions in federal grants currently up for grabs.

Digital Inclusion: How To Make Your Online Events Accessible for All

Adopt these accessibility tools and practices to make your virtual and hybrid events inclusive for all attendees.

Meet The Blind Birder Reimagining Accessibility In The Outdoors

In the Colombian Andes, a professional birder has developed trails to help visually disabled people take part in hiking and birding.

Disability Mentoring: Benefits for Youth with Intersecting Identities

January is National Mentoring Month. While mentoring relationships benefit all youth, they may have a particularly positive impact on youth who face barriers to education and employment—such as youth with disabilities and especially those who may have intersecting identities.

Under-Serving The Disabled Community Is Affecting Your Bottom Line

Treating web accessibility as a necessity instead of an afterthought can open up your business to new demographics with massive buying power—while ensuring that everyone is included.

Is that email accessible? My experience as a blind customer

Read about the common digital accessibility challenges in email communications, according to a blind person who uses a screen reader. And how to improve.

How reports & targets help enforce your accessibility initiative

Policies can’t be enforced without measurable targets. When building your accessibility program, use reports to communicate the results.

Bryan Cranston Says He 'Got Sh*t' For His Role In 'The Upside,' Announces Sequel

“I was pretty surprised that I got some blowback to it,” the actor said on Bill Maher's podcast about his casting in the film as a person with a disability.

Lacking Accessibility: Why churches fail to offer people full accommodations to worship spaces

Jerry Lamb could not maneuver his wheelchair into the rows of pews at his church. It would not fit. Nor could he sit in the aisles without awkwardly blocking the way. So he adapted.

I want to work, but employers can’t cope with my disability

If Jeremy Hunt wants the ‘economically inactive’ back in the workplace, they must be offered proper support, say readers in response to an article by Frances Ryan.

Access All: Disability News and Mental Health, ADHD and the trend of diagnosis by TikTok

How a hashtag has helped and hindered people.

Top Tips For Amputees Looking To Keep Fit in 2023

As an amputee or someone with a physical disability, it can be an uphill battle motivating yourself to get into a fitness regime.

Critical Disability Theory

Critical disability theory refers to a diverse, interdisciplinary set of theoretical approaches. The task of critical disability theory is to analyze disability as a cultural, historical, relative, social, and political phenomenon. Some call this work “critical disability studies” or CDS (e.g., Meekosha & Shuttleworth 2009; Vehmas & Watson 2014). The use of “critical disability theory” here intends to capture a broader swath of approaches, including those originating in the field of philosophy. Critical disability theory is a methodology, not a “subject-oriented area of study” (Schalk 2017). As a methodology, the theory.

Balancing act

Hello! And happy Friday. Yesterday I saw a tweet from my lovely friend Hannah about the irony involved in her ADHD brain liking to be busy but her disabled body liking rest and I thought: “oh my god, same.” For me, it’s chronic anxiety that means I am much happier doing a million things at once. But, you know, cerebral palsy that means I have to spend an unreasonable proportion of my time on the sofa.

Scientists discover receptor that blocks COVID-19 infection

University of Sydney scientists have discovered a protein in the lung that blocks SARS-CoV-2 infection and forms a natural protective barrier in the human body.

Advocates Express Fear and Rage at Latest Wheelchair User’s Death-by-Airline

Advocates are furious as another wheelchair user's death is linked to possible airline carelessness.

State Becomes First To Test All Newborns For Common Source Of Birth Defects

Minnesota is the first U.S. state to universally test newborns for cytomegalovirus, an easily transmissible virus and a leading cause of infant hearing loss and congenital birth defects.

Veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan plans Everest summit bid

Hari Budha Magar, a former Gurkha, hopes to be first ever double above-the-knee amputee to scale mountain.

(Un)common Good Podcast Interview

“Where do YOU turn when burnout is on the horizon? Enter Naomi Ortiz, a Ford/Mellon Foundation Disability Futures fellow. In their book, Sustaining Sprit: Self Care for Social Justice, Ortiz asks a simple question:

¿Donde está tu ombligo? / Where are you rooted?

Middle East Earthquake | HI teams supporting the injured

Catastrophic earthquakes struck the Middle East on February 6, claiming thousands of innocent lives, damaging homes and infrastructure, and bringing more instability to a region already enduring crisis.

Language and Disability: with Deepi!!!

On today's episode, Deepi (the previous accessibility collective lead) comes on to discuss her relationship with language and disability.

Council promotes equity and calls for nominations for Int’l Women’s Day Awards

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Cumberland City Council will be recognising the outstanding achievements of women in Cumberland City at an International Women’s Day Awards Ceremony which will be held on 8 March 2023 at the Holroyd Centre in Merrylands.

The Effects of Long COVID

Some people have decided to “move on” from the pandemic, returning to offices and social events without masks. Many people believe that case numbers and hospitalizations have slowed down since COVID-19’s first two years, but case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to climb, with over 753 million confirmed cases and nearly 7 million deaths globally, numbers that epidemiologists say are undercounted by millions. As the virus continues to mutate and spread, Long COVID increasingly endangers and impacts the health of many people across the globe.

Neurodivergence and Accessibility in the Workplace

Neurodivergent employees have unique needs that workplaces must meet to accommodate their employees. Here are a few areas of concern you should be aware of.

Don't you have mercy on yourself?

How we turn our isolation into connection.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Draper is here to solve the nation’s toughest problems. We can only do that in an inclusive, diverse space that honors and respects individuals and all their identities. We are committed to build upon our values to ensure inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) are embedded systemically and structurally to have long-lasting change.

Healthcare has to be healed

The impacts of health inequities and how we take revenge.

How to Be a Disability Ally – Meryl Evans, Speaker and Consultant

Here are ten ways to be a disability ally. Keeping these in mind will go a long way to creating a kinder place for everyone.

Industry-led inclusive tourism scholarship promoting travel accessibility is seeking applications f…

The Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) help ambitious, aspiring leaders of the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Cruise and Aviation industry accelerate their careers through mentoring. Australia’s leader in group travel for blind and low-vision Australians, Cocky Guides, has teamed up with TIME to introduce the first Inclusive Tourism TIME Scholarship.

Envision upgrades smart glasses range with more accessibility options for people with vision impair…

Envision has announced that it is further enhancing the accessibility of its smart glasses for blind and visually impaired individuals.

Reviews Of The New HomePod Reveal The Tech Media Has Work To Do In Appreciating Accessibility

The advent of the second generation HomePod brings with it yet another opportunity to acknowledge the smart speaker’s accessibility to people with disabilities.

Paris 2024 launches charitable ticketing initiative to ensure open and accessible Games

The Paris 2024 Organising Committee has launched a charitable ticketing programme that will give people living in low-income households the opportunity to experience next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Whatsapp Ranks As India'S Most Accessible App For Persons With Disabilities

WhatsApp was the only app rated as "highly accessible" based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which serve as the glob