The Developer’s Guide to Web Accessibility Auditing and Tooling

A high-level view of tooling available to audit our products for accessibility issues and recommendations to get you started.

Going mobile is the key to accessibility design

When social media apps lead the way, accessibility becomes a priority for all brands, argues Malcolm Poynton, Global Chief Creative Officer, Cheil Worldwide.

Euston station launches UK's first announcements in British Sign Language

London Euston in London has become the first railway station in the country to provide passenger information using British Sign Language.

India to launch App to report inaccessible buildings and transport

India's ministry of social justice and empowerment is set to launch a mobile application that will allow persons with disabilities and older people to lodge accessibility problems in buildings or transport infrastructure by simply clicking and uploading pictures from their mobile phones.

How to Make Running Deaf-Accessible

One in 20 Americans is Deaf or hard of hearing. These basic steps can open the running world to us.

This Frank Lloyd Wright Home Was a Trailblazing Example of Accessible Design

The Laurent House in Rockford, Illinois, was built 40 years before the Americans with Disabilities Act became law.

I got irritated by my dad’s cluelessness with gadgets – but maybe it is the technology?

No one needs 45 buttons on the TV remote, but phones, computers and ovens have all become overly complicated. And it’s excluding the people who would get the most out of the latest advances, writes Guardian columnist Adrian Chiles.

25 years of Help Tech and Me

In this blog post, I highlight my special relationship to Braille displays of the Handy Tech brand. The occasion is an anniversary.

Microsoft and partners aim to shrink the ‘data desert’ limiting accessible AI

AI-based tools like computer vision and voice interfaces have the potential to be life-changing for people with disabilities, but the truth is those AI models are usually built with very little data sourced from those people. Microsoft is working with several nonprofit partners to help make these tools reflect the needs and everyday realities of people living with conditions like blindness and limited mobility.

How can Edtech Startups benefit from adopting Accessibility?

Practicing EdTech accessibility can be challenging and to know how BarrierBreak can support you, get in touch with our accessibility expert.

Universal Design for Remote Learning

A roadmap on how to design options and choice for remote learning with UDL. Discover how to universally design for remote learning environments.

Five things to consider in co-design with people with a disability

Co-design is a process by which groups of people with different experiences and perspectives work collectively and collaboratively to produce ideas, concepts, and designs to address a challenge. For people with a disability, it helps to move them from being ignored, or at best consulted to review designs to being engaged in the design process from start to finish. By engaging people with a diversity of needs, we plan to develop more inclusive concepts and which work for the broadest number of people.

Artificial Intelligence Enhances Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Through examples of artificial intelligence technology solutions, discover how accessibility for people with disabilities can be enhanced!

Podcast: How Customer Experience Starts with Accessibility

Ted Drake, Global Accessibility Leader at Intuit, discusses accessibility’s impact on the customer experience.

Cognitive UX Design Principles from a Neurodivergent Perspective

As so much of what neurodivergent users need is rooted in a mixture of usability best practices and accessibility considerations, I wondered if there was a need for a Cognitive perspective on UX Design Principles that not only brings a neurodivergent perspective, but also grounds itself through links to relevant guidance and resources. Then one thing lead to another…

Whisper's hearing aids use AI to boost speech and reduce noise

Whisper, a startup founded by former Facebook employees, raised $53 million to develop a pair of AI-powered hearing aids.

Accessible usability scale - test usability with assistive technology users

The Accessible Usability Scale (AUS) is a free tool to measure the usability of a digital product for assistive technology users.

"Blind people don't visit my website."

We tend to develop and design for perfect people in a perfect environment. But should we? Web accessibility is for everyone!

Video: Accessible Animation - Designing in the Browser

Welcome to Designing in the Browser with our host, Una Kravets. Interactive touches can be great for user understanding in a digital environment, but they can also leave some of your users disoriented and frustrated, the opposite of the intended effect.

Web Accessibility is Broken (Part 3)

Go to any McDonald’s restaurant in the world and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to order a milk shake, ice cream cone, or frozen dessert because the machine is broken. According to an article this last week in Wired, that’s because the $18,000 machine that McDonald’s forces its franchisees to purchase is fickle and fragile. Yet, when two clever entrepreneurs came up with a way to make it easier to maintain the machines, McDonald’s legal team came crashing down on them and destroyed their business. Why would McDonald’s want to stop a process that earns their restaurants thousands of dollars a day? Well, it seems, there was even more money to be made in servicing those machines.

Sorrow in Potsdam: Let our people go

In the wake of the terrible killings in Potsdam in Germany on the 28th of April, we reached out to our members in the country to ask them to give their thoughts on what happened and what can be done to prevent such horrors from happening again in the future. The basic summary of what happened on that day is that a long time care worker at the Oberlinhaus in Potsdam, run by the Lutheran Church, murdered four disabled people and injured a fifth before being arrested later that evening. What follows is a statement from our members at Rhein-Main Inklusiv regarding the horrific events that took place in Potsdam.

Naomi Osaka And The French Open: A Tale Of Disability Discrimination

The Roland-Garros tennis tournament’s brusque treatment of Naomi Osaka would have likely run afoul of the disability discrimination laws had it taken place in the U.S.

Are you sad for her or are you sad for you?

Aimee Christian explores what it means for a parent when their young child is newly diagnosed with a disability.

ABA is abuse… yes all ABA

The ultimate objective of ABA is to make the Autistic child indistinguishable from their peers. This holds NeuroDivergent People to NeuroTypical standards, which is cruel and sets us up for failure.

Life in Gaza With Down Syndrome

Ibrahim Hammad, 12, has never been allowed to leave the 140-square-mile territory.

The deaf painter who taught his friend Charles Chaplin the signs and gestures

Shortly after the end of the First World War he came to Los Angeles Granville redmond, a burly, mature man in his late thirties who was looking for an opportunity to earn a living as an extra in some of the films that were being shot at the time in what is known as ‘Golden era of silent movies’.

Why having too many or too few special education students matters

The improper identification of special education students was a concern to Lauren Katzman and many others before the pandemic. Now, after a year of millions of students collectively experiencing lost instructional time, fluctuating learning formats, social isolation and trauma, the angst about special education misidentifications has grown, said Katzman, executive director of the Urban Collaborative, a network of school districts working to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Common Challenges Peer Support Groups Face (and How to Navigate Them)

"I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons."

How To Find Your Disability Community

Most disabled people want to connect with a vibrant, supportive community of their peers. Some can’t find the disability community at all and don’t know where to look. Others do find it, but feel excluded, or can’t find a welcoming way in.

Learning to Be a Self-Advocate as a Person With a Disability

"Trust them and be willing to let go."

My Disability Is My Kind of Beautiful

"Beauty is not based on outward appearance, it's inward."

Meet The Manager Trying To Open Doors For People With Disabilities In Hollywood

After facing obstacles navigating the entertainment industry, a talent manager is leading a grassroots coalition that's asking studios and others to include people with disabilities.

A Quiet Place Part II Proves to Be a Loud Win for the Disability Community

The horror genre is rarely a prime example of proper disability representation in Hollywood. A Quiet Place Part II is an exception.

‘Can I Play That?’ Co-Founder on Challenge of Accessibility Among Gamers

Twitch streamer CerebralPaul joins the conversation to share how he 'games differently,' and encourages a healthy playing environment with those on the other side of the controller.

National code of conduct for disability access and inclusion to be developed

Arts Access Australia is developing a national, self-regulatory and voluntary Code of Conduct for disability inclusivity, accessibility and equity for the Australian arts sector.

Mindset Matters: How Can Major League Baseball And Lou Gehrig Illustrate A New Meaning Of Disability

How Major League Baseball can utilize Lou Gehrig Day as a mechanism to so much more to develop an outreach to fans with disabilities and reshape the games economics, culture and more.

Researchers call for better support for academics with disabilities

Academic institutions need to do much more to support faculty members with disabilities and to create an environment in which they can thrive, argues a commentary published 18 May in the journal Trends in Neurosciences.

Argentinian man with disability hopes to go into outer space

Jean Maggi, 58 from Cordoba, Argentina, hopes to become the first person with a disability to achieve space travel.

Let's Talk About Accessibility and Pokémon GO

Accessibility is a huge issue in the gaming industry, and Pokémon GO is a game that suffers from many of the issues we see commonly raised about it being inaccessibly for people with varying disabilities. I’ve talked with members of my local community about this, as well as reading social media to see people’s concerns, and wanted to highlight a few in the hopes that Niantic can work to improve these over time.

TikTok Adds New Accessibility Overview To Provide Additional Support for Users

TikTok has added a new overview of its accessibility tools to help provide more support for users.

Canada supports new technology to make electronic payment terminals accessible

The Government of Canada is supporting new technologies that help Canadians with disabilities play an active role in society. This has never been more important, as we build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video: All Riders Battling the MTA for Accessibility

All Riders is a documentary short on the battle for accessibility in NYC Transit told by those fighting it. Take a peek behind the curtain with those that expose and combat the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) repeated efforts to deny its disabled riders fair and equal access to public transportation.

Elevator Action Group

We are a coalition of concerned New Yorkers and activists moving to push wheelchair accessibility in the subways to the top of the MTA agenda. Accessibility is not a dismissible issue. It Is not a luxury or convenience. It is a necessity and a civil right.