Social media can be a great way to discover new films and TV shows as fans recommend something they’ve recently enjoyed.

However, a new trend on TikTok has seen fans sharing their reaction to a disturbing scene from the Netflix series Brand New Cherry Flavor.

The scene in question takes place in episode 4 of the limited series but just what happens in the scene and why are fans finding it so unsettling?

Brand New Cherry Flavor crawled its way onto Netflix on Friday, August 13th, 2021.

Based on the book by Todd Grimson and starring Rosa Salazar, the eight-episode limited series tells the story of aspiring film director, Lisa Nova, who ventures to 1990 Los Angeles and is dead set on bringing her first movie to life.

But her plan backfires when she puts her trust in Lou Burke, a sleazy producer, and she finds herself kicked off her own film after refusing to have sex with him.

Lost, alone and wanting revenge, Lisa seeks out a mysterious tattoo artist and cat enthusiast named Boro who agrees to place a curse on Lou.

However, the curse has a number of unforeseen consequences – such as Lisa beginning to throw up newborn kittens – and it quickly becomes clear that Lisa may have put her faith in the wrong person once again.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Episode 4 Online
Watch Brand New Cherry Flavor Episode 4 Online
Cherry Flavor Episode 4 tonight netflix

Equal parts odd and equal parts surreal, Brand New Cherry Flavor is Netflix’s latest entry into the horror genre. To say that that the series is weird is an understatement. It is unlike any other witchy shows like Discovery of Witches or even The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. It has a lot of eye-gouging, blood, animal harm, and a lot more nudity than your average witchy or magic shows. Folks, this ain’t Harry Potter. As much as it was disturbing to watch a noseless Voldemort terrifying Harry, the Netflix series takes the weirdness level higher. In one scene, the main character, Lisa Nova, coughs up kittens, which the witch Boro needs to survive! YIKES!

een Vogue writes: “Brand New Cherry Flavor also touches on facets of magic that don’t often get attention. For people whose knowledge of magic runs more to Harry Potter than The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the show may be hard to follow at times. But it gets a lot right about what real-life magic is actually like, functioning almost like a grimoire for beginner witches.”

Decider calls the show weird for “weirdness sake”, says: SKIP IT. “Brand New Cherry Flavor has its high points, but its story isn’t unique enough and its weirdness seems like the free-floating kind that makes most viewers scratch their heads at what they’re seeing.”