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Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead

Jul 14, 2021

To my lovely supporters,

I had to take a long break from my craft due to so many things happening at once. It was a rollercoaster of problem after problem and I really needed to hop off the grid and ground myself so that I would be in a better place to create. It was a firm reminder of the importance of self-love and self-care. Something all of us should make a priority in our lives. That being said, I am back in action and couldn't be more excited to pick up where I left off. So I have decided to give a few updates to things that are in the works.

If you are reading this post, then you know I have begun posting content on BMC. I will be making the move there to put more focus on my work. Instagram has been great, but as a small creator it is a constant battle to create content while fending off trolls who not only demand too much, but maliciously attack you when you don't comply. Instagram is useless when it comes to defending oneself against toxic behavior and I have yet to see action on their part to create a more inclusive and fair platform. My account on IG will remain active as a scrapbook for my snippets and a source of promotion and interaction but the bulk of my content will be found here.

Buy Me a Coffee will allow me to publish my short stories, and anyone can access them with a simple one-time donation of €3. One-time, five times, as many times you wish and as often as you wish. Every little bit helps when sending me a little gift. This form of support allows me to dedicate more time and energy to my craft. As things pick up, I have also included some membership packages which are a great value. So please have a browse at those packages and feel free to contact me before making a decision so that we can set some expectations together.

I have resumed my Jackie's Journey series and am a few paragraphs away from completing book 1 entitled Jackie's Journey: Dance of Desire. The fourth book of the series, "Thrills of Three" is already available on Amazon for 0.99 (Free on Kindle Unlimited) and is a great way to dive into the series without getting any intense spoilers. I chose this order of publication in order to jump right into the action, then go back to where it all began followed by where it would all lead. Either way, I am excited to put all my effort into this series and look forward to interacting with my supporters of any level, while they join Jackie on her journey. By merely donating one time to this page, you will have access to all the little short stories that happen within the series. The first one "Elevator Ecstasy" is already available here on BMC, and takes place somewhere between books 2 and 3 of the Jackie's Journey series. It is merely alluded to in "Thrills of Three" It is my intention to add a plethora of hot and spicy micro-stories or Quickies that take place within each published series creating an entire little world to get lost in. As always, I encourage any feedback while we take this journey together.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for another post soon where I will go into greater detail of my membership options and the perks they offer.

With all my heart,

Steph XO

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