Classic is en Vogue. Anything classic stands out in our world today, ranging from old books, plays, art, dress sense, and even our video games.

Video games have always been a source of immense entertainment. Despite a lot of criticism on its potential health hazard, the gaming industry has boomed for centuries. Every 2 - 4 years a new gaming console is introduced into the market by reputable companies.

The frequency of how these games are introduced into the market has also not changed. There is a high influx of games into the market, especially with the introduction of online stores. The introduction of new games is a great feat but old-school classics games are beginning to stand in the limelight.

Classic games that were played in bars and arcades and have been lost in time have emerged and are making waves in the gaming industry. These classic games have been re-done into a variety of formats that are compatible with PCs, phones, and touchscreens.

The concept of reviving old-school classic games is known as Nostalgia. Not only are these game redos causing waves of nostalgia for the ‘80s, but they have also been rewarded with an entirely new fan base. New IP games will definitely always have a niche in the gaming industry, but there is also the thrill of seeing an old game title reappear on your gaming platform.

The last couple of years have seen the re-emerging of games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Ignoring these classics would definitely be a mistake from both the manufacturer's and the consumer's point of view.

So personally I believe it is great that developers create new games but there are a lot of old-school games available for exploration once more.

Below are examples of video games that have been reborn

  • Wasteland 2

Source: GamingBolt

Wasteland was developed by Fargo in 1988. The game was quite famous for its sense of humor and branching narrative. Branching narrative simply means that decisions made earlier in the game have an impact on the entire storyline of the game.

Fargo had been looking to reintroduce his game to the market but he didn't want to change the overall idea behind Wasteland. This idea did not go down well with modern publishers and so his project was delayed for a while. Kickstarter, however, agreed to support the project and the game was eventually launched with the name Wasteland 2.

  • Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies was recreated by Matt Hall and Andy Sum. The game was inspired by 1942, a popular game in the ’80s where a WWII plane sets off to exterminate its enemies.

Shooty Skies is however more vibrant than its inspiration, 1942. It has a lot of new characters and instead of having a cargo plane flying over an ocean, it is filled with several new landscapes.

The game also has a social option where players can share crash videos.

  • Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 was inspired by PAC-Man. It was first launched in 2015 as a mobile game and had about 10 million downloads in its first month. The game is expected to attract even more attention on PCs due to their bigger screens and the ability to enjoy several new features, like the power to avoid ghosts using lasers and tornados.

These are some of the examples of several classic games that have been reborn.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you find many legendary games in the market again as game developers are looking to make a comeback.