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Extension for plugdj

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Extension for plugdj

RCS for plug.dj is developed by just three people. We strive to give the best quality extension, whilst giving you tonnes of features and support. It's never easy, and the costs to run the servers can be costly.
With over 55,000 people using the extension, and over 700 users online at any time, we use a lot of bandwidth every month. With your support, we can keep the servers online, help cover any costs for maintenance or upgrades, plus you keep fuelling us with coffee!!

Please make sure you leave the optional message with your plug.dj Username and User ID! 
(Use the command /whoami in plug.dj chat)

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Plug.DJ Username: LOOSE.ツ          User ID: 5370588

Hey thank you for your support! Much love! It's updated on RCS to show off your contribution <3

VultrΛ (Alekss V.) bought RCS a coffee.

Thank you for such amazing addon! Bigups!! <3

Hey thank you so much for the support, drop us an email with your plug username and ID so we can add you into our supporters list <3

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Enjoy your coffee, might not be enough of one cup for a whole staff team but ay, will put a smile on someones face ^^ :)

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ID: 44006702 plugdJ username: Darudius

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ID: 8920721 Username: - 卡米爾 - This is you

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rec0il on plug.dj

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mmm coffee

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