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Take a BLISS BREAK! Join me for some soul good music to get you through the week. Every Wednesday at 7pm EST on YouTube.  The BLISS BREAKS mini-concert series is a FREE preview of services offered by SOUL GOOD SERENADES.


SOUL GOOD SERENADES is a virtual telegram and concert service that creates personalized music experiences to celebrate life’s memorable moments. Vocal virtuoso and songwriter Rhonda Denet is the driving force behind these creations.

For the past 25 years, Rhonda has been performing throughout the New York metropolitan area delivering her expressive arrangements of jazz standards and classic soul/R&B. Those who attend a performance are moved by her energetic and emotionally uplifting delivery exclaiming that it’s “good for the soul.”

At the end of these performances, many have demanded ways to take that “soul good” magic with them to share with family and friends. Rhonda had a desire to accommodate those requests and came up with a new offering that delivers in a particularly personalized fashion. Answering the call, SOUL GOOD SERENADES was born.

For those discerning fans of music that moves you, this is an opportunity to be a part of the creation process. The result is a one of a kind dedication that is as individual as those it celebrates. By developing a service that yields a digital and internet-based product, Rhonda continues to expand her Soul Good Music brand into a new medium that reaches beyond a single live performance or limited local area.