Buy Ruben Dario Palacio a coffee


I'm the founder and science director of a Colombian non-profit, Fundacion Ecotonos, dedicated to the conservation of the tropical Andes. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and sincerely appreciate your contribution to my work!

We manage 120 acres of cloud forest in the Key Biodiversity Area San Antonio, western Andes of Colombia, near the city of Cali,  which was purchased in 2019 thanks to a generous grant of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Our preserve is home to endangered bird species such the endemic Multicoloured Tanager, the near-endemic Yellow-headed Manakin, the
Cloud-forest Pygmy-Owl and the Rufous-crested Tanager.

My work in the non-profit  is an unpaid position, and I wish to remain in it. Here I can really make an impact, doing on-the-ground work and inspire others to do the same.

Your donation will help provide me a "living wage" as conservationist and teacher, so that I don't have to find another job after finishing the PhD. Please consider supporting me in a monthly basis if you can afford it.

I can happily live with ~ $1500/month in Colombia. So it is entirely possible that I can have a living wage from donations alone.

Now, if you wish to donate to my conservation non-profit directly, we are especially looking for large donations to help with the expenses of managing the preserve. All of the funds go exclusively for land management:
Donate - Fundacion Ecotonos


Coffee Tips: Use between 6-8 g per 100 ml of water for a perfect cup; grind the beans yourself and get medium roast which is more balanced.