When I get into trance after my visualization session, I write down whatever my soul answers or narrates. Here is the first journey, the first life as a higher being, a colourful vibration, the soul of the souls that can make souls and transform into other creatures. Sometimes the story may not make total sense and it is normal during a spiritual trance. In time, more and more information is received.

Once upon a time, we used to live altogether in one giant planet. Humans, souls, animals, nature.

One day our giant planet collided with magnificent and strong Jupiter and we all spread apart in the galaxy.

Most of us got lost in the black holes. Each one of us represents a higher vibration that relates to a colour shade. We are born and made of this vibration. We used to be one thousand colours back in the mega-planet and now only twelve of us are left, seven of which are essentially crucial for the existence of the others.
I represent the Indigo vibration that is all about the cosmic and metaphysical wisdom, transformation and spiritual rebirth with a higher purpose. My purpose is the light perpetuation of all the stars and the protection of all mystical truths of the galaxy, through the living planets.

When the creatures I create die, the souls need to find their way to rebirth, through the combination of planetary energies.

My main power:
Using my light fibre brain, I summon a mystical object, zodiac or creature. This way I can receive new images, related to the given energy, and then get into the light or put my hand in and change the fate inside my third eye's vision.

I can transform into the body of the creature after I grab it with my other hand and baptize it in the purple cave lake of transformation. Or I can use a powerful object from a distance, such as Neptune's trident and put it back before he knows. But it is important that I connect to the source, which is a super powerful magnetic field, activated with the construction of a special building, like the pyramid.

In each dimension I can make use of all the different energies with the purpose to save as much knowledge and information in the energy fields and protect them in case they get destroyed by the galaxy's conditions. The more information I analyze the better and easier I evolve and transform into whatever I desire.

Transformation is an extraordinary experience. With each metaphysical experience I learn more through my senses and through the emotions I get from a given vibration. 

The wealth of wisdom is so huge that it gives me incredible freedom. To know that even though I am nothing but an astral worm I can choose to have legs, wings, horns, big brain, big heart, anything really.