Aside the knowledge I receive from the creatures that my souls transform into I always try to find ways to help exhausted and traumatized souls that mainly lost their purpose or the way to fulfillment.

A project like this seems impossible without system and organization, so I need to keep traveling in between dimensions and connect to the rest higher beings that are left. To travel in between dimensions I need to transform into the creature of the given vibration family.

Mystical objects that I have heard of through my visions but haven't explored all yet are:

Neptune's trident: the trinity of the Water: wild, calm, creative

Neptune's crown

Jupiter's Scarlet Red Bolt

Hydro-sky swan of love

Pluto's comet

Energy fields for souls:

Pluto's chaotic soul cloud: the gate between the visible and invisible worlds. I prepare comets with new souls and shoot them out into the visible world. With my third eye I manage to connect to creatures and feel the needs for emotions and sensations. I welcome souls, help them understand the system of souls and energies and then guide them to the healing springs of Centaur (if they are freezing cold enough) or to the frozen waters of Neptune to turn the fire down from the traumas and let go of past memories, keeping the need to feel the next possible emotion through underwater visions, dreams and emotional images (if they are warm enough)

In each dimension souls also transform into animals.

In the Bright Air vibration

I transform into a flying creature:

Swan (Air and Water),

Dragon (Air and Fire),

Bee (Air and Wood),

Pterodactyl (Air and Ground),

Drone (Air and Metal).

Minion Souls:

Ladybug (justice battle)

Scorpion (perpetuation battle)

Butterfly (transformation and freedom)

The healing hot springs of Centaur:

Here's where I let the souls recharge, rewind to return wiser and stronger. The invisible world of the souls is very cold and thus the freezing cold souls need warmth, another wavelength to visit to find strength to get into the visible world and invade the genetic seed of the creature they desire to be. Centaur Chiron can help the souls find their needs with his wise words. Philisophically discussing with Chiron is a unique and healing experience, I wish you all to find him in the springs.

The Volcano of Creation

Cold souls with an inner fire, which they can trap in an energetic volcano and let its lava reach the waters and create volcanic islands. Energy flowers of different vibrations blossom on these islands. Mars drives sad souls to these islands in order to enjoy the flowers and unwind by smashing volcanic rocks with ram legs. Minion souls often fight each other as well as other creatures aiming at more flowers. Mars makes sure everyone gets what they deserve based on their spiritual strength. Mars lets them play knowing exactly how much everyone gets at the end.

Leo's cave:

Celiac Leo protects the underground labyrinth of Pan that either leads to the white swan or he black swan. To get in one needs to treat Leo with energetic potions.

White swan in the Golden Lake of Harmony and Love

Here is where I let the souls feel the higher energy of love by all their beloved soulmates.

Black Swan in the Mauve Iodide Lake of Oblivion and Transformation

Here is where I let the souls leave behind all the energies that are no longer of good use.

The Giant Mother Crab on the violet island:

Protected in the violet mist and clouds of the galaxy the Mother Crab supervises all the children that pass through her body to find their way forward. She keeps everything in balance by transmitting her invisible UV power. She senses when something is up through the unique way that the island violets gleam in the invisible violet moonlight. If the violets gleam towards blue, her children need emotional and spiritual support, like the solar light filtered through the Moon to temporarily heal spiritual traumas. If they gleam towards red, they need immediate help for their lives, like stronger claws, shell, a scorpion's tail.

Neptune's Kingdom:

Here is where I let hot souls that were just temporarily relieved from pain - but the feeling of pleasure as well- ask Neptune what they want. Neptune's crown and trident gleam according to the emotion or the sensation he feels for what he hears. With Neptune's help souls decide whether to continue to their rebirth to another creature, like a flying one, or if they want to keep floating around the invisible world, playing, fighting or mating with other wandering souls.

Plato's Republic and the seagoats:

The Republic offers information, rules and changes in the rules according to the laws of ethics of the universe. Consisting of trees and volcanic stone, the main cave looks like an acropolis of stones and plants. In the centre shines the green lake with the reptiles, which comprehend what the souls need to find their inner peace. To get to Plato's Republic you have to swin in Neptune's ocean bottom as a water creature and enter the right underwater cave that leads to the Republic, and not the one that leads to the semi-underwater society of the seagoats. Seagoats carry and give out hard life lessons to souls, so unless you are really bored, swim back and do not interact with them. In the caves, the crystallites hurt the souls according to their Earthly lives. Souls that want to remember something they loved and fought for on Earth are led to Saturn's tribal springs, where they enjoy seaweed and diamond dust nectar coming from the underwater springs. Anything the souls choose resembles the memories they loved in the past. Memories like a harmonious family, meditation and quiet times, favourite hobbies and activities, traveling, romantic interests, a perfect career, a huge success, a moment full of love and serenity. In Plato's Republic, apart from philosophical discussions, souls can choose their own affirmation that makes them happy. Soulmates that feel love for each other and wish to keep sharing memories in the visible world can make a shared affirmation together.

Steam-storm of light:

An airy desert with golden clouds on top of which souls enjoy steam and aroma healing treatments, using the light produced by flaming tiny bees and butterflies, as well as the all flaming baby dragons and pterodactyls. In this energetic place, souls dance or fight on air until they decide where to head and with whom. They can either head back to Plato's Republic to affirm with their soul mate, or to the Lake of the White or Black Swan to feel a number of the most powerful images from their common emotional moments, by uniting their aetheral bodies. Venus leads the dance and Mars leads the fight within the soul tornado.

The Twin Mountain Ranges of Dioscuri:

The floating cloud-like grapes over the colourful and blooming hills and mountains of both the Dioscuri ranges, made of orange crystals. Flying souls that cross the nectar rain get drunk and laugh out loud spilling truths or lies and playing several lucky games with tasty white flower buds, offered by Mercury. One of the two mountain ranges is much more stressful though. It is filled with hidden springs with hungry and flying water squidsnakes with many heads and tentacles. When souls cross these sneaky springs, Dionysus can steal the memories that he likes.