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You Can Make a Real Positive Difference in The World!
Our mission is to create meaningful positive change within people’s lives and our society to create a world of lasting peace and happiness that everyone can enjoy. We have solutions that can help everyone be their best and fix our world.

Supporting our mission means you are supporting the most meaningful work there is to do.

I am only here, doing this work because everyone keeps telling me what I found and have planned is unlike anything that has come before and can change everything for good. People say things like, “these are the solutions we need right now,” “this can change everything,” “everyone needs to know this,” “this is too important not to be given a chance,” and more.

Our goal is to make sharing these solutions our soul priority for the rest of our lives and have the resources available to make it all happen. Our need to make this work is why we are here, for, like any startup, we need help to get us to self-sustainability and that next level. Because of where I started, all the trials, to get here is like I had to climb Mount Everest many times. I have given much of my life to this mission because it’s more important than most anything else. But, this work is not about me; it’s about you, everyone, and our world. It’s about bringing hope and real solutions that will change the world for good.

So please help fund and support us. A little from many adds up to a lot and will go a long way. You helping us means we can then help you, other people, and our world even more - that’s a win, win, win, win!

Some of what needs your support:
Books: After 30+ years of intense life experiences, research, and work, the first book of The Way series was released at the end of 2020. The Way achieved best-seller status upon release in many categories. The other two books, The Life Manual and The Child & Family Guide, were written simultaneously but still need editing. There are more books beyond these three that are in the works. https://7Way.Me/The-Way/

The One Show: started in October of 2021, the show explores solutions on how to be our best and fix our world. The show is still being developed and will be syndicated in video and audio-only formats worldwide. https://7Way.Me/The-One/The-One-Show/

The One Tribe started in August of 2021 as a Facebook group that quickly grew to over 300 members and is still growing. The One Tribe is where all who want to be their best and fix our world and unite. Within, we gain support from one another, further our knowledge, have fun, and connect to better our world.

The One Show is also shot live in this group so that all members can attend, patriciate, ask questions, and interact beyond the show.

The One Movement & The One Party: Both of these organizations were talked about on many shows and started. While we have not spent much time building these out yet, they have proven to be of great interest to most everyone. These organizations will unite good people and organizations to peacefully force positive change within our global society. https://7Way.Me/The-One/

Solution Videos: We have created a series of videos covering solutions for significant issues. There is a lot more development. https://7Way.Me/Society-Solutions/

Some of what we have so far include:
Proof We Are NOT Divided, What the REAL Problems Are, Why This is All Happening, & How to FIX Everything! How to Peacefully Force Positive Change.
Why Violence Will Never Lead to Lasting Peace.
How to Prevent & End Corruption
How to Fix our Justice System
How to Conquer Negative Thinking, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts
How to Overcome Addiction

There are a lot more in the works; here are a few: How to Create Positive Lasting Relationships, The Plan: How to Fix Everything, How to End Bullying, How Business & Government Should Work, and many more!

Appearing on Shows: Within 2021, I have been on over 40 shows talking about the solutions and my life. I have learned a lot, am refining my speaking skills, and finding better ways to explain everything.

The 7th Foundation: Still in startup mode, The 7th Foundation is the organization that will be the legal entity that employees people as well as provides all the services and content. The foundation has been in the planning stage for over 20 years and will do a lot more than just support what has been shared above. There is a lot more planned and no limits to the good we can do. Supporting this mission means helping to build an organization that will help humanity through the ages to come.

What’s Next?
First, we need to refine, finish and build out everything listed above as we prepare for all that comes next. The plan has been developed over a lifetime, and we are just getting started. While we can’t share what is to come right now due to space and time limitations, know that beyond just supporting what we are doing and have done, there is much more to come.

Why Do We Need Funding?
All the feedback is very positive. Everyone keeps telling us how important our work and message are and how they would like to see even more at a faster pace. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources or time to do everything ourselves. Funding allows us to hire others and leverage resources we currently do not have access. As you can imagine, one of the greatest frustrations is to have solutions and answers to help so many yet not the resources to make them into reality. We need tech, engineers, programmers, writers, marketing, publicity, and more to keep the lights on! The need is great, so please help us before it’s too late!

What Do You Get?
Firstly, you gain happiness and peace of mind because you are helping such a worthwhile cause! Next, you will gain early access to everything and will influence how everything happens. We also offer many perks within sites like Patreon and will reward everyone who helps us with knowledge and other gifts as we are able. There are a lot of perks in the works, such as merchandise and events. So sign up now and reap all the benefits to come!

Beyond funding, there are a lot of other ways you can help too!
Check them all out here: https://7Way.Me/Help-Us/

Also, if you are not sure about donating here or would like to give something else, please see all the different ways to donate here: https://7Way.Me/Help-Us/Donate/

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