I've always wanted to undertake a personal project of my own, it seems as if creating a Football Podcast is the one. This is a Real Football Cast

After much deliberation, I've decided to launch a Podcast of my own. Now I know what you are thinking, does the World need another Footballing podcast?

The answer to that in fairness is probably not but does it need one hosted by me? Definitely

Help embark on this adventure by firstly listening to the show when you can, that matters more than most.

However if you do like it enough to chuck a pound or two my way to make it a viable concern then you will have a huge amount of gratitude from me.

I expect absolutely nothing in all honesty but with platforms such as this it cannot hurt to ask. The main thing is I make this some form of success and that I hope people enjoy the content.

Buckle up and settle in for the ride.
The end game is doing this full time.

Thanks, Dan