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Hey 👋 If you love my content and want to say thanks you can can now buy me a coffee! The caffeine spurs me on and gives me the energy to keep creating great content just for you! :) 
Someone bought a coffee.

This is great, Lucy! Can't wait to play, thank you! Xx 

Thank you so so much. xx

Connie bought a coffee.

I saw that I could buy a random person a coffee on here and a while ago someone bought some if my shopping when I had lost my card, so paying the kindness forward

Thanks so much Connie and what a lovely sentiment xxx

Clare bought a coffee.

Can’t wait to play family fortunes!

Ah thank you so so much Clare you are very kind. I actually cant wait either! Hopefully it will be a much needed pick me up for lots of families where ever they are this December! :) Thanks again xxx