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Our mission is to establish an Autonomous FREE NATION built upon simple principles of cooperation, freedom, openness, common sense, and shared prosperity.

The process will consist of three main stages.
Stage 1 Informing everyone about this project. Engaging as many people as possible. Numerous meetings and complex negotiations with the country's current government. Due to obvious reasons, the location of the FREE NATION will only be revealed once all of the negotiations are concluded. (2021-2022)
Stage 2 Achieving worldwide recognition and completing all legal requirements. (2022-2024)
Stage 3 Making final decisions on simple rules and principles, voting, taxation, the legal system, and education. Beginning from scratch to build the new nation. (2024-2025)

Keep in mind, that the more people we get involved, the faster we can get it done.

Neither we, nor our group represents any country, government, religion, organization, or firm. We are just open-minded individuals who support a free and open society for everyone.

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