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I'm Debashish Reang, a final-year undergrad at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur studying Electrical Engineering. I grew up chasing chickens in a small village in India, and playing cricket on paddy fields. I usually write about life as a college student and a few interesting topics that I come across, but I don't have a fixed set of topics that I write about.

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Here are some anonymous feedbacks that I received from readers of my writings:

  • i found the link to your site through the you-tube video you recently shared(btw-really nicely done)Going through this site really made my day. I don't know what it is ,but there is something about it. I mean ...i don't even know why i am filling this form lol. But just wanted to maybe say,really nice work man !! PS- Good luck on that bucket list :-)

  • How can u be so good. I just stalked ur fb n read kuch kuch about u and now I kind of admire u....I wish kabhi mil paati ya kuch baat kr paati aap jaise super talented insaan se...but I don't have anything to ask or talk😥...but ya...u r just awesome.

  • Reang rants on IITK. Great. Nicely written points. I will forward your post to the director.

  • Would just like to say that your Article on IITK was pretty accurate. Nice Work.