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⚡️ Compassionate Creativity Club is paused until 2023 - sign up here to get the latest news about reopening, and other related offerings! ⚡️

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Hi, I'm Rebecca, nice to meet you!

I created Compassionate Creativity Club to help you self-compassionately grow your creative practice (without burning out!) in a supportive community, because it’s easier (and more fun!) when we don’t have to do it all alone.

It’s like a garden, a playground, and a magical laboratory all mixed together - a safe space for your creative practice where you can dare to experiment, grow, play, and create exactly what you need, with support, encouragement, and camaraderie!

If you’ve enjoyed my work (whether music or creative support), please consider supporting me by buying me a tea, or join us in the Creator Lab to connect with creative community:

A sneak peek into my creative process, monthly Creative Show + Tell, a Discord server to chat with fellow creatives, weekly self care check in prompts via email, access to a resource library of my best tools for supporting your creative practice, and discounts on future group offerings.

Here are some other things you can join in on 😀:

Creative Coworking

Creative Wellness Letters

• Listen to the Being A Whole Person podcast

Thanks for stopping by - I’d love to have you join us, and I’m always happy to connect via email ([email protected]) or Instagram (@rebecca_hass).

Wishing you the best in your creative journey,




I’m a creative coach who helps ambitious artists of all kinds self-compassionately reduce overwhelm so they have more energy to focus on the work that matters most + space to enjoy life.

I’m a pianist and composer who specializes in Brazilian music (some of the most fun music ever).

I’m a Minnesotan at heart who lives in Berkeley, CA with my partner Tom and my inspiration for curiosity and play, Tsuki the cat.

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