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Hello! I am a classical musician turned comedian/writer/actor who's trying to be a filmmaker during a quarantine? I don't know, 2020 isn't going at all like I thought it might.

My a cappella covers on a looper have gone viral and led to Nicki Minaj calling me a fkng icon, so I guess they're pretty solid? I also made a "how to safely grocery shop" video that got licensed by the late night comedy news show that wins all the Emmys, but they changed the focus of the episode so it was left on the cutting room floor (YouTube).

I also just made a queer music video that my mom said was really good (my dad hasn't offered feedback, I think he stopped watching when he saw me on the toilet wearing a wig and a leather jacket...).

Upcoming projects include a podcast launching in June (Gay or Nay: Alleged Queers of History), a live-stream dating game show, and a ton of other video and film things along the way.