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I help people step into their truth and live intuitively by guiding them through shadow work using The Tool-Kit.

"Love and light" is sooo out.

It's time you embrace your shadow.

The shadow contains all aspects of yourself that you've rejected and repressed. It's home to your programmings, conditionings, and those icky feelings of fear, guilt, and shame (to name a few).

Your shadow is your SUPERPOWER.

New age spirituality is too focused on all things love and light that it bypasses the important and telling information of the shadow. This is an ineffective form of healing that prevents you from growing and keeps you stuck in a trigger loop.

That's why at This Consciousness we bridge the gap between the ancient and the new age, providing a fresh approach to healing through shadow work so you can actualize into your highest self and live intuitively.

Our tool-kit approach to shadow work blends magical modalities such as the Akashic Records, Tarot, sound healing, Yoga Nidra, and Conscious Breathwork with neuroscience and epigenetics. Why? Because one singular thing won't heal you. We help you find what works and guide you on a journey within to help you level up and achieve your healing goals.

We are focused on not only guiding you through your healing but providing you with a toolkit so you are equipped to face anything that comes your way.

Through our approach to healing, we are able to guide people to the depths of their unconscious so they can heal their deepest wounds and open themselves back up to the Universe while fully embodying their psychic abilities. Clients have reported that after just 2 sessions with Rebecca they feel a deeper level of trust, not only in themselves but in their intuitive abilities. 

This Consciousness is dedicated to providing an inclusive space for all races, genders, and people. With love, compassion, and understanding we will pave a path for you to achieve your destiny. This consciousness is already with you.