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Hey ya! Thank you so much to be here!

I'm a Swiss pin-up model and burlesque performer. You can describe me as a gorgeous tattooed bombshell with a radiant rockabella style, flaming red hair, and a heart full of joy.
I've been dancing ever since i learned to walk and started my cabaret journey in 2014, now performing vintage and burlesque inspired acts in the elite Showgirls Events, Geneva. I also love to share my passion by teaching Cabaret dance classes at the Swiss Burlesque Academy.
A graphic designer by day, I also designs posters for burlesque events. As a model, i have worked with photographers across Europe and have been published in Magazines as well as having won awards in Pin-Up Contests.

The pin-up style is more than just a look for me, it gives me motivation and confidence. In the same way Burlesque, more than just a hobby, allows me to be strong while expressing myself artistically.

I also do love motorcycle, cosplay, tattoos, 60's aesthetic, craft beer, vintage movies and playing with my cats. Go check my adventures on my instagram page and if you like what you see you can now buy me a coffee!