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I believe that the world we live in is understood through words. I believe the more words we have the more we can be in this world. I feel lucky to have inherited a 3,000-year old Jewish tradition of expressing the world in words, and try to be a bridge between the old texts and where people are at today.

​I don't have so many answers to the fundamental questions of existence. I don't try to convince people about anything. But I like learning, I like to facilitate Jewish discussions, I like to help people explore how to be a Jewish human, I like to write. 

​This is an experiment, for me, in asking for some support and monetary recognition for my time. Not for the Torah I teach, which is necessarily free, but for the time away from my family and in front of a screen. I'll be giving regular recorded classes on "inyanei deyoma", timely subjects through Jewish lenses. Sometimes preparation for upcoming festivals, sometimes reflecting on issues in the world, sometimes sharing a text I'm inspired by or struggling with. If you've been in a shiur with me before, you'll know that the foundational texts will be the Talmuds, Maimonides and Rebbe Nachman. But let's see who else shows up! All supporters are welcome, as well as those who can't or don't want to give money. 

I'll also record a short summary of the shiurim, and have the videos or podcast recordings and sourcesheets up here for supporters. And there'll be monthly emails for supporters before the new moon, with thoughts and intentions for coming month - let me know if you would like to join that. You can also follow my micro-sermons on my blog, 120 words of Torah, or lots of other writings on my website, 58th-Century Judaisms.

Wow, I'm excited and overwhelmed and thankful to Hashem and to my friends, and ready for adventure. Let's see where it takes us!