Photo by Freshi

I tried this restaurant for lunch at work at a time when I was a bit 'over' fast food. In Belgium, this was my way of eating. As clean, balanced, and healthy as possible. Fast food was a once-in-a-month thing.  Yet good and affordable healthy food is not easy to find in Casablanca. At least not to me! Apparently, we need to kiss a few frogs at first. I can't tell you how many times I've tried a dish and thought: "I can make this way better myself and for this price, I can feed 4 people.

The Salmon Bagel

You can find Freshi Casablanca right here:

I looked at the menu and immediately checked out the soups! I love a good soup but am quite particular about it. Went for the Pumpkin soup, and the salmon bagel. Now the bagel looks a bit messy and you don't get a fancy one like in the pictures that are covered in seeds. But, let me tell you, I enjoyed it. So much I ordered it again the next day and added a chocolate mousse. Again, I was pleasantly surprised! Even the dessert tasted like home. 

Good job Freshi in making quality food at reasonable prices and excellent job on being consistent. I give you a 9/10. Would have been a 10 if I did not have to wait as long for my order. But I'm definitely coming to your restaurant one day.

If you have any restaurants you've been curious about, let me know in the comments! I'll test it for you. 

Happy munching  !!!